Re-Summoned Hero Episode 132

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

What is the relationship between the two?
The guard is actually a former elite
Well then, let’s go back

「But that guard sure is good at his job. I didn’t expect him to prepare this for us.」
Souta talked to the two while on the horseback.
「Right, he used to be a candidate for general too. He’s so decorous.」
Dina, who also agreed with Souta’s opinion, nodded.
「I’m not sure about that as I only talked briefly with him, but for the time being, it’s thanks to him we can go back with horses too.」

As they were leaving the checkpoint, the guard prepared horses for them. This wasn’t possible normally. However, the guard sensed the potential of Souta and the others, and because the hero’s grandson was with them, he decided to take an unusual approach.
Of course, the other party didn’t tell this to Souta and the others, he only said they should use the horses because it would be harsh otherwise.

「I want to immediately start to create the new weapon once we go back, is that fine?」
「Ah, the katana was broken in that battle in the cave, wasn’t it? Let’s start immediately once we get back then.」
Antgar understood Souta’s desire for a new weapon, after replying, he started to think about his next step while mumbling to himself.
「I hope you can make a weapon that will replace Izayoi, no, to go even beyond it!」
「Yeah, I will…」
Souta answered Dina with a strong determination. Seeing his face, Dina naturally smiled.
「Fufu~ You used to make this kind of face when you create all kinds of things back then too.」
「I-Is that so?」
Souta who didn’t understand what kind of face he was making that Dina was talking about, asked that to her while touching his face. The sight might look funny, as Dina couldn’t stop giggling.

Antgar’s Workshop

After informing about their situation at the entrance to the city and returned the horses, they went straight back to the workshop. As soon as Antgar returned, he began to check his tool and preparing the metal and other materials needed to make the weapon. Furthermore, because Dragon Iron would be the main metal this time, he also preparing for the work needed to extract the metal from the ore.
Souta took out the ore and placed it in the workspace in the workshop according to Antgar’s instruction. Dina began to prepare meals so that the other two could take a break at any time.

「Ah, that’s it. I’m only going to extract the metal today, so you can go ahead and take a rest. I can do this much by myself.」
「Is it alright? You have collapsed twice today, I can help you with simple things.」
Antgar shook his head at Souta’s suggestion.
「This is my workshop, and I’m responsible for it. I’ll ask for your help from tomorrow onwards.」
「…If you say so, then, alright. Just call me if you need anything.」
Antgar who was putting on his craftsman’s face had taken a firm stance, so Souta decided to back down. Antgar believed he was partly responsible for the destruction of Izayoi, he also heard that he had collapsed after mining, it was a matter of pride to at least do this work alone.

When Souta returned to the dining room, Dina had finished preparing the dinner and was bringing in the food.
「Ahh, are your work done, Souta-san?」
Dina noticed Souta and stopped her hands.
「It seems that today’s work is over after removing the metal from ore. Apparently, he doesn’t need my help.」
Souta sat down, shrugging.
「In that case, let’s have dinner before the work gets into full swing. It will be hard to eat once it starts.」
Dina headed to the workshop to call Antgar.

After a while, Dina came back alone with a troubled smile.
「Antgar-san, he said he will come soon, so we should start eating first.」
「I see…… Well, we can call him again if it’s too late. Let’s eat first as he said.」
Because of various things that had happened, Souta was hungry, so he didn’t want to wait for Antgar any longer.
「Yes, I’ll bring you the soup.」
Dina brought two bowls of soup from the kitchen. The preparation for dinner finished as she put the bowl in front of Souta and her.

「Well then, itadakimasu.」
「Yes, itadakimasu.」
The two started their dinner first. Dina’s dishes for today was salad, bread, soup, and boar cutlet. She made her own sauce for the cutlet which went very well with it. When Souta took a bite, the batter made a crunchy sound and the juices overflowed from inside. The meat juices and the sauce intertwined with each other and gave it an extra dimension of flavor.
「This is so good! This might be the best cutlet I’ve ever had!」
「Thank you, this might sound like bragging, but this taste better than I expected.」
Dina tried to keep calm, but Souta’s compliment still made her cheek redden a bit and joy appeared on her face.
Next, Souta tried the salad, it also had original dressing on it which complemented the taste of the vegetables. The salad was also sprinkled with croutons, making it an enjoyable dish in terms of texture.

Since his first remark about how good the food was, Dina was looking at Souta, who was working on the food one after another silently, with a happy smile. Antgar turned up while Souta was filling his stomach with the food one after another.
「Oh, that looks good. Sorry, I’m late. Now the preparation is all done, all I have to do is to start working. We probably can start making weapon tomorrow.」
After saying that, Antgar sat down and started eating. Dina headed to the kitchen and returned with his soup.
「Ohh, thank you…….Delish!!」
Like his appearance suggested, he ate heartily. He ate even faster than Souta, Dina hurriedly refilled the empty bread basket with more bread.

「Phew, that was delicious. When I’m on my own, I only eat random food, so it’s nice to have someone cook me a meal! Thank you!」
Antgar thanked Dina while rubbing his swollen belly.
「It’s fina, Antgar-san has a mission to make Souta-san’s weapon after all, so I want you to eat well and work hard!」
「Leave it to me! If it’s us, we will be able to make a good katana. Well then, it’s about time to finish up the meta extraction, I guess? Thank you for the meal!」
Antgar fired himself up and then went back to the workshop.

「The food you make is so delicious, Dina, it roused people up.」
「I’m glad it helped. Then I’ll tidy up.」
After saying that, Dina took the empty plate to the sink, Souta saw her off while still sitting in his seat. As soon as her face out of sight from Souta, she broke into a smile.

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