Re-Summoned Hero Episode 140

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The ingredient is Iyashi tree leaves
Get up early tomorrow
And the road to completion begins

They already did the magic infusion procedure the day before yesterday and there was no problem with the procedure. However, Souta suspected the cause of the previous failure was in this work process. Of course the fact the metal wasn’t worth it was a major cause, but he couldn’t get the feeling that if he adjusted the magic power properly instead of blindly pouring everything, it wouldn’t have been such a failure, out of his head.

「Antgar, how should we do it this time? I went all out during this process the other day, but I think that was one of the causes of the failure…」
Antgar shook his head in response to Souta’s unusually weak opinion.
「That’s not the case, there was a fundamental problem with metal during that time. If it’s not at the level where it can accept your magic power, then there is no point in using that weapon, isn’t it? Of course, if you adjust the amount of magic power, we may be able to make a decent weapon, but that’s different from what you truly need.」
「That’s true, it’s exactly as you say, Antgar… I’m going all out this time too.」

Souta’s expression tightened at his words of encouragement, and Antgar’s face filled with enthusiasm when he saw it.
「Let’s go!」
Souta cheered in return to Antgar’s shout and they resumed their work.

Souta didn’t suppress his magic power, but he was conscious of making smooth changes in his magic power. Last time, it seemed there was some impurity when changing the attributes. There was, in fact, some impurity, but it was trivial, it was at the level that could be said measurement error. However, it was the accumulation of such trivial things that determined the quality of the sword. Judging that, Souta put magic power into it with a careful manipulation of magic power.
Antgar also felt the same, he was working with greater care than last time.

The process of infusing magic didn’t involve molding, but it took much longer than last time as they both were very careful. However, they continued without break.
The audience outside was on edge as they were listening to the sound. In there was a group of people who knew the rigors of doing so much work in a row. They knew that the owner of this sound was in a more difficult situation than they had ever experienced before. However, no one wanted to stop the work.
「Hang in there……」
It wasn’t loud at all, but it leaked from the mouth of one of the audience. The man who mumbled that put his hand on his mouth, but the others felt the same, they all nodded emphatically.

Their work progressed, they had finished putting in magic of each attribute and were moving to the final stage. Souta glanced at Antgar and gave a signal, Antgar nodded in response.
「This is the end!」
Souta’s swing and Antgar’s swing at the end made a pleasant metallic sound. This was the end of their work at this stage. Last time, Souta took a break, leaving the work from here to Antgar, but this time he stayed there to see it to the end.
「Here I go.」
Souta silently nodded to those words.

From here, each swing from Antgar shaped the blade. Souta felt frustrated that there was nothing he could do, but seeing the seriousness as a blacksmith from Antgar, he caught his breath and waited for him to finish.
Noticing the noise changed from two person’s to one person’s, Dina timidly looked into the workshop. The heat in the room remained the same, but she could see the seriousness and joy on their faces, so she knew that they were close to completion.
The casting process Antgar was doing used magic passed down by the Dwarves. It was derived from blacksmith skill, but for some reason, Souta couldn’t master it.
The katana took shape while Dina and Souta were watching. And then, the last swing made a loud noise, signaling the end of the work.

「It’s done…」
After finishing the work, the tension left Antgar’s body and he felt weak. The katana still didn’t have a handle and scabbard yet, but the beauty of the katana as he lifted it made him sigh.
「This is amazing…」
Dina and Souta were equally moved, and no more words came out.

The color of the blade was glossy black, reminiscent of the beautiful and lustrous black hair of Japanese women. The blade pattern was like a turbulent wave, it represented a large wave that was both beautiful and wild.
「So, this is a real katana…」
Dina stared at the katana, which had incomparable presence compared to Izayoi, then muttered that to no one in particular.
「Here, this is yours. Take it.」

As Souta received the katana from Antgar, he held it in front of him and carefully checked everything from the handle to the cutting edge. And then, as a test, he injected his magic, albeit just slightly.
「It’s good. The flow of magic is very smooth, and since it includes all the attributes, it has a high affinity with any of them.」
He moved a little away from Dina and Antgar and tried to swing it lightly. It felt like, despite it was the first time he swung it, there was a sense of unity like it was already part of Souta’s body.
And the swing was so sharp that it seemed as if it could have sliced through space as well.

「It’s amazing, I thought Izayoi was already a great weapon, but looking at this, I can see why Souta-san wasn’t satisfied.」
「Oh, that’s what I was thinking too. I did say I would make something better, but I thought just making something on the same level would be good enough, but this…… this is on a whole different level. I said the last failed one to be roughly priced at 10 gold coins, but there is no price for this. Even if a royal family want this, no matter how much gold they piled up, nobody would agree to it.」
「Well, in any case, this is a weapon for myself, I don’t know if I can make the same thing even if I have all the ingredients.」
Souta put the katana on the sword holder in Antgar’s workshop.

「Well then, next I have to make a scabbard, the handle, and the sword guard. I will handle this myself.」
Souta took out a material called firebird wood, first, he was going to make a scabbard. Firebird wood was a crystallized corpse of a high-ranking monster called Phoenix after it died. It was a hard material to obtain, Antgar eyes widened when he looked at it, but Souta didn’t notice and started working silently.

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