Re-Summoned Hero Episode 142

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Antgar eats alone
Scabbard gluing
Scabbard filing

While Dina was struggling to pick one of the sword guards lined up on the table with her arms crossed, Souta finished filing the scabbard and moved on to make the handle next. He attached a handle to the katana and placed shark skin on top of it. Because real sharkskin wasn’t available, he decided to use the processed leather of a shark monster.
Then, he hammered a rivet on it and attached a metal fitting with horse design as an ornament, on top of that, he wound Ito cord around it. As for the cord and the sharkskin-like material, he used the one made on his previous adventure because he had a lot of them in stock. He had observed and even had hands-on experience in handle wrapping while on Earth so his work was done smoothly. The color of the sharkskin was dyed mostly red, while the Ito cord wrapping the handle was black.

After he finished with the wrapping, he attached the pommel to the handle. Next, he put on a sword strap on the scabbard. Once he put on the blade collar, Souta’s work was completed.
「Well, Dina, have you decided which sword guard is better?」
The number of sword guards on the table had been reduced to two.
「Not yet, I wonder which one is better…… Eii, the right one! This one, please!!」
Dina used her momentum to break her attachment to the other sword guard and handed the one she had chosen to Souta.
「Hmm, so you choose this one, huh?」
It was one of the works Souta had the most confidence in, the design was based on the image of the night moon.

「Is that, a no?」
Dina timidly asked like she was trying to gauge Souta’s expression.
「No, it’s one of the best among everything I’ve made. I also liked it, that you choose this like you know that makes me happy.」
Souta naturally smiled and replied.
「Ehh, no, well, I just thought this is kind of cool, so…」
Dina looked down, her face bright red. She was so happy from the one-two combo of his smile and words that she couldn’t look at Souta directly in the face.

「Well then, that sword guard…… I will have to remove the handle once.」
Souta removed the handle he attached earlier, attached the sword guard, then put on the handle again, then he hammered the rivet in.
「Alright, this time, I need to put this on…… put it in the finished scabbard, there you go. Alright, it’s done.」
By attaching the sword guard Dina chose on the katana, Souta finished the final process.
「Then, this is it!」
「Ah, my wish for a thousand years has come true …」
Souta looked at it in its sheath while looking really moved.
「I’m going to wake Antgar-san up!」
Looking a little excited, Dina went to wake up Antgar who was sleeping in his bedroom.

Dina opened the door forcefully, peeled off the blanket, and then forced Antgar to wake up.
「Antgar-san, please wake up! It’s done!」
「Ugghh, let me sleep a little longer.」
Antgar curled up on the bed and spat out a line that likely would come out from the main protagonist who was woken up by his childhood friend when he was about to be late.
「You can’t, in the first place, it was you that told me to wake you up when the katana is completed didn’t you, Antgar-san?」
「Okay, okay, wait a minute. I will head to the workshop after I wash my face.」
After Dina told him that, he recalled what he said and got up from his bed, then he headed to the backyard.

When Antgar went to the workshop after washing his face, Souta was about to draw out the katana from the scabbard. His movement was beautiful and the katana he drew was sharp enough that it felt like it was capable of cutting the air in the workshop.
「That’s amazing. I’m saying this to my own creation, but just by drawing it out from the scabbard, I can feel this to be on the different rank from the weapons I’ve worked on so far.」
「Ohh, you have woke up? It’s done. Here.」
Souta handed the katana after putting it back to the scabbard to Antgar.

After receiving it, Antgar pulled the katana out gently. The blade he saw once again had a beauty that he couldn’t help but be mesmerized by.
「This handle part here, the design and the material are different from the normal sword.」
For Antgar, who was dealing with the so-called western type sword, the decoration on the katana was novel, he looked at it with great interest.
「Ah, it was used only in my country in the world I was in. Because Katana itself is a unique culture.」
「Hmm… What are you using inside the wrapping on this handle?」
Antgar pointed to the red material inside the wrapping and asked.

「It’s processed leather of Tigershark. I have one dyed in each color besides red.」
「Hmm, that’s amazing. That was also an A-rank monster, right? Somehow, it’s so insane that I don’t even think I should be surprised by it…… This scabbard is from Firebird wood, right? I’ve only ever heard this stuff in the legends.」
Antgar sighed at the awesomeness of the materials prepared by Souta.
「Well, I just happened to have it. There are many things that were easier to get in the old days because things are different now and a thousand years ago.」
The stuff Souta used this time was hard to obtain even a thousand years ago, but he left that part out.

「In any case, this is really amazing. If another blacksmith tried to make the same thing, I’m sure they would blow their personal fortune just to gather the material.」
「Before that, I don’t think there is anyone else skilled enough to handle these……」
Antgar thought about what Souta just said, to create this, they needed not only to be a skilled blacksmith but also to be skilled in manipulating magic and to have a lot of magic power, like Souta. He couldn’t think of anyone who had both of these conditions.
「You’re right, this is difficult. It might be possible if you give them a helping hand, but now that you have this, you have no reason to do so either……」
Antgar returned the katana to its scabbard then handed it back to Souta.

「Hmm, even if I were there, it would still be difficult because it would be impossible unless the other person is skilled as you, Antgar.」
Souta valued Antgar’s skill that was comparable to Raugo.
「N-No, no, I’m sure there are plenty out there as good as me.」
Antgar had lost his confidence for a long time, and now that he had created the katana, his confidence was somewhat restored, but he was still unsure.
「Well, you’ll just have to gain confidence gradually from now on.」

「Souta-san, have you decided on a name yet?」
「Name, huh…」
Souta put his hand on his mouth and thought about Dina’s question.

Here is an accompanying image to make it easier to imagine how the handle looks like, just need to change the shark skin part to red and the metal fitting to looks like horse

All this just to explain the first 3 lines (not sentences) of this chapter, in fact, translating those lines took so long and much research on katana that I was tempted really hard to just make author note or putting picture in the beginning of chapter, but it feels cheap doing it like that, it’s one thing 3 years ago, but I think I’m past the point of doing that now, and yet, I’m still not sure if I describe it good enough that you can picture it in your head I end up putting picture anyway, also I still can’t find a good way to translate ito cord (ito means thread,), it shows correct thing if you google it, so I just give up and decide it’s good enough

In any case, that’s it for this month I guess, see you later next month, or if you read banished healer too, on banished healer post

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