Re-Summoned Hero Episode 141

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Magic infusion
Final stretch

Souta took out his own tool, split the firebird wood into two, then shaved the middle to fit the katana. Antgar and Dina were so fascinated by the craftsmanship that they were unable to speak to each other.
「…For the time being, even if it’s just you, Antgar-san, let’s have a meal.」
「No, but that guy,」
「It’s fine, nothing will reach him when he concentrated like that. You’re also tired aren’t you, Antgar-san? Please go ahead and eat first.」
Antgar tried to stay with Souta as they had worked together until now, but Dina pushed his back.
「H-Hey, don’t push. Alright, I will eat first.」
Unable to resist the unexpectedly powerful Dina, he was pushed directly into the dining room.

Without noticing that he was left alone, Souta continued to scrape the scabbard. Although it was called Firebird Wood, it was harder than ordinary wood and difficult to shave with ordinary tools, but Souta’s tools were made to handle such material. Furthermore, he strengthened the tools with his magic power, the work progressed quickly without losing to the hardness of the firebird wood.
After shaving to some extent, he adjusted the hollow and the angle according to the katana. By repeating this process, the scabbard gradually takes shape.
「Looking good. Guess, next is using this to glue them together…」
For adhesion, he used a special adhesive that had increased viscosity and adhesive strength created by mixing sap with chemicals. He combined the two firebird woods and tied them tightly.
「Just need to wait until it dries for the time being.」
Now that he reached a stopping place for his work, Souta relaxed and looked around, only to realize that there was no one there.

「Huh? Did those two went out to get a meal?」
Realizing he was so focused he lose sight of his surrounding, he scratched his head and tried to stand up. Then, noticing the change of the sound in the workshop, Dina quickly came over.
「Are you taking a break, Souta-san? Antgar-san already eat ahead,」
As Dina expected, Souta’s work was over, so she invited him to take a break.
「Yeah, I’m famished. Can you get my portion ready soon?」
「Of course!」
Dina answered Souta’s question without hesitation. Finding that amusing, now relaxed, Souta was laughing.

「Haha- Alright, let’s have a meal!」
「Yes, I’ll have it prepared soon, please wash your hands then head to the table.」
Dina didn’t mind being laughed at by Souta and went to the kitchen immediately.
Souta washed his hands on the back as Dina asked him to, then, after he cleaned it more with magic, he went to the dining room.

When he entered the room, Antgar was just finishing his meal and taking a break from eating. Dina hadn’t touched the food in front of her yet, she was waiting for Souta. It was now late afternoon, it was almost time to get ready for dinner.
「Hmm? You haven’t eaten yet, Dina?」
「I didn’t have an appetite, but I thought that now you’re here, I’m going to eat a little with you, Souta-san.」
「I see, then, let’s eat.」
He knew Dina was lying, but Souta took his seat without daring to say anything about it.

「Then …」
By the time they started eating, Antgar’s belly seemed to have settled down, he started to talk with Souta.
「So how far has the work gone?」
「The scabbard is being glued now, all that’s left is finishing the exterior. As for the sword guard, I can choose from the ones I created in the past, so that leaves just the handle.」
Antgar was impressed by the speed of Souta’s work.
「That’s fast, it would take me several times longer than this. Guess leaving it to you was the correct choice…… Is it okay if I rest?」
After thinking about the rest of the process, Antgar decided he had no work to do.

「Of course, I’ll finish it myself. It probably will be finished by the end of today.」
「Ahh, wake me up when it’s finished. It’s one of my works, so I want to see it finished.」
Antgar already looked sleepy, he went to the bedroom without waiting for Souta’s reply. By that time, Souta and Dina had finished their meals and it was time to take a break.
「Souta-san, can I observe you from close by when you’re working?」
Dina left her seat shortly after the meal. After Souta and Antgar finished talking, Dina rounded up the washings she had been doing while they talked and brought that proposal to Souta.
「Hm? Well, I don’t mind, but it’s not that interesting, you know?」
After thinking about the process he was about to go through, Souta asked Dina a question in turn.

「It’s interesting! I’ve always liked watching you, Elder-san, and Raugo-san working!」
Dina’s answer contradicted Souta’s words. For Souta, it was just work, but for Dina, seeing something she couldn’t do was a fresh experience, so she always looking forward to it.
「A-Alright. There is not much work to do anymore, so I don’t mind either way.」
「Then, I’ll finish washing the dishes in a hurry.」
After getting Souta’s consent, Dina hurried back to the kitchen and started to continue washing the dishes.

After seeing her disappeared into the kitchen, Souta went to the workshop alone.
Picking up the glued scabbard, Souta found that it already dried so he immediately began to finish the exterior. It was still rough, so he started with filing. Since it was not possible to file firebird wood with ordinary files like the one sold in the market, Souta used an original one he made together with Raugo.
He did his work silently. Dina came over after she finished washing the dishes, but she made a place for herself out of Souta’s sight and sat down there. Of course, Dina was watching Souta’s work without a peep.

Souta silently filed the scabbard but noticed that Dina was close by from her presence.
「That’s right…… Dina, see which one is better.」
Suddenly, Souta stopped working and handed over a bag he took out from dimensional storage to Dina.
「This is……?」
「It’s the sword guard I’m going to use for this katana. I made these a long time ago, it would be helpful if you can pick the one you think is better.」
It was something Souta made in his old adventure to be used if he could, one day, complete the katana, and the number was not just one or two either.

「This is… This is a big responsibility. I understand, I will choose the one that suits you the best!」
Dina arranged them on the table to fulfill the order that Souta had given to her.
「Yeah, I will leave it to you. I will continue doing this plain work.」
Souta returned to file the scabbard again, smiling as he saw Dina choosing with a serious expression.

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5 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 141

  1. “but noticed that Dina was coming from her presence.”
    Coming? I’m guessing could be nearby or close by? Cause “was coming” at least to my dead tired brain thinks “little death”


    1. I double check the raw and yeah, I mistranslated that, it should be “had come” instead, which means translating that with nearby or close by should pose no problem, I will fix it when doing the edit for the next chapter


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