Re-Summoned Hero Episode 110

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dina’s Recovery Magic.
Next is the dwarves?
Sylvan volunteers to cook. They’re siblings after all…

Arnaud goes back to his usual work in the library, they’re able to meet with him immediately after talking with the receptionist’s librarian.
「And so, you purposely come here? Thank you.」
Happy that he’s one of the people we are specifically informed about their departure, Arnaud is smiling.
「I was indebted to you, Al. If not for you, it might take another week to finish.」
「O-One more week seems to be an exaggeration. I think Rud would be able to do something that it wouldn’t take that long.」
From Souta’s words, Arnaud making a wry smile that looks intended for a close friend.

「Arnaud-san’s accomplishment was so great that it can’t be helped if we say that. Thank you very much.」
Dina also says her gratitude and then bows.
「No-no, my endeavor is insignificant. It was the enthusiasm of you two that makes it possible, also, everyone’s appetite too.」
Still smiling, Arnaud makes a joke.
「The appetite part is indeed something that can’t be denied.」
With a little bit serious looks, Dina remembers when they went to the restaurant together.
They concentrated fully in the morning, and then, when the afternoon bell rang, as if a switch has been switched, everyone stopped working and prepared to head to the restaurant. At first, there were only three persons, Souta, Dina, and Rudredd, but then, Arnaud was invited, then Rudredd’s men. By the end, the number that went to the restaurant has grown so big.

「Well, that restaurant is one that needs a kind of referral. Who knows how many people can get there without our guidance.」
Rudredd’s men have personally tried to go there several times, but it seemed they ended up lost and couldn’t reach the place at all.
「Right, I think I can go there by myself even though I might get a little lost. The street around that store is so complicated. Foods there taste good, but you know…」
As they’re currently talking near the counter, other librarians that work in the counter could hear what they’re talking about, they decided in their heart they will make the head librarian bring them there the next time he goes.

「Now then, we will be going to the royal castle soon, so we will be leaving in a bit. I want to make sure we depart by noon if possible.」
「Ahh, I’m sorry I don’t have anything to offer. We should’ve talked in the back room over a tea.」
Arnaud lowers his head to apologize, but Souta stops him.
「Don’t worry about it, in the first place, we’re the one who disturbs you while you’re working. It should be us who apologize, also, let’s do that if we come to this city again.」
「When we come here again, please let me read the story slowly.」
After saying goodbye to Arnaud and saying their thanks to the other librarians, they leave the library.

When they arrive at the royal castle, they get someone to ask for Rudredd. The guards know them, but they can’t give them a free pass to enter the castle without permission from above. After waiting for a bit, the guard who asked for permission come back.
「Sorry to keep you waiting. The minister currently doesn’t have time to meet you.」
Already expecting that answer, Souta isn’t surprised.
「Well, I already guessed that far. In that case, it’s fine if you give this to him later, but can you pass this letter to Rudredd?」
「I understand, I will certainly pass this letter.」
The guard saluted when he receives the letter. The other guards also saluted to Souta and Dina after acknowledging Souta’s request. Souta and Dina also both saluted back.

「Well then, let’s go back to the restaurant and leave after we have lunch.」
「Yes, let’s go. I’m sure they made us various foods, I can’t wait.」
While walking, Dina, who starts to have high hope in the foods they will get, starts to hum while skipping.
When they reach the restaurant, the tag in front of the store still says closed.
「Hmm, is it okay to enter?」
「Well, we’re the one who placed it that way, so it should be fine.」
When Souta opens the door, they’re surprised by the sight of foods that fills the table top.
「T-This is…」
「Are these all possibly for us…?」
While they stand still in shock, Zofi comes out from the kitchen while bringing the next dish.

「Oh my, welcome back both of you. The cooking is done!」
So she said, but Sylvan brings out another dish from the kitchen.
「Yes, we cook one after another. This is the current one.」
The table is full, so the new dishes are put on the chair.
「I-Is this all ours?」

「Of course! We’re still making more, so it would be helpful if you put these away in your bag.」
「Then, next.」
The two go back to the kitchen again after saying that.
「… Making more you say?」
As the two already go to the kitchen, they can’t confirm this, but just to be safe, Souta put these dish away inside his dimensional storage via the magic bag. After a repetition of going back into the kitchen, cooking for a while, and come back to bring out the food, Sylvan and Zofi stop and sit down on the floor after more than fifty dishes.

「Phew, it will take a while to eat all those.」
「It’s been a while since I cook so many foods I’m a little tired.」
Zofi and Sylvan take a break with a satisfied smile on their face.
「Ahh, this will help us greatly, I guess. If there are this many, we will be able to eat delicious things even on the road. Please take this as my thanks.」
Souta puts a bag of money filled with almost double the cost of the foods on the table.
「Oioi, this is something we do on our own, I can’t receive your money. And you’re giving too much of it.」
Although Sylvan doesn’t confirm the content of the bag, knowing Souta’s personality and the sounds of the bag when he puts it on the table, he predicted how much money in the bag.

「Even so, you prepared so many foods for us. I need to pay for it. Besides, this includes the cost of preparing so many foods in such a short time. It would trouble me if you don’t receive this.」
Sylvan tries to return the money, but Souta stubbornly keeps his stance.
「If you think it’s too much, then make us lunch with that tired body.」
Smiling, Souta says so to Sylvan.

「Hahahah, okay then. The extra will be for the next time you come, also, lunch you say? Leave it to me!!」
Without any hint of the earlier tiredness, Sylvan rolled his sleeve and then go back to the kitchen while broadly grinning.

Long time no see and sorry for the really late update, I will start the the translation of another chapter of this in a moment, might be posted tomorrow, which means it’s out of schedule, but ehh, you guys deserve it for putting it up so much with me for the past 2 years (or is it 3 I forget)

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  1. Do you guys know of a novel like this one, where it has multiple individuals transported, the MC(and his companions, if there are any) and the “Heroes” get separated, …, etc. but there are multiple POV, like Word Master?


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