Re-Summoned Hero Episode 112

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Arrives at the dwarven country.
In the end, entered an old store.

Souta and Dina, in the end, entered an old store to look for weapons. The one on the wall and on the display shelf are not bad assortment. In fact, their quality seems to be higher than weapons lined up in other big stores.
「How about it?」
Souta shakes his head at Dina’s question. Certainly, they’re better than from the other stores, even so, the difference is not that much, Souta doesn’t think this store can make the sword he’s looking for either. Taking off their sight from the shelves, they notice a barrel with a few weapons stabbed in it, looking at the price tag on the barrel, it says 1 silver coin per weapon.
「If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that there could be a treasure hidden in a pile of cheap goods like this…」
When Souta pulls the weapon one by one to check, the shopkeeper who show up out of nowhere behind Souta call him out.
「There is no treasure in a place like that. Even if there is one, it wouldn’t be stabbed in the barrel and wouldn’t be sold for cheap.」
The bearded dwarven shopkeeper says so looking amazed.

「I guess, thinking normally, that’s true. So, are you saying that there is a treasure somewhere else? Just not in this place?」
While grinning, Souta asks the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper doesn’t seem to expect that question, after being dumbfounded for a bit, he returns a laugh.
「That’s quite an interesting question you got there, but unfortunately, it’s not in this store. If you want to look for treasure, look in the store that handles weapons for elites, not here. Most of them are one-of-a-kind weapons, which you need to ask the craftsmen directly.」
The shopkeeper uses his hand to explain the manner of how weapons are created in this dwarven country to Souta.
「I guess so. Now, if only I have an intermediary with those craftsmen…」
Souta glances at the shopkeeper while saying so. It’s a blatant appeal, but the shopkeeper only smiles instead of showing an unpleasant expression.
「If you show me a weapon that satisfies me, then I will think about it.」
The shopkeeper looks at Souta with a challenging grin.

「… How about this?」
Souta hands over Izayoi sheathed on his waist to the shopkeeper.
「This is…… Where did you get this?」
Surprised by the sword Souta just unsheathed, wide-eyed, he asks Souta for the sword’s origin.
「This was a joint work of me and my dwarf companion a long time ago. This sword was made by trial and error and is an unfinished product. I want to make a finished version of this.」
「Katana, huh…… then I guess you only have one option.」
Souta is surprised, not only from the fact that this dwarf knows katana, but also the fact that there is someone capable of making it.

「Can’t you introduce us to that person?」
Souta leans closer to ask the shopkeeper.
「Ahh, I could try to introduce you as my acquaintance, just, the person is a little bit unique. After all, he is the descendant of the hero who fought against the demon king a thousand years ago.」
「How can I meet him?」
「Hmm, he’s a grumpy one. He only talks with a person he likes personally, I myself had caught sight of the person a couple of times, but I never talked with him. If you want to meet him, I can tell you the location of his workshop… I don’t know if you can meet him or not though.」
After pondering Souta’s question for a while, the shopkeeper writes down the map to that person workshop while frowning.
「Here, you can try to go there. Well, that guy is a busy person, so I don’t know if he’s in his workshop or not.」
「This really help, thank you. Next time I come to this store, I will buy something.」
After Souta receives and confirms the map, he lowers his head to the shopkeeper and leaves the shop.

「Alright, I was thinking about going to that workshop right away, but…」
「It will be dark soon, should we go back to the inn and going there tomorrow?」
「Yeah, let’s do that, it would be rude too if we come too late.」
Since it’s going to be dark soon, they originally had planned this store to be the last, because of that, Souta readily agrees to not go to the workshop right away and go back to the inn.

The food in the inn is, of course, inferior to foods cooked by Sylvan-Gordon siblings. However, the arrangement of home-cooked dishes unique to the dwarven country they served to Souta and Dina satisfy them enough as it is one of the good experience while having a journey. The generous amount filled in each plate, whether it’s because of the eating habit in this country, is also satisfactory.
The accommodation of this inn ranks on the same if not higher than the general inn. There is no bath, but up to one bucket of hot water and other things are free of charge. The beds are also soft, thanks to that, Souta and Dina are able to rest sufficiently that night.

The next morning, after having their breakfast, they go to the workshop they learned yesterday. According to the information from the innkeeper, the area Souta and Dina walked around yesterday is a commercial district, while the workshop is in workshop district. The district is located opposite of the commercial district.
Various craftsmen are setting up their workshop in the workshop district. Because of how the city built, it’s not uncommon for travelers who aren’t used to the layout of the city stay for many days without being able to find their desired craftsmen.
Souta goes while relying on the map he was given yesterday. Despite hastily drawn, it’s a solid map that reliably leads them to the desired workshop.

「Here, right?」
It’s located towards the back of the workshop district, it’s an unbelievably small workshop for someone who is said to be the descendant of the hero. Souta checks the name and the location of the workshop on the map and then check the building again.
「It, looks like so.」
Dina looks at the map in Souta’s hand from the side and confirms it, but there is a hint of doubt in her voice.
「For the time being, let’s try to get in. Excuse me~.」
The door of the workshop is open, so Souta goes in and calls the owner of the workshop. However, there is no reaction or noise, nevermind an answer.
「Anybody here? Hellooo~ Whoever, is there is no one here?」
Souta tries again with a louder voice.
「Excuse us, anybody home~?」
Following after Souta, Dina also tries to call out.

「… Shut it! I’m sleeping here, stop making a fuss!」
The dwarf that shows up from behind the counter answers their call with a loud angry voice.

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  1. Sounds like we got a lazybutt who’ll have the fire of his craftsman heart rekindled after seeing that unfinished thing arc


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