Re-Summoned Hero Episode 134

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Scared to disturb a craftsman
Metal and head
Preparing rare metal

「So, where should we start?」
Souta, in his easy-to-move getup, was also putting his craftsman’s face
「Let’s see, first of all, let’s select the metals that would match the dragon iron. I said that we can try all combinations, but if we don’t narrow it down, it will just unnecessarily adding time and effort.」
After saying that, Antgar divided the metal into two boxes.
「Let’s start with something that clearly isn’t compatible with dragon iron.」
Antgar moved his hand without hesitation and sort the metal one after another.

「Wow, it would take me much more time to do that because I would ponder about every one of them.」
Souta entrusted the work to Antgar and was honestly impressed at him while looking at him working from behind.
「Well, I’ve been dealing with so many different metals now.」
Young Antgar was a dreamer who worked at the forge from sunup to sundown.
「You know what, if you can make this katana then you have surpassed Raugo. I have created many weapons together with him, isn’t it more credible if that comes from me instead of anyone else?」
With his hand on Antgar shoulder, Souta smiled while saying that.

Antgar felt his body trembled from within to the words Souta just said casually. Until now, Antgar had only been seen through the filter that was his ancestor who was a hero, but Souta regarded them as an individual, Raugo as Raugo, and Antgar as Antgar. Because he had met both of them, his words carried weight.
「What’s wrong?」
Souta looked at Antgar who stopped his hands curiously.
「N-No, it’s nothing, I’m fine.」
His inner turmoil was evident in his words, but he tried to cover it by continuing his works. Tears wet his eyes, but he didn’t even notice that until they were spilled.

「I’ve researched how to make Katana when I returned to my original world, so I will tell you how. I don’t think it can be done in the same way because the properties of the metal may be different though.」
「Ohh, of course, I will use that as a reference, in fact, that should be something I requested from you. I’m probably the only one who will hear about this technology from another world, I’m really excited.」
Antgar managed to calm his momentary excitement and wiped his tears so Souta wouldn’t notice.

Even while this and that happened, the metal sorting was finished. Most of the metals were classified as unusable when they sorted them, there were only five that seemed to be compatible with dragon iron
「It feels lonely that there is only this much left…… Oh well, guess this will help our work if there are not that many of them.」
「Right, but these have been carefully selected. These guys should be powerful enough to withstand being combined with dragon iron.」
The metals that remained were mostly those with high magical conductivity or high rarity as metals.

「Well then, how about we start with how to make Katana….. Let’s first have lunch. You might not notice because you have been sleeping all this time, but it’s already noon.」
After Souta said that, Antgar noticed that he was hungry.
「That’s true, I-I’m hungry…」
Antgar’s strength drained from his body.
「Oioi, don’t collapse here, okay? Dina should be making lunch, so let’s head to the dining room.」
Souta started moving while holding onto the weakened Antgar’s flank.
「S-Sorry. I somehow lost my strength.」
Antgar tried to stand on his own feet, but his knees gave out and he needed Souta holding onto him.

When they entered the dining room, Dina was running back and forth to the kitchen and the meal was almost ready.
「Ah, are you alright, Antgar-san?」
Dina hurriedly called out to Antgar who was a little pale and being held by Souta.
「Ah, hmm, no, I just…」
「You just?」
Dina repeated his words while tilting her head.
「I am hungry.」
After saying that, he sat down in his seat with a thud.

「Wawawawa, I-I will get it ready soon!」
Dina hurriedly arranged the rest of the dishes. Souta took out a drink from his magic bag then poured it into the cup that he also took out.
「Drink this for the time being.」
It was a nutritional refreshing drink with a pleasant and slightly sour taste that also had the effect of recovering physical strength.
「This is good. Somehow my body is getting stronger, even though I’m still hungry …」
「This is also something that was made back then, I was wondering if you being weakened is not only caused by hunger, but also physical fatigue. I thought it would be better if we can fix that, and it turned out as I expected.」
Complete recovery, was obviously not what happened to him, but his fatigue was much lessened and he was more energetic than before.

「Now, let’s get rid of your hunger with my food!」
By the time he finished the drink, the lunch was prepared.
「Oh, it looks good today too.」
「Dina’s skills are first-rate.」
Because Souta was also hungry, he had already started eating even before saying the usual greeting.

「Souta-san, please say itadakimasu first before eating.」
Dina puffed out her cheeks a little and warned Sota.
「My bad, my bad. I was hungry, and I couldn’t help it when I notice all the delicious-looking food. Let’s start over then, itadakimasu.」
「Maybe it’s kinda late for me to ask this, but that itadakimasu, what is that?」
Antgar asked the thing he had already been curious about since yesterday’s meal.
「Ah, it’s nothing big, in my birthplace, it’s normal for people to say that greeting before eating. I taught it to Dina and she adopted it.」
「Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ll use it too. Itadakimasu.」

Imitating Souta, Antgar also said the prayer before putting his hands on the food.
「Fufu, I will do it too. Itadakimasu.」
Dina also started eating, smiling as she watched Antgar.

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