Re-Summoned Hero Episode 139

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Let’s buy a lot of rice
Let’s use the mysterious metal
Hot air and fatigue

「I don’t mind telling you, but…… I use some rare material you see, are you sure you still want to know?」
Souta stared keenly at Antgar, waiting for his answer.
「O-Ohh, l-let’s hear it then.」
Antgar said while putting a brave front despite his twitching lips.
Wondering what happened, Dina rushed in and watched the two who were wrapped in a disturbing atmosphere in trepidation.

「The main ingredient of this is the Iyashi tree leaves.」
Souta didn’t think this was a rare material, but from his exchange in the Elven country, he knew it was a valuable material for others.
「Iya-, inside this?」
Antgar was expecting the ingredients to be a tail of something or something gross like that. However, contrary to his expectation, the ingredient used was so rare that even the word 「Luxury」 couldn’t hope to cover that, it was like he didn’t even know what kind of voice he was making.

Souta gave a firm nod to the confused Antgar.
「Iyashi tree leaves ARE used in the energy drink you just drank all at once. Also, you hear it right, there are more than one leaf in each bottle.」
In too much of a surprise, Antgar’s eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the spot.
「Antgar-san! Geez, Souta-san! Please don’t surprise him like that.」
Dina tried to cast healing magic at the collapsed Antgar.

「Dina, it’s okay. Move over a bit.」
Souta approached Antgar and then cast water magic on Antgar’s face.
Surprised at Souta’s reckless act, Dina raised her voice.
「Ughh, hmm? Why are you guys so close? Wait, why am I wet…?」
Antgar woke up, but couldn’t grasp his current situation. He raised his fallen body and stood up, but he didn’t remember the earlier exchange and tilted his head.
「Well, isn’t it fine if you don’t remember? More importantly, it seems we’ve both worked up a sweat and our clothes are wet, so let’s get it cleaned up for once.」
Souta magically cleansed both of their body, furthermore, he applied drying magic on their clothes.

「Sorry it’s a bit sudden, but Dina, can you prepare meals for us? I managed to get rid of our fatigue with the usual drink, but we’re famished.」
Both Souta and Antgar held their complaining empty stomachs.
「Ah, yes. I have it ready already, so I’ll warm it up.」
Dina went to the kitchen in a trot. Souta and Antgar cleaned up the workshop as best as they could before they follow her. It took some time to clean up by the time they went to the dining room, the dinner was already ready.

「Thank you like always, Dina.」
Seeing the already prepared food, Souta said his gratitude toward Dina.
「No, no, it’s only natural!」
Dina waved her hands in a fluster and returned to the kitchen from Souta’s sudden words. The person who said that only tilted his neck as he sat down.
「Both of you are intimate, huh.」
Seeing how the two of them act, Antgar let out a soft grumble.

After that, Dina calmed down enough to eat dinner with the other two.
「We’re going to halt our work today and continue tomorrow morning, what do you think?」
It had been two days in the row they started working from before noon, but as the extraction of the dragon iron was already completed and he knew that the work would continue today, Souta thought it would be a better way to finish.
「Ahh, that’s fine. I’m thinking of going to sleep on the bed too tonight…」
Antgar was remorseful from sleeping with metals for two days in a row. While he got the amount of sleep he needed, physical fatigue and lack of sleep could affect quality.

「I was in a groove today, so it didn’t affect my work, but tomorrow I’m going to start out in a calm state. I will take proper rest.」
「That’s good, as expected, today is tiring for me too. When I’m done eating, let’s go back to the inn and sleep right away.」
Souta turned his shoulder around to loosen the stiffness in his shoulders. That gesture showed that he was still tired.
「I’ll massage you a little when we get back.」
「Oh, thanks, Dina.」
Seeing Souta’s reaction as he accepted Dina’s offer like it was a matter of course, Antgar shook his head.

After that, when they got back to the inn, Souta immediately received Dina’s massage. Her skill was excellent, Souta fell asleep immediately because of how comfortable it was. Satisfied with his sleeping face, Dina gave Souta a pat on the head and then went back to her room.

Early next morning

At Antgar’s workshop, they had already begun working. They got a good night’s sleep and were in perfect condition, their work was more intense than yesterday.
The sounds of hammer they swung down awaken the nearby workshop’s owners who hadn’t started their work yet. The sounds echoed farther than usual because there was not much activity around yet. Those awakened by it went out to see who was the idiot working so early in the morning. As a result, there were more people, far exceeding the crowd that gathered on the first day, gathering around Antgar’s workshop.

The awakening of the Antgar Workshop was spreading rapidly.

The two in the workshop didn’t know that was the case, they only kept swinging down their hammer. Even though it was early in the morning, the temperature in the room was already so high they were sweating like a waterfall.
They continued their work the entire morning without taking a break. The residents outside were excitedly listening to when the hammer would stop. It was because they could sense it on their skin that the thing that Antgar would create was something extraordinary just from the sound alone.
The sound stopped once it was about noon.

Cheers echoed.
However, it wasn’t the end, it was the signal for the beginning of the magic infusion process.

Souta and Antgar changed their hammer to the magical one and started to work again. The sound started to echo outside again. Hearing that, the residents let out another cheer.

Okay, I have 2 more unreleased chapter in patreon, will release them with some space with each other, I plan to finish chapter 142 tomorrow or the day after that, and then I will focus on finishing 3 or 4 chapters of banished healer before the end of the month, if I have time left (I doubt it, but who knows,) I will continue translating re-summoned hero, though I might slate it for next month release instead of right away (patreon still get it right away)

Okay, about the translation, that Iyashi tree is the leftover from way back when I was still stupid and naive, I’m honestly wondering if I should just translate it as healing tree, don’t think it matters whether I change it or not, but let me hear your opinion, I know translating murasaki-en in headless dullahan is a mistake, should’ve been just use purpleflame because it fits the narrative that the MC has bad naming sense, but this one should be fine either way, hence my indecisiveness

On a side note, I’m glad I didn’t translate itadakimasu in this title, because it makes translating Antgar’s line way back easier, I know how to get around that by now though, so it’s not really a problem anymore

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  1. Oh shit… i was reading too fast..

    But it was nice!
    Started reading a few days ago, and i know the trouble of translating and motivation…

    I am a bit sad, that it is so slow.. but hey.. i did not touch my own translation(fangame) for months, so i am not in a position to complain:D

    Your translation really got damn good! Dont give up!


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