Re-Summoned Hero Episode 113

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Old weapon shop.
Introduced to the blacksmith.
The first thing they were told when they arrived at the workshop is to shut up.

Surprised by the sudden yell from the dwarf, Dina shrieks and hides behind Souta.
「O-Ohh, there is also a woman here, sorry for surprising you……」
Having noticed Dina, the dwarf feels awkward and apologize while scratching his head.

「We apologize for raising our voice too. There is no reply, so…」
Souta says so without feeling bad.
「Sorry, I fell asleep because I’ve been working late into the night yesterday. Well, anybody would have a bad mood if they are being woken up by others, right?」
From what he says, it doesn’t appear he feels bad too.
「So…… the heck do you want? Having said that, I guess there is only one reason you would come to a place like this.」
The dwarf says so to Souta while folding his arms, he looks amazed.

「Well, there is only one reason people would come to a workshop. I want you to create my weapon.」
Expecting that much, the dwarf sighs.
「Again, I see…… You might hear this rumor somewhere, and I’m indeed the descendant of the hero as rumored. But that doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to craft weapon anymore. Even if I make something, at best, I would only make a pot or knife.」
「Could you not reconsider? I want to create a weapon only for me, but I can’t create it alone. But if you’re the descendant of him, then you might be able to create it.」
The dwarf frowns when he hears what Souta said.

「Him? Create? The heck do you mean? Didn’t you come here to ask me to craft a weapon? Also, that manner of talking which seems like you know my ancestor is…」
Reading between Souta lines, the dwarf asks questions.
「Let’s leave the matter with ancestor aside for now. Let’s start with my purpose, can you see this?」
After saying so, Souta puts Izayoi he carries on his waist on the counter between him and the dwarf. The dwarf picks it up and unsheathes it to look at the blade.
「This thing…… is a real deal, is this a magic sword? I can feel a mysterious power. With this, you don’t really need any new weapon, don’t you?」
The dwarf put Izayoi back into its sheath and returns it to Souta.

「It was something that I and a certain dwarf created together, but it’s not really what I want to create. What I really wanted to create is something that’s created in my hometown, a Japanese sword. Of course it’s impossible to create a perfectly identical one, considering the material and procedures difference compared to my hometown’s, but we wanted to create something close to that. The single-edged blade curved with beautiful wave patterns. A weapon specialized in cutting instead of hacking, Katana. If we talk only about weapon, then Izayoi is good enough, but that’s not my goal.」
Hearing Souta’s explanation about Katana, the dwarf feels the excitement in his heart.
「I-In that case, you can just create that weapon again with that dwarf can’t you? If you have someone who can create a weapon like this, then surely they could create a better one.」
That dwarf, could it be…… The dwarf has that thought, but he doesn’t voice it and instead replies to Souta with an entirely different response.

「That’s impossible, that man is no longer in this world. That’s why I want you to lend your ability. I have the knowledge about Katana, but I don’t have the ability to create it, but if we add your ability, it might be possible to create it.」
It was something that Souta feels after seeing this dwarf. From his face, there is a hint of the Dwarven Hero that was his comrade and that hard-to-please attitude is peculiar to craftsmen. Can this man realize what he couldn’t do a thousand years ago? Is what running in Souta’s mind.

「O-Ohh, that’s unfortunate. What is his name by the way?」
I’m afraid I will get an answer I’m expecting, while restraining such unsettling thought, the dwarf asks that to Souta.
「You already aware of the answer don’t you?」
His worry becomes stronger with those question from Souta, the dwarf can’t say anything.
「The name of that dwarf is Raugo.」
Souta says the name without waiting for the dwarf to respond. Hearing that, the dwarf feels as if electric shocks run in his body. That name is the name of his ancestor and what the name of the current workshop owner is taken over from. However, the custom is to make it a middle name instead of using the name as is.

「I-Is that so? So it was my old man that helped you, huh?」
The dwarf’s grandfather died before he was born, and he doesn’t remember meeting the person in front of him before. By process of elimination, he concludes it was his father even though he doesn’t really believe it either.
「No, I have never met your father.」
「Then, I just don’t remember, I am……」
「That is also wrong.」
Souta lightly shaking his head.

「It’s rude to hide my true identity from you, but, I’m the summoned hero who fought against the Demon King together with your ancestor, the Hero of the Dwarf.」
「Wait a minute, wasn’t that hero dead? No, was he returned to the original world? Either way, it has been a thousand years since then, no way you are that hero. Or maybe you mean you’re the same as me? A descendant of the hero?」
The dwarf tries to question Souta, but he’s confused and ends up mixing question and self-answer.

「Calm down, if you accept the job then I will talk about it in detail. This is not something we can talk about in the storefront, so if possible we should talk in a quiet place, but……」
Souta tries to calm the dwarf down by gesture while confirming there is no sign outside.
「I’m not saying that I would take the job but, if possible, can you still tell me more about it? I will close the store for today, so let’s talk in the back room. Whether I accept the job or not would depend on the content……」
The dwarf shows strong interest in Souta’s story, and the two of them go to the back room. While his attitude was unapproachable at the beginning, he’s softening now. By the time he’s interested in Souta’s story, Souta thought that it’s a success and smiled.

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