Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 26

Goddess-sama, Become the Guide of Virtual Reality

——— Is this… what dead feels?

That was my frank impression immediately after the map movement magic.

Amaletta pseudo different world reincarnation tour via virtual reality started with moving from the starting point to the last place on the map. Ohh I don’t need the tutorialtheory, it was the development that followed those words.

Spread in front of me was Tokachi plain which amazed me with how big it was. Far away, the hazy shape of mountain range could be seen, tinting the sky red as they spewed fire.

Under the dark clouds, in the midst of stormy wind, colorful flash of light and whirlpool of fire flying around along the sound as if thunder stroke nearby. It was a fantasy battle done by many adventurers.

At the center of them, asserting its threat, was a towering stone giant that stood like a mountain.

As if it was receiving magic from somewhere, the monsters started moving. It moved its arm as if to brush insects with a slow movement. With that alone, hundreds of adventurers dance in the air while screaming.

Overwhelming superhuman strength with absurdly high defense. That was the symbol of the event boss in this area.

I watched the scene from a distance with a cold sweat.

「Watch that, the highlight of this tour, the strongest golem in the game 『Golem King』! With 50 million HP and high physical and magic defense! It’s a representative of the tanky boss! If it’s you, you can freely hit it as if it’s an octopus!」

「I can… Idiot! I will just break my fist if I hit that sort of thing with this beansprout body!」

Amaletta, who jumped out in front me, gleefully pointed at the golem, but for me who was just an everyday office worker, this was no different from being told to live on Everest.

「Yes you can~ Tanaka-san seems to misunderstand, there is nobody in the world that could realize that they have 『Superhuman Strength』 you know? After all, for them it’s just 『the usual strength』」

「Again, I don’t understand your reasoning……」

Even if I have the power to split the ground into two with just one punch, I have no intention to do so. This girl is familiar with different worlds, magic and so on, but I’m not.

「Now now, just give it a try. First of all, you should be able to understand if you throw one of the surrounding rock to the golem.」

Again, another unreasonable remark.

However, if it’s just a rock, maybe I shouldn’t refuse vehemently, should I do it? If it’s like what Amaletta said, I can do it with a feeling like throwing a pebble.

「Alright, I will try.」

I reached out to the basketball-sized volcanic rock that was rolling near me, but I was stopped by Amaletta.

「No, not that rock, but that one.」


The rock Amaletta pointed at was a rock that was taller than me. Don’t say that she wants me to throw that?

「That rock? to be thrown?」

Yes! That’s right!!」

She said that with a high spirit too…

However, the story wouldn’t be able to advance if I didn’t throw it. I sighed and put my hand on the rock protuberance as I had nothing to lose doing this. When I tried to lift it as if I was lifting a pebble, the rock lifted lightly.

——— Wait, are you kidding me?

「Go ahead and throw it, it doesn’t make sense if you only lift it up right? Throw it toward the golem with the feeling that you become a human ballista.」


Even while I felt a sense of discomfort that I could do this, I threw the rock to the golem as if I tried to deal a strikeout to the opponent team.

Then, the rock shot out like a bullet from a human ballista that was me. A sonic boom passed above thousands of the adventurers in the field, it directly hit the stomach of the golem, knocking down its huge body.

——— Wow~!

「As expected of Tanaka-san! Nice pitch!」

Said Amaletta while bouncing around in delight, but I was only casting a shadow on my face.

While the thrown rock shattered into pieces, around the golem that was behind a cloud of dust while roaring and shaking the earth were the noise that spread like a wave from the trembling adventurers.

「What is that just now! I have never seen such skill!?」
「Wha- knocking down the golem among other things, are you fucking kidding me!!」
「That was crazy, is he a whale!?」
「Back me up! That must be a cheat, you know, cheat! Report him!」

——— This is… Isn’t this going to the bad direction?

Amaletta doesn’t seem to notice because she’s an idiot, but even though we can feel this world with our five sense, we don’t actually transfer to a new world, but only a player in the game.

In other words, after showing a blatant cheat-like performance, there is no reason for the other players to not say anything. I have to withdraw as soon as possible.

「A-Amaletta, we should…」

「Now, your body must be warmed up with that! The golem is still alive and well, next, hit it directly and show them your protagonist level OP!」

Amaletta cut me short in excitement and without informing me beforehand, she went to my back and put her hands between my armpits. After the sounds of wings being flapped, we took off.

——— You kidding me right!

The already uncontrolled useless Goddess leisurely took me to fly toward the golem, gathering the attention of the adventurers on the ground.

I was purged to the battlefield frontline while my head was filled with negative words such as 「Admin!」 「Report!」 「Ban hammer!」 「Fill the lawsuit!」

I wish that this is just a dream.

The italiced words are said in english
I take a couple liberty in this chapter

  • Even if I have the power to split the ground into two with just one punch: he doesn’t actually says one punch, but with a fist, which I guess fine translation either way, just know that the author doesn’t actually referencing OPM
  • Whale: it’s basically a simplified translation, he says that he thinks Tanaka is someone who spend unhealthy amount of money into the game, which is well, whale
  •  Protagonist level OP: it’s another Tueeee problem, if I should translate it without any slang, it will just become show them how strong you are

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