Re-Summoned Hero Episode 106

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Impressed by the chef’s food.
Today’s work end.
Rudredd will help from tomorrow.

Souta and Dina are in the archive since early morning on the next day.
Rudredd is going to organize the books that Souta and Dina finished checking. Rudredd organizes them skillfully, he first separates them by genre, and then moves them to the temporary storage, by doing this, the space Souta and Dina can use also increased, and it also reduces the feeling of oppression a little, which in turn reducing their mental burden.

The books that Souta and Dina interested in are put on the newly created space, which then cataloged by Rudredd.
Among them is a record of Souta repatriation and Dina’s sealing. This record not only talking about the surface but also digs into the part that’s not mentioned in generally circulated books. This is taken for information gathering purpose.

Of course, they also do their best to gather interesting story books. When they come back from lunch break, the librarian from the library is waiting at the castle gate.
「Welcome back, I have been waiting.」
The person the librarian waiting for is Souta and the others.
「Ahhh, the help is coming, and if it’s you, it’s as if we get help from a hundred people.」
The one who answers is Rudredd.
「Souta-dono, Dina-dono, let me introduce him to both of you, he is the head librarian of the library in this city, Arnaud.」
「Souta-sama, and also Dina-sama, right? Pleased to meet you.」
Arnaud bows his head.

「You don’t need to call me with -sama, you’ve looked after us at that time after all.」
Souta responds by lightly raising his right hand.
「Your information has helped us. It’s fine if you don’t use -sama for me too.」
Dina returns the bow.

「Then, let me call you Souta-dono and Dina-dono. As for me, you can call me anything, I don’t mind if you don’t use honorific either.」
「I understand, by the way, what do you mean by help?」
Souta replies to Arnaud before he asks the question to Rudredd.
「Actually, he and I are old friends. I asked for his cooperation after I tell him that we’re currently organizing the archive. By the way, he is here only to help, you don’t need to worry for unnecessary inquiry.」
Souta scowls at Rudredd when he hears the word “cooperation,” but after listening until the end, he loosened his gaze.

「I’m happy to be involved when it comes to books, moreover, it’s the books in castle archive. It’s reward already considering I will most likely see books I have never seen before.」
Arnaud nods in satisfaction.
「That’s why I have no objections. Moreover, as a librarian, he will provide us with tremendous help.」
「Me too, rather, please let me help from here on. After seeing both of you, it looks really terrible, so…」
Seeing the fatigue that’s not inconsiderable from Souta and Dina, Arnaud is speculating many things.
「Hm, for now, let’s go back to the archive. If we want to think about ideas that can be used right away, then going there is a good start.」
「Alright, let’s go to the archive.」
With Rudredd leading the way, Souta and the others return to the archive.

「This is……」
As Arnaud enters the room, his turns speechless.
「Arnaud, I’m sorry, I thought about doing something about this, alas, I don’t have enough manpower……」
Rudredd starts to make excuse, however, it doesn’t seem like it reaches Arnaud’s ears.
「Wonderful! This amount of books, a mountain of books I have never see. I have no doubt this very room can even be called a national treasure.」
Arnaud impressed enough that he’s shaking.
Seeing his reaction, as expected, even Rudredd makes a face. Souta already has a feeling since their meeting at the library, “so he’s this type, huh” was what he convinces himself at the time.
「It’s great to be here! I will also do my best.」
Dina is impressed by Arnaud’s words that filled with fighting spirit.

The subsequent works are carried out with greater efficiency. Rudredd and his men all move according to Arnaud’s instructions. Meanwhile, Souta and Dina keep checking the books. They continue to check the books without participating in organizing task.
The task in this archive is for Souta and Dina pick up the books they need, and for Rudredd to organize the archive. Both of this can be achieved simultaneously by following Arnaud’s instructions.

By the next few days, the work progressed at a rapid pace, the organization of the archive is almost done. Souta and Dina also pick up books they need one after another and even get several volumes of books written by Grevin.
And now that all the works are over, Souta and Dina come back for an audience with the king. Next to them is Arnaud who help them with the work in the archive.
「So, did you find the book you want?」
Souta nods to the question from the king.
「Thanks to you, I got my hand on various books I need.」
In response to Souta’s reply, the king’s eyebrows move with a twitch.

「Various books? What does that mean?」
The question is directed to Rudredd who stands beside the king.
「That’s…… The term and condition of the contract said to give the books that Souta-dono needs.」
「Ahh, that I know. I was the one who approved of this after all…… Wait, you don’t say…」
Rudredd gives his affirmation to the agitated king.
「This is the list of the books that Souta-dono will take from the archive.」

The king quickly snatches the note to read it himself.
「This… Everything here?」
「That’s right, in total, it’s 106 books.」
Upon hearing the number, starting from the king; the military officer, the civil official, etc. are wide-eyed in surprise.
「I already thought about it when you bring up the condition to become the champion in the battle tournament…… And for that, I’m grateful.」
「No, but, if you bring such amount…」

「Might makes right, as you said, right? As agreed, I won the tournament, is there any problem with that?」
The king speechless as what he declared comes to bite him back.
「I certainly never said about only needing one book.」
「Or, will you break your promise even after I won?」
Cornered by Souta’s words, something explodes inside the king.
「Fine! Do whatever you want, you can take as many you like!」

Hearing that, Souta shows a really bright smile.
「I’m glad you finally said that.」
When the king notices that he’s baited to say those words by Souta, veins pop out on his forehead.
「Ahh, I’m a man, I’m not going back on my words!」
After saying that, the king looks away in regret.

I failed to uphold my promise (as usual I guess, but I swear, I have improved compared to back then), the leftover chapter will be put together with next month batch, this time without the penalty, I don’t want to increase my workload too much when I need to start a new project

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6 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 106

  1. Cornered by Souta’s words, something explodes inside the king.
    「Fine! Do whatever you want, you can take as many you like!」

    Hearing that, Souta shows a really bright smile.
    「I’m glad you finally said that.」

    I was like “He’s gonna say 「Because here’s pages two, three, four… and seventeen of the list of books I want to take」 or something like that, right?”


  2. King is just mad that Dina took “The beast warrior’s sweet surrender”. It the king’s favourite shoujo novel that he was hiding.


  3. and here we can see what kind of reaction a ‘bookworm’ let out when they get invited into a new ‘home’ 😛


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