Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 37

Goddess-sama, Negotiate

It was one thing after another.

While I could still call my life to be comparatively peaceful, the last few months, I have been bothered by the existences that were far above my expectations.

I had had enough with only the useless goddess, Amaletta and the rotten clown, Listy; but recently, the yuri goddess, Fellrose also joined. Since then, my ordinary daily life started to change.

Especially in the last few days, Fellrose had been a bother I couldn’t do anything about. Just like what she said on the day she monitored us, she had been harassing me a lot.

It was mainly done by planting a trap in front of my entrance.

It was still in the acceptable limit to get punched by spring-loaded boxing gloves or poured from overhead with a water bucket when I opened the front door to get to work.

The worst was the hanging rope hanged in front of my front door on a Monday morning. It was just hanging there, but there was a paper that read 『DIE and GO to HELL!』 attached to the rope. It made my blue Monday worsen.

Moreover, it was also worsened by the fact she never showed up in front of me. I will return it back three times the next time we meet, I thought. It was, after all, proper etiquette when a man wanted to give a return gift to a woman.

While such days continued, another difficulty befell me.

「Tanaka-san! I request an increase in my pocket money!」

It was the appreciation time after dinner that the freeloading useless goddess requested that to me. I already thought that this day will come one day, but I guess it’s today, huh?

As usual, Amaletta was trying to promote the cheat harem another world reincarnation to me, the books and discs she owned kept increasing. It seemed she was taking advantage of the auction, but there was still a limit to small pocket money. However,

「That request is rejected.」

I dashed her request with a brief rejection. I don’t have that kind of money. Besides, if you increase your collection at a faster pace, we would have no more living space.

「O-Objection! First, please listen to my explanation.」

Seeing Amaletta trying to appeal while raising her hand, I thought for a bit. No matter what she’s going to say, I can’t give her what doesn’t exist, but well, I guess she wouldn’t be convinced if I don’t let her talk.

「…You have my permission.」

When I said so, I thought I saw Amaletta smiled for an instant, but she immediately made a serious expression and clear her throat off to collect herself. Oioi, you, why do your expression looks like you’re already convinced that you’re going to win this?

I kept my guard and adjusted my posture, Amaletta also started talking once she straightened her back.

「I had thought for a long time, Tanaka-san, you said that you’re underpaid, but I think it’s more you’re wasting your money.」

「Do you really think I want to hear that from you?」

I pointed to the corner of the room where Amaletta’s collection was as I said that, her cheeks immediately stiffen.

「T-Those are fine! They’re investments for the sake of guiding Tanaka-san after all!」

You said those are fine, but for me, those are the worst investments. Or rather, this past few months, my wasteful expense is pretty much just a can of beer a day, what does someone who is more wasteful than I want to say?

When I showed my dissatisfaction, Amaletta pointed at me and declared,

「The waste I meant is, your food expense, Tanaka-san!」

———Food expense?

No way, are you going to rob me of my one can a day of blissful beer? Having no idea where she was going with this, I kept my guard up, and then Amaletta continued,

「Tanaka-san, how much you spend for lunch?」


Being asked an unexpected question, I answered stupidly. Surely you’re not telling me to forego lunch, don’t you?

「I think it’s about a thousand yen…」

For breakfast and dinner, we ate homemade cooking to save money since Amaletta lived here, but for lunch, I still ate packed lunch from the convenient store. The food and drink, and then a canned coffee from the vending machine during the break, it was roughly a thousand yen. While I recalling the breakdown of that 1000 yen, Amaletta puffed her cheeks.

「I think it’s super wasteful.」

「……What, did you say?」

「I thought it was strange. Tanaka-san, even if you’re underpaid, you don’t have a hobby that costs money, nor you’re in debt. This apartment is also old so the rent is exceptionally low, lesser than even city parking fee. Furthermore, even though you have a driver license, you don’t own a private car, so I was wondering, where are your money goes to besides food and utility.」

It’s about me, but when someone else tells me this, I feel weirded out. I, seems to be alive to eat.

I hung my head when I heard Amaletta saying everything she had to say bluntly, Amaletta nodded as if she had convinced herself.

「But, this has become clear. Tanaka-san, please add your lunch money to my pocket money!」

「Are you an idiot! Why do I need to go without lunch for the sake of freeloader!?」

I grabbed Amaletta’s hand which she had brazenly presented before me and chopped her wrist with two fingers.

「Aww, ouch ouch ouch ouch! H-How rude! Do you really think I would say a terrible thing like that?」

At one point, didn’t you told me to die with a smile every day?

As I glare at her reproachfully, she was huffing in anger with teary eyes while she rubbed her reddened wrist.

「Since I demanded pocket money, I will pay a reasonable price!」

「Reasonable price?」

When I tilted my head from hearing the unexpected words, Amaleta changed her expression as if to say 「I’ve been waiting for you to say that!」 with a grin. She then trotted to the closet and pulled something from the inside.

「Ta~da~! It’s this!」

The thing Amaletta put on the low table with confidence was a two-tiered lunch box and a large stainless steel thermos that seemed to be sold for 100 yen. Looking at it, even someone like me knew what she was trying to do.

Amaletta puffed her thin chest and then made a proposition with a rough snort.

「From today onward, I will also prepare Tanaka-san’s lunch every day! Convenient store lunches are expensive and nutritionally unbalanced. The drink would also cheaper if it’s self-made barley tea. That’s why, I will be paying for the food expense, how is it? Not a bad offer, right?」

I’m tired of her smug face, but what she said is reasonable. Now that I no longer live alone, it must be cheaper for the three meals to be home-cooked, above all, I can eat Amaletta’s cooking instead of convenient store lunches I have enough of, it’s an attractive proposition.

Also, since Amaletta demands compensation for labor, as a salary worker, I can’t just disregard her without listening.

「……F-Fine then. If that’s the case, I will approve the increase in your pocket money.」

When I noticed, I realized I had been pushed to agree halfway through. Thinking about it carefully, giving all of the lunch money to Amaletta was strange, but I thought it was originally the money that would vanish as lunch expense anyway, so I thought it was fine.

「Yea~y~! With this, I can buy a new series!」

Besides, when I saw Amaletta rejoicing like this, I just felt it didn’t matter anymore. Wait, you’re not going to increase your bizarre collection again, right?

When I started to feel a little bit of regret about my premature decision, Amaletta grinned widely and laughed with the bento box and thermos in her hand.

「Tanaka-san! I will do my best to make you a delicious lunch!」

Welp, whatever.

I couldn’t help but felt like I was out of tune, but as soon as I realized I looked forward to the tomorrow lunch, I sighed toward myself. The stormy and calm atmosphere sure keeps revolving around.

However, what kind of harassment will Fellrose do after knowing this?

While holding new feelings of enjoyment and worry in my heart, I kept Amaletta with her appreciation time company.

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