Re-Summoned Hero Episode 114

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Weapon creation?
If you want a pot or knife, then……
Maybe go to the back of the store to talk then?

The difference in appearance between the interior and the storefront was huge. They could see the entrance to the workshop, but they were guided to the home area instead.
「Here, drink this tea.」
After being guided to the living room and waited on the couch for a while, fragrant black tea was served for them.
「Thank you…… hmmm, what a nice scent. This tea used quite good leaves, right?」
「Ohhh, you understand aren’t you, missy? This is something I purposely ordered from another country. Speaking of dwarves, our beverage is mostly liquor, so there is no one who understands the goodness of this. Don’t be hesitate and drink up. Besides teacakes, I also prepared cookies.」
The dwarf went back to the kitchen and came back with a plate filled with cookies. Looking at his teapot that was covered in tea cosy, his passion for tea was apparent to eyes.

「So, about the talk from before……」
Souta tried to get their conversation back on track, however, the dwarf and Dina were excitedly talking about tea. Dina looked to enjoy the talk too.
「I also particular with this teapot, this teapot is made of glass!」
「Ahh, that’s nice. It’s fun to see the movement of the tea leaves inside. We used the silver one at home, it tastes better, but not being able to see the inside is kinda…」
「No, I was also using a silver pot at first. By chance, my merchant acquaintance found this pot. It was quite expensive, but I fell in love with it and bought it immediately.」
Souta’s words seemed to not reach their ears, so he decided to take a short break and ate the cookies that were served with the tea cakes while waiting for their talk to finish.

「I’m glad missy is someone who understands this kind of talk. It’s the first time I could talk so much about tea.」
「Me too! Many people go with the reasoning that as long as it’s delicious it’s whatever, so……」
「Can we start going to our previous topic?」
Seeing the talk about tea seemed to settle down, Souta interrupted them.
「Ha? Ahhh, my bad, I completely forgot.」
「I’m sorry, me too.」
The dwarf and Dina apologized to Souta while looking awkward.

「It’s fine, it seems you two have opened up to each other and I enjoyed the delicious tea too.」
「M-My bad. It’s good that you said that.」
The dwarf scratched his head while bowing his head again.
「Now, going back to the previous topic. About the katana, can you create it together with me? If you’re the descendant of him, there should be no problem with your ability. It might be by another person, but the weapon made for an alchemist I know in the elven country is also brilliant.」
Seemingly knew which weapon Souta was talking about, the dwarf nodded.
「That’s… Probably my great grandfather’s. I heard he was making weapons in the elven country. There were not many commendable dwarf blacksmith in that country.」
The dwarf talked with a hint of nostalgia in his voice.

「I see, it seems it was made quite skillfully, even I could see that. And you’re his great-grandson, in any case, it’s a fact that I did see a couple of high-level weapons here and there in the room before.」
「That… was something I created long ago, but I haven’t done it at all recently. No matter how many things I create, everyone only sees me as a descendant of hero. My name is not Descendant of Hero. Following my dad’s footstep, I also took over Raugo’s name, but my name is Antgar!」
Antgar remembered his resentment against the reaction people gave him so far which weighed him down and sapped his motivation.

「Then, that’s perfect. The sword I wanted to make was something that couldn’t be realized with Raugo. If you’re only as skilled as him, then you wouldn’t be able to do so too. I’m not looking for Raugo, but someone who has the skill, talent, and creativity that goes beyond that. And that’s none other than you, Antgar!」
Souta stood up then grabbed Antgar’s shoulders while expressing his thought.
「Ughh, but, I am…」
No longer able to bear Souta’s sharp gaze, his eyes were swimming.
「I don’t think I can blame you just because you couldn’t create it. I want to try a way which has the possibility of success, even if just a little. I think by working together with you, we can increase the chance of succeeding.」
Souta’s appeals weren’t based on how much ability Antgar actually had, he appealed because of his intuition.

「No, ummm, but, you see…」
Seeing that Antgar was still being indecisive, Souta changed his approach.
「Let’s talk about other matters first then. Let’s start with the weapon I wanted to create. The name of this weapon is katana, but this weapon has a couple of words that could describe its characteristics. It doesn’t break, it doesn’t bend, and it cuts well.」
「Doesn’t break and bend? Is that even possible? Can’t break means it should be flexible. However, not bending means it needs to be solid. Flexible and solid, I don’t think there is metal like that…… If it’s soft……」
Antgar folded his arm and fell into deep thought.

「I have the solution for that. There is a secret in the manufacturing method, but…… I tried to make it with Raugo in a similar way a thousand years ago and the result was just that sham I showed you. This isn’t bad at all, but this is not what I wanted.」
After saying so, Souta put Izayoi on the table. Dina had put away the dishes and cups that were on the table while the two were talking.

「This sword is called Izayoi, well I just showed it to you before. After many trial and error, this was what Raugo and I accidentally created after putting together various things we had. This is a kind of so-called magic sword, what I wanted to make is something I could use outside of a limited condition.」
While looking at the katana, Souta narrowed his eyes.

「I think this is fine, but I feel like I can understand why you don’t think this is right.」
Antgar also could feel something when he looked at Izayoi.
「Yes, that’s why I want to create it correctly.」
Souta said that while looking at Antgar’s eyes.

I post this while in bed, I got a really high fever, good thing I’m not dizzy, this chapter is finished before I got sick though

I originally planned to translate another chapter of Goddess’s Suffering and then banished healer tomorrow, but I don’t think I can, we will see later

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    1. Flexible core, hard exterior. Hard exterior layer takes a sharp edge and transmits the force of a blow to the soft core to absorb the shock…. if I recall correctly.

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  1. Iirc his status showed us he is most probably the person with the highest level in smithing in the world, why not just make ot yourself?


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