Re-Summoned Hero Episode 121

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Going by the horses.
Farewell to the horses not long after.
Man in luxurious armor VS Dina.

Dina looked back at Souta and then nodded. Then she turned to face the man in luxurious armor and unsheathed Undine. The man also unsheathed his greatsword and set it up against Dina.
The guard seemed to take the neutral side, he moved to the center to act as a referee.
「I heard that this is a spar to measure the ability of Antgar’s companion. So obviously, killing each other is prohibited. If any of you end up killing the other, please be prepared to be imprisoned with no objection allowed.」
Dina and the knight nodded with a serious expression.

「There is no restriction on equipment used, please use whatever you have prepared. Also, there is no one who can use high-level healing magic here, so please use your own recovery item for serious injuries. The winner is decided either by my judgment, when one of the fighters surrender, or when one of the fighters fainted. Any question?」
After explaining that, the referee looked at their face for confirmation in turn.
「If no one has any question, we will start the fight soon. Are both of you ready?」
The two who have been prepared already nodded without turning away from each other.

「Then…… Fight!」
With the shout of the referee as a signal, Dina flowed her magic power through Undine. Furthermore, she summoned a water spirit. The knight couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw what happened.
「Using spirit magic on top of being a magic sword user?」
The knight shouted that out loud, Antgar and the surrounding knights were also surprised with their mouth hanging open.

「Here I go.」
The spirit and Dina floated water bullet one after another, and then together with the water bullet, Dina launched herself toward the knight. Upon seeing Dina holding Undine, the knight expected this would develop into a sword fight, and so his response to the magic was delayed. The water bullets landed on the knight’s armor one after another, the armor had magic resistance but he was pushed backward by the water pressure.
Dina swung Undine at the man’s knee.

The knight managed to somehow stop Undine, but in doing so, he put himself into an awkward posture. The moment the knight tried to push back, Dina stopped putting power in her sword, making the knight swung his greatsword into the air.
Dina quickly turned sideway and then thrust Undine to the knight’s neck. Even still, the man somehow managed to struggle, but then, Dina pronounced what could be called his death sentence.
「It’s fine if you still want to resist, but the moment you move, the spirit-san behind you will send its magic at you.」
The knight released his hand from the greatsword he was about to raise overhead and then he raised both hands.
「Welp, this is beyond my ability. I will recognize you as Antgar’s companion.」
「Well then…… Errr, my apologies, but I don’t think I’ve heard your name.」
The referee tried to announce the name of the winner but then realized that he didn’t know Dina’s name.

「I’m Dinarius.」
Dina replied to the referee while bowing.
「Thank you. Well then, the winner is Dinarius-san!」
After the winner announced, the only sound resounded in the square was Souta’s clapping. Dina looked at Souta, smiled, and then bowed at the knight and the referee. As for the other people around, they still looked flabbergasted, some even still had their mouth hanging open.

「Nice job there. Utilizing the spirit help expanding the range of the strategy you can use, it also leads to the increase of Undine’s ability.」
Souta said so and reached out for Dina’s head who had come close to him. Feeling good from being petted on the head, Dina squinted.
「D-Dina-san! You’re really amazing.」
Antgar, having recovered from his surprise, called out to Dina.
「I want to make a name for myself after all. Also, if I can’t do this much, then I won’t be able to accompany Souta-san.」
Dina said so proudly.

「No, no, I never thought the fight would be finished in such a short time.」
The knight came up to Souta and the others.
「I was trying to finish the fight before you’re able to show your ability, I don’t know what would happen if you were seriously coming at me from the start.」
「A humble one on top of that. Even if I was serious, the result wouldn’t change, only the duration of our fight would become longer. That was a good experience. When I was ordered to test your skill, I thought that it was such a pain, but the world is big after all hahahaha.」
The knight laughed excitedly. There was no regret for losing on his face, on the contrary, he looked delighted that he learned something new.

「Speaking of which, I heard a general or highly-skilled knight would come, but which one are you?」
「Oh, I guess I haven’t introduced myself too. My name is Brias, currently the general of this country, but maybe it’s about time for me to retire?」
In response to Souta’s question, Brias returned a question that was unknown whether it was said in jest or not.
「N-No way, you can still be in active duty!」
Dina who felt responsible for him making that question, hurriedly tried to stop him.
「Hahaha, what a frank girl. It’s a joke, my successor is still growing up, my retirement is still a while away.」
Hearing his answer, Dina stroke her chest in relief.

「General Brias, I’ll be allowing their entry to the mountain, is this alright?」
The guard acting as a referee before seeking confirmation from the general.
「Ahh, sure. No way I say no after being defeated one-sidedly like that. I will also tell the king. On a side note, don’t you think it’s a good time for you to come back to the castle, sir?」
Brias giving his permission and then turned to ask the guard a question.
「It’s not very interesting to be in the castle, staying here let me come across something unexpected like what happened today.」
「But sir, leaving you in a place like this is a waste of talent.」

The guard let out a wry smile toward Brias’ words.
「And because of that, I could assign a general like you perform a task like this. But, let’s see…… I think it’s alright as long as I can find someone to take over my job here. It’s almost three years since I’ve been working here, so it might be the right time.」
Although they have been granted permission, as Brias and the guard started talking among themselves, the three of them decided to wait until they’re finished.

「I’m sorry. The general’s permission has been given, so you can go through. Please be careful.」
Noticing he made them waiting, the guard bowed his head and then pointed to the way to the mine.
「Ahhh, let’s go. Well then.」
Souta went to the mine first. After bowing toward the general and the others, Dina and Antgar chased after Souta.

New chapter, finally

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