Re-Summoned Hero Episode 108

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Check out Grevin’s books.
Again, to the castle.
The king and his vassal know everything.

「For now, let’s analyze the information left by Elder.」
After returning to the inn, Souta takes out the notebook and put it on the table in the center of the room and starts to examine the contents.
「Then, I will look at the other books.」
Dina then reads the book at the desk furnished in the room.

After a few hours, Souta finishes reading the notebook from the start to the end and then summarizes the content. What is written there is like a diary, such as what Elder thought, what he ate, what he noticed during the journey and so on. From among them, Souta picks up the core part of the story. The content is not that much different than what Dina had expected before they arrived in this country.
The gnome’s elder, Gregor Marvin, visited the dragonkin country. He told that the dragonkin’s hero didn’t lose his life in the hand of the demon king, nor Souta, and then he gave the treasure to the king of that time. He was a warrior that lived past the previous war which was endeared as a hero by everyone. Regardless of his position, he treated everyone as equal. The family members who lost him were unconvinced that his life could be taken by an unknown person unless they saw it by themselves and treated Elder badly for that.

Elder stayed for a while to convey the information to the expert. When he was leaving the country, there were words of apologies from people who had repented. Since Elder himself felt a strong regret, he had no choice but stand there, stunned. What cross his mind was that it was natural for him to be blamed, so he didn’t blame them for showing harsh emotion to him.

Next, the same information was conveyed to the gnome’s race. When considering that someone would know that he was alive, because the importance of the information, and the possibility someone would raise their hand toward his kins, Elder ordered the gnome to divide their country into settlements so they could survive. At first, there were many that opposed to the order, most of the opinion were asking for Elder to lead the clan again, but he patiently talked to everyone, telling them that he couldn’t remain in this country.

There were still people that were opposed to his decision, but in the end, most accepted Elder’s order and the clan’s break apart.
It’s easy to imagine that if they can get in touch with the people in the center of those two races they can get useful information. However, the whereabouts of the dragonkin is unknown, while the gnomes are scattered so there is no clear way to look for them. These two are still the biggest problem.

「I understand many things, but it seems it’s really as Dina had expected.」
「Is that so? Then, it’s true after all Elder left many information behind so it could reach Souta-san.」
Souta shakes his head.
「Ehh? Am I wrong?」
「Ahh, it’s not for me, it seems like the information is for us.」
Dina tilts her head. She never thought she is included too.

「Us, does that mean me too? But, why…」
「It seems that Elder was hiding for a while after fleeing from the demon king castle. The duration was by years too. He was waiting for the lingering excitement to cool down, and as he was injured, he used that time to rest too. Only after that, he started to act.」
At that point, Souta opens the notebook and shows a certain page to Dina.
「Before he went to the Dragonkin’s country, Gnome’s country, and Beastkin’s country, he went to the elves country first. And then, what he saw was…… Dina, it was you that already sealed in the Demon crystal.」

Dina, after hearing what Souta says, takes the notebook involuntarily. She continues reading from the page showed by Souta to several pages ahead. Without noticing it herself, Dina’s eyes are flooded by tears. Written in the notebook is Elder’s feeling for her.
「It looks like Elder thought that he bears the responsibility for your sealing. It seems he felt unbearable regret when he knew what happened to his friend’s family.」
Souta, while talking in an unconcerned tone, clenches his right fist so hard that faint trace of blood can be seen there.

「But, when he saw you, he realized you have the memory stone as the key. Only me or Elder can unlock the seal, but he didn’t do that. In other words, he believed that one day, I would be summoned to this world again and remove your seal.」
Noticing the blood on his hand, Souta wipes it with a random cloth while stroking Dina’s head with his other hand.
「The memories that Soldia left in the midst of his death, and the path leading to the truth left by Elder. It looks like, even after a thousand years later, we’re still helped by those two.」
Under Souta’s hand, Dina is crying herself out.

Unable to stop crying, Souta lets her sit on the bed. After a while, Dina falls asleep while leaning on Souta. Souta decides to lay her down in the bed as it is.
「Geez, making Dina cries even after a thousand years.」
After patting Dina’s head lightly, Souta goes to the desk while muttering his complaints toward Elder. Souta continues to read the books Dina was reading until around dawn.

The next morning, when Dina wakes up, she’s surprised to see that Souta is sitting in the chair, sleeping.
「Ehh? Why? Don’t tell me, yesterday, as it is……」
Remembering what she did last night, she covers her face with both hands.
「……. hm? You’re awake, Dina? Good morning.」
「S-Souta-san! Go-Good morning! Last night, umm, I’m sorry!」
After crying herself to sleep, she’s shocked that she wakes up in Souta’s bed, his greeting further increase her confusion.

「Mmm, don’t mind. It can’t be helped yesterday, so don’t worry. It’s better to let such feeling out, you don’t need to be so stiff. It reminds me of the old days.」
「Uuu, I mean…… I really believe that you would save me, moreover I would be grown-up looking…… I don’t want to appears to be childish like I used to be, there I said it all!!」
Dina, her face red, hurriedly burrows her face to the futon.

「Hahaha~ I prefer this kind of Dina. Just don’t worry too much and be yourself. After all, we will be traveling together all the time from now on.」
Hearing Souta’s remark, Dina raises her face, but her face blushes harder and once again, she burrows her face in the futon.

If you have question why I barely release any chapter so far, I’m in a slump, worked on this chapter for 3 days and Goddess’s Suffering chapter 30 for 5 days with barely any progress each day, I even pushed myself a bit to finish Goddess’s Suffering chapter 30 (I finished this one a couple of days ago)

on a side note, Banished Healer (full title: The Healer Banished From The Party, In Fact, Is The Strongest) translation already started, only 2 chapters so far that’s already released in my patreon, I will post chapter 0 to chapter 4 here on my birthday (4th May)

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