Re-Summoned Hero Episode 107

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Library’s librarian appears.
Work efficiency!
Cornering the king in the discussion.

Souta and Dina, after completing their original task to get Grevin’s books, return to the inn to check the content of those books.
「The elder has gives us good books.」
From the books they got, only the books written by the Elder are stacked on the table, even so, there are almost ten books there.

One of them is about the battle a thousand years ago which unlike the story that is currently well known in the other countries, the content is closer to the truth. The content is almost the same as what they read in Toura, but there is more detailed depiction in this book. Despite being censored or being an obscured subject, some of it seemed to have flowed to other countries, the book in Toura’s library is one of them.

「He had written our battle a thousand years ago in detail, there is a lot of detail that only us know. As I thought, the one who survived must be the elder after all.」
Souta takes the book to his hand, a look of nostalgia shows up on his face as he flips through the book.
「In that case, then maybe the elder might have tried to meet me…… Though I was already sealed.」
Dina feels down, her shoulders sagged.
「It would have been difficult to meet even if he entered the country. At that time, discrimination against other races was already going strong. Although not at the top of the hierarchy, Dina is still a princess after all.」
「That’s… right.」
Dina raises her head a little listening to the Souta’s words, but the feeling she feels still doesn’t disappear.

Souta strokes her head a bit stronger without saying anything.
「Don’t make that look, we’re able to meet thanks to that seal.」
Dina is still facing down, but the sadness from her expression is gone.

「Now then, let’s get back to checking the books, though…… these, all of this are just mostly story or something like that. I had read them a bit in the archive, but solving the mystery or getting the info we want to know is……」
Souta grabs another book, but his expression looks clearly troubled.
「Ah, but…… here, this book might be different. Can Souta-san read this a bit?」
Dina takes out a very old looking book from her own magic bag. It has a black cover, it’s more like a thick notebook than a book.
「N? So something like this also exists, huh… this is…… it’s written in narrative style, it looks to be a diary?」
「Right, right, I found it when we almost finishing up, but I think that book is slightly different from the other books. Souta-san, please read it too.」

Going straight to the latter page as Dina asked, there is Elder’s future plan written there.
「I see, if we have this…… Dina, good job finding this. This is a big finding.」
Smile floats on Souta’s face as he strokes Dina’s head again.
Returning his focus on the book, Souta reads in sequential order from the back page.
「This is……」
After reading several pages, Souta’s hand stopped.

「? Souta-san, what’s wrong?」
「Dina, let’s go to the castle again!」
「Ehh? Y-Yes!」
As it has not been a long time since the last time they go to the castle, Dina looks surprised. However, despite her confusion, she still follows the already standing Souta in hurry.
When they arrive at the castle, as if their re-visit already expected, they are guided to the audience room without any check. There are already the king and his vassals there.
「Should I say, good job coming here, or you come as expected, huh?」
「So it’s right after all?」
Rudredd answers the king’s remarks.

「So you already know everything?」
Souta asks with a little peevish like expression.
「Well, because I heard the story, I already considered it, but just in case.」
「You finally come after a millennium, that being the case, we still need to make sure of it first.」
Rudredd complements what the king’s said.

Wondering what’s being talked about, Dina looks at Souta, the king, and Rudredd in turn.
「Dina, the notebook you found is not a simple notebook, it’s Elder’s memorandum. After that battle, the Elder came to the gnome’s country, dragonkin’s country, and then this country, perhaps he might even go to more other countries.」
Dina nods to Souta’s explanation with a serious expression on her face.
「And so, he left the story in this country. Then, he told the state-run organization and the royalty that I might come and asked them to pass the message onto the next generation.」
「Ehh? Then……」

Souta and Dina turn their sight at the king and his vassals.
「Ahh, we’re aware that you’re Souta-dono, the hero from a thousand years ago, and also the little sister of the hero of the elves Soldia-dono, Dinarius-dono. And so, here we are now.」
Rudredd says so and then makes a sidelong glance toward the king.
「The talk about the battle tournament is all for the king’s own amusement. If you want to blame someone, please blame the king.」
「O-Oi, don’t just blamed everything on me!」
While the king falls into a panic, the room is filled with laughter.

「Well, I get my revenge already by obtaining a large number of books, more importantly, did it tell you anything other than that I will come? Like, where should we go, or who should we meet, or what to look for?」
Hearing Souta’s question, the king’s wrinkles his brows.
「We haven’t been informed about such details. What we know is that before coming to this country, he went to the dragonkin’s country and then the gnome’s country, also what was it again, verbal message? I think there is a message needs to be conveyed, but……」
The king looking up, trying to remember the message.

「I will leave the information, but decide your path by yourself. I think it’s that.」
Rudredd conveyed the Elder’s message.
「Yes, yes, that. Good job remembering it.」
「That’s because since they came here, I immediately re-check it.」

「Decide by myself, huh. He always said such things. We always relied on him due to his position as the elder from the gnome race. But he never failed to tell us to never stop thinking and decide for ourselves.」
After listening to Grevin’s message that Rudredd was spoken, Souta closes his eyes as he recalls what the Elder told him again and again.
「Also, the information he wants to convey is already written in that notebook. I heard from Rudredd that you got the notebook, so I already expected that you will come here again.」
The king said while pointing to the notebook in Souta’s hand.

「I understand, sorry for the various trouble we caused. Also for the assistance after the tournament too, thanks Rudredd.」
「Oy, what about me!」
The king points at himself while retorting.
「Ahh, thanks for giving us many books.」
After saying that, Souta leaves the place. Dina, after bowing once more, follows after Souta and leaves the room.

On the other side of the door, a roar of frustration from the king can be heard.

“It’s been so long, why there is only one chapter?”

It’s been 3 weeks since the last I release a chapter, that means 3 more Japanese course class, originally I want to finish another chapter today, either goddess suffering or this, but I realize many things I need to work on on my translation, it’s just slower than usual until I’m accustomised with the new knowledge I got, so pardon me for my looks-like-this-person-just-slacking-again release

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