Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 35

Goddess-sama, Showing Daily Lives

After getting chided by Amaletta, Fellrose became docile. It seemed she decided she didn’t want to be a bother anymore and just observe us from our side quietly.

I felt more relaxed compared to being tailed, it was also easier to do things 「as usual」 just like what she asked us to do.

After watching the movie, we decided to have an early lunch at the nearby hamburger shop.

Before lining up, I drooped my shoulder knowing the content of my wallet that had become quite light, and as Amaletta was looking at the colorful menu, I warned her,

「For now, only the cheapest set, no side dish or dessert allowed, and I don’t accept any objection.」

「I want at least salad. Only hamburger and fries are too unbalanced.」

I shut my mouth after Amaletta pointed that out as she raised her head from the menu. That was frank advice from the person who was in charge of our daily diet, I had no choice but reluctantly agree as I stared at my wallet.

「……Okay. Just salad. Fellrose, you’re fine with that?」

Although I asked Fellrose who was disqualified as air already, she didn’t respond as she looked at us with a befuddled look. Is it really that much of a shock that Amaletta scolded her?

「Fell? What’s wrong?」

Fellrose who looked at Amaletta’s face suddenly returned to us and, after she cleared her throat, she gave us her agreement.

「No problem. I don’t mind eating the same meal as Amaletta.」

「Got it, I will stand in the line then, you two go take a seat at the inconspicuous table at the back.」

Occasionally, some guys point their smartphone at Fellrose. Well, it’s impossible to tell them not to, but if she gets too much exposure, that rotten clown might come to sponge on our dinner again.

「Okay, Ahh, I would like a fish burger and orange juice set! Then, Fell, let’s go to our seat.」

After saying that, Amaletta took absent-minded Fellrose’s hand and walked to the back of the store. I don’t mind if you’re being docile, but being disheartened to that degree is a bit out of tunes.

Seeing that yuri goddess behavior, I sighed as their guardian while standing in line.

And then, when I got all the meals for us three on the tray and headed toward the backmost seat, Amaletta immediately expanded the pamphlet of the movie version of 『Everyday Sex』 and talked happily to Fellrose.

Fellrose on the other hand, seemingly not quite understanding what Amaletta talking about, she just nodded along like a bird.

「You really like cheat harem different world reincarnation huh.」

As I said that, half-amazed, Amaletta puffed her cheeks while receiving the tray from me.

「Nooo! I want Tanaka-san go 『Ahhh, I want to be reincarnated in the other world!』 Thus I continue to tell the goodness of cheat harem different world reincarnation.」

The more you tell me, the less I understand about the goodness of the other world.

I sat next to Amaletta and look into Amaletta’s pamphlet while stuffing myself with the cheeseburger.

By the way, the movie this time is also full of pink scenes, the inside of the pamphlet is also full of the pink scenes that happen in the movie.

Noticing my line of sight, Amaletta brought her face near and with a grin, she said,

「You look at the pamphlet so much…… You can say it anytime you know, Tanaka-san? Come on, just say the words 『I want to be reincarnated.』」

「No, I won’t.」

I think the people who want to be reincarnated in a different world after seeing this have a certain talent. As an ordinary person, the hurdles are high.

「It’s fine! The other world is not scary!」

「Noo~ I’m really scared~」

「Ohh you~ in reality, you’re just embarrassed by the pink development aren’t you, Tanaka-san? You’re pure-pure-san after all.」

Who is pure-pure.

「I will take your fries because it doesn’t seem like you want them.」

「Ahhhh! My fries!」

When I took half of Amaletta’s fries because she was just talking and not eating, she started to sadly squirrel the rest of her fries. Good grief, you should eat it faster then.

After shrugging my shoulder, I wiped the ketchup on Amaletta’s cheek with a napkin then throw the remaining cheeseburger into my mouth.

With that normal exchange, I felt a relief in my heart, then I suddenly met Fellrose’s eyes, who had completely become air.

———Ahhh, that’s right, you’re also here.

Like cursing me with her eyes, Fellrose sucked the empty orange juice, making a sound, and then she murmured,

「……So both of you normally flirt like that?」


Is that how you see our exchange just now? Flirting? No, I guess, it would look like that if it passes through yuri goddess’s yuri filter. Anyone approaching Amaletta feels like an enemy.

Though unfortunately, for me to flirt with this shorty? Maybe I should go for brutish appeal instead?

While I was anguished by Fellrose’s misunderstanding, next to me, Amaletta pulled my sleeve.

「Hey, Tanaka-san, if you don’t eat the fries, then can you please share it?」

The birdbrained goddess said an interesting thing with a sweet voice, in which, I took the box of fries and dumped the content in my mouth.


How is it? This is the daily life of the brutish me and the pitiful goddess.

As I stroke teary-eyed Amaletta’s head who was in despair, I probed Fellrose with my smug face, but for some reason, she tore off the table napkin with her teeth. With that expression, even Hera would run away barefooted.

「I see, so till the end, you’re still flirting. And that’s your usual, right? I understand now.」


Why? No matter how you see this, this is a scene of quarrel between siblings, your understanding is wrong.

Well, as she requested, we show her our usual exchanges, so this should be good enough. Maybe…

After that, we spent time chilling in one of the shopping mall facility, and then I bought several books that Amaletta wanted. Fellrose was just monitoring us quietly from the start to finish.

I didn’t know what kind of impression she had on our daily lives, but needless to say, I was at least three times more exhausted compared to the usual outing.

We got on the bus and went home as the sun started setting, by that time, I was already mentally exhausted.

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