Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 38

Goddess-sama, Trying to Cheer Up

The next morning.

Just like usual, I received my suit from Amaletta and put it on, and then she fixed my tie and handed me my briefcase. But, unlike the other times where I would depart after that, it didn’t end there, today, I received another paper bag.

「This is the first time I make you a lunch, so I tried to put a little of my feeling inside it, see! So you will at least stay motivated until noon!」

The contents of the paper bag I received from Amaletta who proudly said so was a stainless steel thermos and a lunchbox wrapped inside a deep blue drawstring pouch. Apparently, it was freshly made……. Wait a minute, I’m not an elementary schooler before an excursion, I’m not going to be excited over a lunch, definitely not.

「Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.」

But, I just obediently giving my gratitude with a smile. How’s that? The cocky face of Amaletta turned red before my eyes. As I thought, teasing this girl is really fun.

「D-Don’t leave any leftovers alright! I-It’s hard to wash if there are any leftovers after all…… You understand right?!」

「Yes, yes, I know.」

「D-Do you really understand? If you bring the lunchbox back home with spoiled meals, I will have you wash it yourself!」

「Yeah, sure.」

While treating the energetic Amaletta in the palm of my hand since morning, my sixth sense reacted as I put my hand on the door know while I wore my leather shoes. Today…… it’s a direct attack!

As soon as I twisted the doorknob, I kicked the door open. About 10 blackboard erasers full of white powder fell in front of the entrance. It was plain, but troublesome harassment if it hit.

But that was close. If I went out like usual, Amaletta’s lunch and I would have been chalked.

After confirming the contents of the paper bag was safe, I stroke my chest in relief……. I-It’s an important lunch after all! I have to punish the yuri goddess that was about to waste food.

「…Alright, I’m off!」

「Ahh, be careful on your way.」

I put on airs as I bid farewell to Amaletta, I heard she sent me off while I kicked the erasers rolling in front of the entrance, and then I hurriedly went to work. Shit. Somehow, I’m actually getting excited about lunch now.

After evading the yuri goddess’s trap and arrived at the company safely, I worked, being a company slave as usual, and eventually, the only break time in the company, lunchtime, came.

As soon as the chime rang, I saw my colleagues went to the smoking area with cigarettes in hand or went to the set meal shop nearby in hurry, while I took out the paper bag from under the desk. Now then, let’s see how much lunch I get in exchange for giving our house’s freeloader pocket money.

As I was pulling the lunchbox while being giddy like I wasn’t myself, Andou Toranosuke whose desk neighbor mine, at the same time also took out riceballs from convenience store bag and sent me a curious stare.

「What is it, Andy? Do you have a hobby of intently staring at another man?」

「Don’t say something that disgusting. Also, stop with Andy.」

Andou, a person so mediocre you could find dozens of persons like him in this world just like me, pointed at my lunchbox while frowning at my joke.

「Nevermind that, what’s with that? The Convenience Store’s Lunch Meister, Tanaka-kun, suddenly starts cooking for himself, isn’t it normal for me to be surprised with that?」

What’s that title? If that’s the case, then you too are Convenience Store’s Lunch Meister.

But certainly, I have only eaten convenience store’s lunches since joining the company. And so, you’re being curious why I suddenly bringing my own lunchbox, huh? Let’s give him a made-up answer.

「…The result of my physical examination is kinda bad. The occupational physician told me to improve my eating habits.」

「Uwah, seriously? Is that also why it’s been hard to hang out with you lately? Even though you’re still young… My condolences.」

Certainly, after Amaletta came, I was so uneasy I would refuse this guy’s invitation. As I was feeling a bit guilty knowing that Andou was seriously sending a look of pity over my lie, I opened my lunchbox, and then, I was dumbstruck.

「…Huh? What? What is this?」

As I was dumbstruck while holding the lid, next to me, Andou raised his trembling voice with a horrifying look. No, I understand your feeling. This went into an entirely different vector.

The lunchbox prepared by Amaletta…… There was no denying it, it was charaben. It was a pretty high-quality one too on top of that.

The upper part of the two-tiered lunchbox was side dishes. The salmon fillet which also served in our breakfast and the vegetables like mini tomato and broccoli was still fine. The problem was the hamburg steak and the fried egg laid on top of the lettuce, they were cut diagonally and placed in heart shape. You might think how cute it is, but no, that’s not the problem.

Also, the lower tier that was filled with staple food was the bigger problem. Inside was food arranged in the shape of my favorite 『Ebisu Beer』 can. The golden can was represented by the egg rice while the character illustration of 『Ebisu』 the god of fortune was carefully drawn using thinly baked white of egg. The bream the god of fortune held was probably a cut red wiener. What a skill.

But, this is bad. No, obviously not the taste, alright? The situation is bad.

When I turned my eyes to Andou with a movement akin to an unoiled machine, I saw his shoulder trembling, he sent me a gaze as if he saw a UMA.

「Y-Y-You! No matter how you look at it, isn’t that a love-filled lunchbox a husband would get from his wife?! Moreover, it’s charaben! Charaben!」

Shut up! Stop repeatedly saying charaben charaben!

This is really bad. If I don’t deceive him somehow, if false rumor started inside the company, it will lead to a situation I can’t bear looking at. After determining so, I decided to cover myself with the mud considering Amaletta’s mental state earlier.

「N-No, look, you’re wrong. I became absorbed once I start making it. I haven’t been able to drink expensive draft beer recently, so I decided to make a premium charaben. How about it? Not bad, right?」

I have to make this guy think it’s my own doing somehow.

Andou, who seemed to not listen to my excuse, was looking at myself from the top to bottom like he was scanning something.

「I thought it’s weird lately. You come to the office with a strangely tired face, but your appearance looks really neat, moreover, you canceled all of the drinking invitation in our day off, after that peculiarity, you came back to work with a tired face…… Finally, you come to work with a lunchbox filled with love to the brim. No, you can’t deceive me any more.」

What should I do, Andy’s weird switch turned on. Somehow, the atmosphere he exudes resembles the one that yuri goddess exudes.

Having arbitrarily made his own conclusion, Andou with his weird suspicion and covered in an aura of jealousy all over his body, took out his smartphone with a tear in the corner of his eyes about to spill.

「Bastard, you’ve done this and that to a woman, huh! This fucker hustling every night! Go explode, you!」

And then he took a photo of the charaben Amaletta made and spread it to his colleagues.

After that, my colleagues alternatingly made fun of me until the end of work hour, needless to say, I felt like exploding without being told so.

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3 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 38

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    The problem was the hamburg steak and the fried egg laid on top of the lettuce, they were cut diagonally and placed in heart shape. <- pretty sure that "fried egg" is a sweet omelette roll, which japanese call literally "egg fry" (go watch the opening of "Kaguya wants to be confessed to" S2 to see what does that look like). A fried egg is called "medamayaki" (which translates to the creepy "eyeball fry").


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