Re-Summoned Hero Episode 154

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Souta is waiting in the bath
Dina clad in a bath towel
Looking forward to Gordon’s cooking

The food served to Souta and Dina was able to satisfy them, it was good enough to say that Gordon’s skill was not inferior to Sylvan’s.
「It’s delicious.」
「That’s right. I can’t say which one is more delicious, this or Sylvan-san’s cooking.」
Dina’s words slipped through the hustle and bustle of the dining room and reached Gordon who was cooking in the kitchen.

As Gordon was rushing out from the kitchen, he scanned through the faces of the customers sitting in their seats. Not only the guests, but even Milfana was also looking at Gordon with surprise, wondering what was going on.
As soon as he saw Souta and Dina, he went toward their table in a flurry.
「Oy, what did you say just now!」
He didn’t raise his voice when he said that, but his tone had a hint of impatience in it.

「…The heck, Gordon?」
Souta was taken aback by Gordon.
「Err, the food is delicious, so…」
Dina managed to answer, but Gordon shook his head.
「Not that, I mean the name.」
Gordon reacted strongly to that name and pounded the desk.

「That! Where did you… no, it’s obviously in the beastkin country. What is he doing now!」
Milfana sneaked upon Gordon whose voice slowly became louder and hit his head hard with a tray. Gordon crumpled in agony and crouched on the spot.
「It’s now lunchtime. The guests are waiting for their food. Do you understand?」
Milfana said as she hold Gordon’s head with a smile.
「I-I know, but…」
「If you know, then what should you do?」
Milfana interrupted Gordon’s excuse and said so with a smile.

After saying only that, he hurriedly went back to the kitchen as if forgotten that his head was hurt.
「Dear guests, I’m sorry for the fuss. Please continue to enjoy your food.」
In response to her apology, everyone went back to eating. All the while harboring fears toward Milfana in their heart……
「Souta-san, Dina-san. Pardon my husband’s behavior. It seems that he has a complex toward Brother-in-law for a long time. If you don’t mind, can you tell him about Brother-in-law once the guests have settled down?」
If Milfana left him alone, he might sneak out and tried to contact the two, so she made a follow-up.

「Well, that’s fine, but… when will it be?」
Lunchtime had just started, and the dining room was in the state where it could only become crowded from here on.
「Umm… How about in another 3 hours?」
「Then, should we leave for now and come back again later?」
「It would be helpful if you could do that.」
Milfana was relieved by Souta’s reply as she thought he might turn her down.

「Then, we’ll come back later.」
「It was a treat.」
Souta and Dina paid the bill and then left the restaurant.
「Yes, I will be waiting.」
Milfana smiled as she saw them off.

Souta and Dina left the store and took a walk around the town they hadn’t been around in for a long time.
Tuula was a town with an atmosphere that was unique and different from any other country, including the elven country, beastkin country, and dwarven country they had visited before. A wide variety of races walked its streets, there were humans, beastkins, elves, and dwarves.
「There’s something calming about that.」
「Isn’t it?」
Influenced by Souta, Dina also smiled. Being an adventurer in this town meant liking the atmosphere where people didn’t care about each other’s races.

「Where should we go then? I don’t mind going home until it’s time, but do you have anywhere you want to go?」
「Let’s see…… For the time being, as we’re adventurers, should we show our faces at the Adventurer Guild?」
「Now that you mention it, Souta-san, I forgot.」
Dina had forgotten about it until now, even though she had turned in her adventurer’s card when she entered the town.
「Seriously… Though I guess I’m not one to say, I have only done low-rank quests.」
Souta had risen to Rank D, so she thought he was doing various quests.

「Except for chore quests, there is only that one quest that didn’t go through the guild… or did it? Well, in any case, it’s only that one quest.」
Souta recalled when he prepared the medicine for Stone Fever for Erina. The request itself came from the guild master, but the guild master was an intermediary for Elvas, the lord of the town and the quest didn’t go through the guild officially.
「It’s the story about you fighting the ancient dragon, right?」
Dina, who had been told about his battle against the ancient dragon, answered.

「Oh, you remember, yeah, that’s the one. That’s when I got to know the elven alchemist, Karena, and also about you, Dina.」
「Then, if you declined the quest, we might not be together around this time.」
Muttered Dina, feeling deeply moved.
「Well, I wanted to travel around the world, so we would have met sooner or later.」
「In other words… it’s fate!」
Dina went further ahead, turned around, then with a big smile and raised index finger, she said so.

Souta answered after giving it a little thought. If fate exists, then the summoning one thousand years ago and the subsequent the repatriation, and now being re-summoned again, all of this is fate, huh, thought Souta.
「But it happened because Souta-san thought of me!」
Dina implied that this happened not only because of fate but because of Souta’s action.
Maybe Souta is all just a setup? He lightly poked his head for thinking that even for just a moment.

「What’s wrong, Souta-san?」
Dina looked at Souta curiously.
「No, it’s nothing. I just think you’re saying a good thing, Dina.」
Souta said so while lightly stroking Dina’s head next to him. Dina couldn’t figure out the meaning of what Souta said, but the feeling of her head being stroked was pleasant and she squinted her eyes.

「Well, we’ve arrived. Should we go in?」
When Souta let his hand off her head, they had just reached the front of the Adventurers Guild.
Dina replied cheerfully to Souta.

Their interaction was being watched by the surrounding, but those two remained unaware of it.

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