Re-Summoned Hero Episode 131

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Weapon maintenance
The general who apologizes obediently
The two knights defeated in an instant

「I want to ask you one question, why the talk went to the direction of fighting me?」
Souta simply wondered about that and asked the still pale general.
「No, that’s, because you said to win against you if I want you to talk…」
The general replied with a tapering voice.
「Hmmm, if it’s about what happened in the cave, I already told most of it to that guard, so all you need to do is ask him…… there is no need to be concerned with fighting.」
Hearing that, the general swung his head powerfully toward the guard.

「I already tried to say that. It was the general who didn’t listen.」
The guard looked back at the general with a reproachful look.
「Ahh, come to think of it, you did try to say something…… If you know that, you should’ve tried to stop me harder!」
The general played innocent and blamed the guard.
「Hahhh~ fine. I’m the one at fault. I should’ve tried harder to stop you. I’m sorry. Is this alright?」
Exasperated by the general, the guard returned a halfhearted apology.
「No, if you said like that, it was my bad too…」

Watching the interaction between the two, Souta and Dina were wondering about their relationship. It was unusual for a mere guard and the country’s general to be frank with each other like this.
「Umm, are you two originally acquaintances or something?」
After exchanging looks with Souta, Dina nodded and asked the guard and the general.
「Hmm? Ahh, if you don’t know, then you might wonder. This person is now a checkpoint guard, but he originally worked in the royal castle. I was expecting this person to eventually take the position of general, but he himself made a transfer request. Moreover, it was smoothly approved. This person must have pulled the string in advance.」
The general folded his arms while scowling at the guard.

「Well, I wanted to broaden my experience. If I never left the castle, I would end up having an entrenched mindset. I was able to learn various new things, see new things, and meet new people by going out to the outside world.」
Contrary to the general, the guard’s expression was bright.
「I see, so that’s why you can speak frankly to a general like that, huh? I knew you’re not just a guard, but to think you’re a candidate for general.」
「Stop that, I’m just a checkpoint’s guard. That’s fine for now.」
The guard waved both hands at Souta and denied being a candidate for general.

「Well, that’s fine too. Continuing the previous talk, I already told the guard the information you want to hear. If you want to know, just ask him. We will go back into the hut.」
Souta and Dina returned to the hut where Antgar was sleeping. Behind them, the general was about to say something, but judging from Souta’s words and behavior so far, he decided that asking the guard was all he needed, the target of his words was changed to the guard.

When they opened the door and entered the hut, Antgar had opened his eyes and raised his body.
「Oh, did you finally wake up?」
「Good morning, Antgar-san.」
Antgar was still a bit out of it when the two greeted him, but when he turned his head and saw Souta and Dina, he widened his eye and became fully awake.
「Where is this? Why am I… what happened to the ore?」
With a confused mind, Antgar asked them the question.

「Calm down. This is the resting hut at the checkpoint. I told the guard about our situation and he lends us one. After you finished mining, you collapsed like a puppet whose string being cut.」
Antgar seemed to have a faint recollection of what happened before he collapsed, he nodded along with the story.
「I carried the ore and divided it between mine and Dina’s magic bag. It was a lot because we took almost everything in that area, but we haven’t said anything. It would be a problem if they use their authority and the country confiscated the ores, you too, Antgar, please don’t say anything.」

「Okay. But monopolizing that much of it could lead to a leak somewhere…… No, we will be fine if keep it in your bag and only take out a small amount, huh. In the unlikely event that they want to confiscate it, it won’t be a problem to let out just a small amount.」
Souta’s lip curved upward and nodded to Antgar’s words.
「So you also realize, huh. That’s why I distributed the ores inside Dina’s bag too. Dina’s bag has less capacity, so if they told us to take the ores out, I was thinking to just took out everything there.」
「That’s right. Also, there are a decent amount of ores inside, so I think they will be satisfied with just that.」
Dina stroke her magic bag while thinking about the ores she had inside it.

「So, how about you, Antgar? How is your body?」
When Souta asked, Antgar began to move his neck and arms.
「My body feels fine, let me try standing next.」
He got up from the bed and able to stand still without wobbling. And then, just to make sure, he started to walk around in the room.
「Hmu, it seems everything is alright. I’m still a little sleepy, but there is no problem.」
Antgar said so with a smile. His steps were light as he said, and no problem could be seen.

「Well then, should we immediately return to the city? We should be able to arrive today even if we take a break on the way.」
「I don’t mind.」
「Me too.」
After hearing the answer from the two, Souta looked around the room to make sure nothing got left behind, and then he went out of the hut. There, the guard and the general continued to talk. The two knights that got defeated by Souta were moved to the shade of another building separated from the resting hut. Both of them seemed to have regained their consciousness.

「Mmm, oh, Antgar-dono, you have awoken? You look healthy.」
Because he was a descendant of the hero, the general called Antgar with an honorific.
「Ahh, yeah, thank you? (This person is still around?)」
「Hmm? Did you say something?」
Antgar’s said the last part with volume that should only reach the nearby Souta and Dina, but it seemed to also reach the general.
「No, no, I didn’t say anything, sir.」
There was a thin layer of sweat on Antgar’s forehead as he answered the general with an awkward smile and politeness unusual for him.

「We will return to the city soon. Antgar has already awoken after all, thank you for taking care of us.」
Souta offered his hand for a handshake to the guard.
「No, no, I didn’t do anything, but I’m glad that you feel that way.」
The guard took his hand and smiled. The general looked at the exchange with a sullen look, but looking back at what he did, he couldn’t say anything.

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5 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 131

  1. I can hear the General thinking now… “I want him to shake my hand too, but considering he refrained from beating me to a pulp for my horrendous misdeeds against him and his friends… Lets just be quiet.”

    Thanks for the chapters!


  2. Good chapter. I think there are some spelling mistakes. It was a lot because we took almost everything in that area, but we haven’t say anything. Shouldn’t it be It was a lot because we took almost everything in that area, but we haven’t said anything.


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