Re-Summoned Hero Episode 133

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Return with horses, prepared by the talented guard!
Preparing various things
Dina’s cooking is delicious!

Souta went to see Antgar who kept working in his workshop, but Antgar was concentrating so hard he didn’t seem to notice Souta. Souta wanted to call him but decided he should just go back to the living room because he was afraid he would interrupt Antgar who looked to be in the zone.
「Hmm? Souta-san, didn’t you go to the workshop?」
「That was the plan, but…… Antgar is more serious than I thought, so I come back quietly so as to not interrupt him.」
Souta smiled wryly. Looking at Antgar earlier reminded Souta, back then, there was a time when he was yelled at by Raugo when he was working seriously.

「Ah, that’s the correct answer. If you bother a craftsman… something scary will happen to you.」
What Dina said was also based on her personal experience. A thousand years ago, Dina, happy that Souta came back to the elven country, interrupted him while he was working and get scolded by Souta and the others. Remembering this, Dina stared reproachingly at Souta.
「Hmm? What’s wrong?」
Souta remembered that he was angry, but he didn’t remember the other person was Dina.
「No, it’s nothing, really.」
「I see.」
Her reaction hinted there was something more to it, but Souta didn’t pursue it because he felt like he might step on the tiger’s tail.

「All right then, how about we call it a day? Let’s go back to the inn, the preparation should be ready by tomorrow.」
「I agree.」
After agreeing to Souta’s proposal, they quietly left the workshop and returned to the inn so as to not disturbing Antgar. They left a message to Antgar on the table just in case.

Before noon the next day

As the two entered Antgar’s workshop, they heard a loud snore coming from the workshop. In there was the figure of Antgar sleeping with his head stuck in a pile of metal while snoring loudly.
The sound was as if something was roaring from the depths of the earth, it startled the birds from the surrounding area and making them fly away.
Souta called him, but he just kept snoring.
「Goooooo, n-ga, guoooooo~」
「Oi, wake up!」
He tried shaking Antgar’s body roughly, but there was no sign of him waking up at all. As his body was shaken, the metal pile also shook and rattled. The metal seemed to bite into his face but he seemed to be in too deep of slumber that he didn’t feel any pain at all.

「Get up!」
Souta shouted right at his ears while releasing a little bit of intimidation at him.
「Wawawawa wha, what!? What happened!?」
Antgar, who felt the intimidation, jumped up in a panic and ran around the workshop in confusion.
「Hey, calm down!」
When he came closer, Souta grabbed him by the shoulders to stop him.

「Eh, huh? O, ohhh it’s you. There was a really loud voice before!」
Antgar was still in the midst of confusion and did not seem to calm down even when he saw Souta’s face.
「I said, calm down. That was my voice, I just shouted to wake you up.」
He put aside the fact that he was in the wrong and urged Antgar to calm down.

「A, Ahhh, that was your voice? No, I think it wasn’t just voice, there was something else……」
Antgar felt the intimidation from Souta, but didn’t know what it was.
「Maybe it’s just your imagination? More importantly, it seems the metal is ready?」
Souta confirmed while pointing at the mountain where Antgar had stuck his head in.
「Ou, I worked hard until late. For now, the preparation for dragon iron is complete, I also prepared some other metals.」
While saying that, he showed the metal in the box.

Inside was various ingots like mithril, iron, and copper.
「Hmm, I’ve got some metal on my side, so I’ll get that out too.」
Souta took out some metal from his magic bag. He put them on an empty space, Antgar’s eyes were widened in surprise from the variety of metal Souta took out.
「Th-This is」
Despite Antgar’s surprise, Souta kept taking out more metal.
「Phew, guess that’s all. Wonder if they will be useful.」
He took out far more metal than the amount of metal Antgar prepared.

「They’re more than just useful! You can’t even get these kinds of metal around here. If there are these…」
Antgar looked excited and took the metal in his hands.
「Are they really that good? I think most of the stuff I got was pretty normal.」
Due to the change in times, the reserves of these metals had decreased and were now becoming more difficult to obtain. Even if there were reserves, it would be controlled by the government.

「This is normal… Who are you really? is what I want to say, but I guess you’re the hero from a thousand years ago. I kinda believed you, but seeing this gives that more credence.」
What Souta had put out made his claim of being someone from a thousand years ago real enough.
「Rather than that, can you make my katana with these?」
「Of course! From everything you told me, the katana was made with multiple metals. One of them is going to be dragon iron, but we have the advantage of being able to choose from all these other metals.」
Obviously, depending on the combination, it might end up becoming something that wasn’t suitable to be made into a weapon, this was where Antgar’s experience could help in sifting through them to some extent. After that, it was trial and error to find which combination was the best.

「There are still more of that dragon iron ore, even if you try all the combinations, we will still have more to spare.」
The drowsiness from Antgar’s face had already disappeared. The fact that he was woken up by a loud voice also already faded from his mind.
「Alright, then let’s get started!」
Maybe affected by Antgar, but Souta was feeling uplifted too and more enthusiastic than usual.

Dina was looking at them with a smile from the distance, but she decided to go to the kitchen to fulfill her role.

I’m getting so rusty it seems that I got a hard time translating this, also I keep mistyping, I already double check it and grammarly gives me no spelling error, but just in case, please tell me via comment if you find one

as for the next chapter, I will try doing about 3 more chapters before the end of this month, and 3 more chapter of banished healer too

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