Re-Summoned Hero Episode 153

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Rudredd’s letter
Fuura returns the key
Dina’s shocking remark

「Then I will wash the dishes, can you reheat the hot water, Souta-san?」
Pushed by Dina, Souta went to the bathroom and reheated the bath in a daze. By the time the fireball was adjusted and the water reheated, Dina came and called out to Souta.
「I finished washing the dishes, what about you?」
「A-Ah right. It’s almost done.」
Unaware that Dina came, Souta was a little bit surprised when he answered her.

「Good, then I’ll go get ready, you can go in first, Souta-san.」
After saying that, Dina went back.
「W-What do you mean by getting ready… G-Guess I should enter the bath first then?」
Souta was confused about what he should do, but he was told to enter the bath first, so he returned to the changing room and decided to take off his clothes and entered the bathtub first. Souta was in a daze while in the bath for a while when he felt Dina coming into the changing room.

「Y-You came,」
Souta straightened his back and corrected his posture in the bath for some reason. The bathroom was quiet, he could hear the sound of clothes rubbing each other from the changing room making his heartbeat even faster.
「Souta-san, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」
Souta responded in a surprisingly loud voice, Dina was surprised for a moment, but she laughed it off.

Dina entered the bathroom with only a bath towel. After she finished washing the exposed part of her body like her arms and legs, she went to the bathtub.
「Then, excuse me.」
「G-Go ahead.」
Souta moved toward the edge to make room for Dina.

「What’s wrong?」
Dina had her hair up to keep it out from the hot water, her exposed neck exuded sex appeal.
「N-Nothing. A-Actually, I want to ask you the same, Dina, what’s wrong?」
「Nothing wrong with me too, I just want to join you, Souta-san. Am I not allowed?」
「I-It’s not that you’re not allowed… Dina, aren’t you getting too close?」
Dina gradually closed the distance between her and Souta.

「I-I’m going to wash my body!」
Souta couldn’t stand it anymore and evacuated to the washing area, but Dina came out from the bathtub to chase after him.
「Then, I’ll wash your back.」
Souta thought about it and decided to allow Dina to wash his back.

「How is it?」
「Oh, it feels good. It’s hard to reach by myself after all.」
Dina lathered the towel and started scrubbing his back.
「I’m glad. I’ll pour hot water.」
The foam on Souta’s back was washed away after two pours of the hot water.
「If you want, I can wash the front too.」
「It’s fine, I will wash the front myself!」
As Souta turned around in a panic to resist, his hand brushed Dina’s bath towel, unraveling it.

「Whoa! S-Sorry, it’s an accident!」
Souta hurriedly covered his face with both his hands so he couldn’t see Dina.
「I don’t mind if you see.」
Dina was so indifferent when saying that that Souta looked at Dina by peeking through his fingers.
There, Dina without a single thread on her body… was NOT what came into his sight, instead, there was Dina clad in a swimsuit.
「W-What? So you wear a swimsuit under that?」

「Ufufu, were you surprised? If so, it’s a great success!」
Dina made guts pose while in her swimsuit.
「Hahh~ When did you buy that swimsuit anyway?」
「In the dwarven country, I bought it secretly while you and Antgar-san were making Yazuki.」
Dina puffed her chest and made a peace sign. Her appearance was lascivious, but Souta’s excitement had disappeared somewhere and he calmed down.
From there, they talked about stuff like what Dina bought in the dwarven country, what she saw, what Souta saw in the same country a thousand years ago, etc. until late at night while soaking in the bathtub.

The next morning, the two started their day late.
The sun was already getting high in the sky, it was close to lunchtime.
「Ahhh~ I’m still a bit sleepy, but… guess I should wake up, huh.」
When Souta left the bedroom and headed for the living room, Dina had just woken up and was still sleepily rubbing her eyes.
「Good morning, Souta-san. Fuahhhh~」
Dina yawned while hiding her mouth with her hand.
「Good morning. Should we both wash our faces for the time being?」
They went to the kitchen and washed their faces with cold water to clear their drowsy head. Their faces as they wiped them with towels were looking refreshed and their drowsiness was blown away.

「For now… How about we go to Gordon’s to eat?」
「Let’s do so.」
Sylvan’s foods were delicious, but Gordon’s food had a different taste, that was why they were looking forward to eating it for the first time in a long time. Leaving the mansion, they prepared food for Ed and cleaned the stables, then they went to the inn.

As it hadn’t yet the peak hours, the inn’s dining room was rather sparse with customers.
「Oh my, Souta-san, Dina-san, welcome. I didn’t know you were back.」
「Yeah, it was yesterday. We want to eat, are there seats available?」
「Yes, plenty. Feel free to sit anywhere you like.」
Souta and Dina did as they were told and took a seat by the window.

「If you have decided on your order, may I go ahead and take your order?」
「「Chef’s recommendation!」」
Milfana smiled at the two’s immediate answer.
「Yes, two chef’s recommendations then. Then I will tell the kitchen.」
When Milfana gave their orders to the kitchen, Gordon’s low voice could be heard, replying to her.

「I’m looking forward to it, aren’t you too, Souta-san? It’s been a while since we ate Gordon-san’s cooking.」
「Me too, he might also have improved even more since then.」
Even when they were regularly eating there, Gordon’s cuisine was improving day by day, with innovations being made to the same dishes.
「Right? I wonder what will it be like today?」
Sylvan’s cooking had a delicacy, but Gordon’s cooking, while by no means crude, had a heavy flavor, which in turn brought out the flavor of the ingredients. Dina was looking forward to it.

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