Re-Summoned Hero Episode 155

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Gordon is in a rush
Let’s go to the Adventurer Guild
Everyone is looking

When Souta and Dina entered the guild, the eyes of the adventurers and the staff inside were gathered at them. They seemed surprised that the two, who had been away from Tuula for about two months, were back.

Among them, Airi responded quickly, as soon as she saw them, she immediately went to call Milfa.

The adventurers who knew Souta whispered about him from afar, while those who were seeing him for the first time tilted their heads at the change in the atmosphere in the room.

「Isn’t it noisy?」

Souta wondered about the unusual atmosphere.

「Is that so? Isn’t it always like this?」

Dina didn’t seem to be bothered because the image she had for the adventurer guild was that of a noisy place to begin with.

「Is it? Well, never mind. Airi or Milfa…… is not here, huh?」

Souta wanted to report their return, so he checked the reception counter for the two people he knew, but as he saw neither of them, he started to wonder what he should do.

「What should I do, I wonder, taking some requests?」

Dina approached the bulletin board and looked at the request papers one by one.

「Request, huh…」

Souta also went next to Dina and was somewhat looking at the request when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs behind the counter.


There were other adventurers in the hall, but without caring about that, Milfa called Souta in a loud voice.

「Hmm? Milfa, huh? What’s wrong, shouting like that?」

Seeing how she seemed to be in a panic, Souta and Dina went to the counter to listen to her there.

「I-I’m sorry, I unintentionally shouted. I’m sorry, everyone.」

Milfa bowed not only to Souta and Dina but also to the rest of the adventurers in the hall. The adventurers accepted her apology while thinking they had just seen something unusual.

「W-Well then, Souta-san, Dina-san, I hope both of you can come to the guild master’s room…」

Said Milfa in a whisper so that only the two of them could hear her.

「Hahh~… You wouldn’t accept refusal, won’t you? Is it something troublesome again?」

Dina decided to not say anything and left it to Souta’s judgment.

「My apology, that too, I will answer upstairs.」

Milfa bowed her head apologetically.

「Can’t be helped then, I will at least hear your story. Is that fine for you, Dina?」

「Yes, but can I even come too?」

Dina tilted her head with her index finger on her chin.

「Yes, the guild recognizes Dina-san as a member of Souta-san’s party, if it doesn’t inconvenience the two of you, we would be happy if you are also present.」

Milfa said to Dina, but her expression was a little stiff, maybe because she wasn’t used to it or there was something in her mind.

「Then, should we go?」

Dina and Milfa nodded toward Souta’s words and headed upstairs under the guidance of Milfa.

Upon entering the room, Airi and Guild Master Gran were waiting. Airi returned to the reception counter in place of Milfa.

「I’m glad you come. Sorry it’s so sudden. Have a seat.」

Gran stood up and greeted the two with a mysterious look on his face.

「So, what do you want to talk about?」

「Do you remember the forest where you got the monsters’ material?」

「Ahh, I remember. There were a lot of monsters after all.」

Souta answered Gran’s question. The scene of a quiet forest with a massive amount of monsters had quite some impact, so it remained vividly in his memory.

「I would like to ask you to investigate that forest.」

Gran nodded to Souta’s answer, then stated his request.

「I should’ve defeated most of the monsters there… Besides, if it’s just an investigation, sending the three brothers should be enough. No, even other adventurers should be able to do it.」

Souta felt uncomfortable they went out of their way to call him just for an investigation request.

「It’s impossible for the three brothers, they’re recuperating from injury now. When it comes to a place where the three brothers can get injured, the other adventurers too…」

「Impossible, huh? What the hell happened? No way they ended up getting injured enough to need medical attention because of negligence, right?」

Souta asked the question he wanted to know the most. With their abilities, they can fully take on monsters with a certain level of ability.

「I asked them to investigate twice. Nothing happened the first time, however, when I sent them again after receiving information that the number of monsters increased, this is the result……」

「So now it’s up to me? I don’t mind taking the request, but what about the reward? It must be fitting for a request that an A-rank party couldn’t handle and not a formal guild request that even low-rankers like us can accept, right?」

Gran’s face turned grim at Souta’s request.

「The reward is… ten gold coins.」

「Is it the most you can do?」

Souta was amazed at how disproportionate the difficulty of the request and the reward were.

「Then I can’t accept it. Adventuring is not a charity, after all.」

Souta tried to stand up but was stopped by Milfa.

「Please wait. How much reward would you want to accept the request?」

Milfa tried to extract terms from Souta.

「I don’t really need money… Though if it’s a rare magic tool, then I wouldn’t even need to think whether or not to accept.」

Gran and Milfa looked at each other and started to think about Souta’s reply.

「…Then, let me offer you the magic tool I got in the past, flowing in your magic power while having it equipped on your arms or legs will accelerate your movement.」

Gran offered the magic tool he got during his adventuring days as a reward.

「It’s a bit iffy, but, sure.」

It wasn’t useful for Souta who had magic bestowal, but as it was a magic tool, it would be worth something if sold, and he thought Dina and Ed could equip it, so he accepted the request.

「So, what kind of monsters injured the three brothers?」

「According to what they said, they were injured by a big wolf-like monster.」

「…I see, then, I have a reason to accept this request.」

Souta gave a smile that seemed to contain hidden meaning.

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