Re-Summoned Hero Episode 137

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Maybe that’s the cause?
Neighbors gather

The neighbors of Antgar’s workshop who were grateful at Souta and Dina the day before were working hard at their respective workshops. Inspired by the sound from Antgar’s workshop yesterday, they were working harder than usual.
Unaware of that, the person in question was sleeping with his head stuck in the pile of metal like yesterday and was awakened by Souta also just like yesterday.

「My bad, my bad, I got too absorbed in my work. Oh yeah, thank you for the dinner.」
Antgar spent his time thinking for a while after that, but the moment his belly started growling, he immediately came to himself and started eating the dinner made by Dina.
「No, I could only prepare simple ones.」
In fact, Dina had made it in a hurry with only what she had available, so she was not being modest, but telling the truth.
「No, no, if it’s only me, then I would just collapse without eating anything. If so, I wouldn’t be able to work. So, thank you.」
Antgar nodding while saying that and then thanked Dina once more time.

「Well, just accept his gratitude obediently, Dina. Leaving that aside, shall we begin our work today? There is no need to sort anything today, so we can start right away……」
Souta looked at the two of them while saying so. Antgar had just woken up and he still looked drowsy.
「Let’s have a meal first. Can I leave it to you, Dina? Antgar, you wash your face.」
Dina and Antgar nodded and went to the kitchen and the watering hole respectively.

Souta picked up the dragon iron Antgar had prepared and appraised it.
「He’s doing a good job with this…… This is a high-quality metal.」
The surface of the dragon iron had a smoother surface than yesterday, it was visible in a glance that it was of high purity.
「If this……」
Souta felt confidence in what Antogar had created.

While Souta was looking at the metal, Antgar came back.
「How about it? I tried changing the refining method a little. I think this will minimize the influence from other metals and bring out the best of the dragon iron.」
At first, Antgar was confident with what he had created, but he was anxious whether or not it would meet Souta’s expectations.
「Ahh, this is one of the highest purity levels I’ve ever seen. This might work.」
When Antgar heard him, he naturally smiled.

「Isn’t it? This was extracted using the process my father taught me a long time ago…」
「I see, that would make it easier to extract the impurities….」
The two began to passionately talk about the refining method. It lasted for dozens of minutes and still going until Dina called them.

「Souta-san, Antgar-san, the lunch is ready…… rather, it’s going to get cold, you can continue talking later!」
「Ugh, I understand.」
「…Your wife is scary, man.」
Their technical discussion was interrupted by Dina’s angry face. Dina turned her back against them and head to the dining room ahead of Souta and Antgar, there was a big smile on her face. Despite the misunderstanding, she wasn’t opposed to being called Souta’s wife.

「Then, let’s eat after everyone is seated. Okay, ready,」
Dina took the lead and the meal started. For today’s lunch, Dina made hamburger steak. It had been seasoned even before processing, so just grilling it was enough to make it a complete dish. In addition, there was Dina’s special sauce slathered on top, which enhanced the original flavor of the meat. It was garnished with mashed potatoes and vegetable chips, which was thin slices of vegetables baked until it was crispy.

Antgar was impressed by the taste of the hamburger and devoured it with gusto.
「Delicious indeed…」
Souta was also impressed, but it wasn’t because of the taste of the hamburger, instead, it was because of the rice that was served together with it. He had searched for something similar a thousand years ago, but he only found a small amount and it was produced only in a limited number of places. It was only eaten in that settlement, Souta had tried to negotiate with them to give it to him, but they refused.

Souta took a mouthful in disbelief, but it was indeed rice. Compared to the branded rice in Japan, the taste couldn’t compete, but he couldn’t hide his surprise over something he didn’t think would show up on his dining table again.
「Dina, this is?」
Dina nodded enthusiastically as she waited for Souta’s question.
「That’s right, it’s the rice that Souta-san used to tell me! I didn’t know they were so widely distributed either, but they’re commonly sold in the grocery stores around here!」
Souta used to tell Dina about rice and that he wanted to eat it, so when she found it, she jumped up and down.

「What did you say!」
Souta stood up in surprise. Antgar watched the two in amazement.
「W-What’s the matter? This isn’t unusual, is it? You can go to any store in the area and they all sell this in great quantity.」
Antgar also said the same thing as Dina, but his words didn’t contain a surprise, it was said as if it was just a matter of course. Souta was shaken by the feeling behind his words.
「I see, this is normal…… I’m glad.」
His eyes brimmed with tears. In terms of time, the last time he ate rice was on Earth a couple of months ago, but even then, there was part of him that missed it. However, from his experience in the past, he had given up on eating rice again.

「Souta-san… I’m glad for you.」
There were tears in her eyes too, she also cried.
「What? The hell happened?」
There were multiple question marks above Antgar’s head, but he got no answer from the two who were deeply moved.

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