Re-Summoned Hero Episode 157

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Contract signing
Airi blushing
The forest looks abnormal

When they stepped their foot into the forest, their whole body was covered with magic essence making them feel uncomfortable.
「This…… seems like the magic essence here is thicker than in the elven forest.」
「Right. The magic essence being this thick is a bit…… no, it’s really weird.」
Just like Souta, Dina was also highly sensitive to magic power, her face also turned grim.

「This is not a place I want to stay for too long, let’s start exploring a bit.」
Souta used his Presence Detection to cast a net around him. During that time, Dina was on guard for threats within sight. A water spirit had already been summoned and on her shoulder.
「There’s a big sign over there,」
Dina also gazed at the direction Souta pointed.

Souta also pointed at another direction.
「There are signs of a large number of monsters over there.」
The presence of monsters gathered there was more than what he encountered in this forest in the past.
「Then, let’s go…」
「「There」, indeed.」
The two answered at the same time and were pointing in the same direction.

「Now that we have the consensus, shall we go, then?」
Souta put his hand on Yazuki, Dina also prepared herself by unsheathing Undine. After confirming that, Souta nodded and started running.

A few minutes after they started running, a swarm of monsters appeared ahead.
「Dina, don’t let your guard down.」
「I understand!」
Dina’s expression became even tenser from Souta’s warning. Without further words, Souta left Dina behind and jumped into the swarm of monsters.

Souta pulled the katana out of its scabbard, splits the monsters in half, and then put it back into the scabbard. With that single stroke, the five surrounding monsters and even a few monsters behind them were cut in half.
Dina was astonished by Souta’s attack, but she left no gap and slaughtered the monsters with a combination of swordsmanship and magic. Some of the monsters dodged her attacks and tried to approach her, but the moment they were about to touch Dina, the water bullets floating around her destroyed the monsters at the order of the water spirit.
The corpses of the monsters piled up around them, but this time too, Souta activated Dimensional Storage while attacking and storing the corpses inside. This way, they wouldn’t be put into a disadvantageous situation where they couldn’t find secure footing.
In addition, Yazuki and Undine were enchanted with magic power, so the blood didn’t stick to the blade and they were always in their best possible condition. Also, both of them were attacking with efficient movement while conserving their strength, so there was no need to worry about running out of strength due to the sheer amount of enemies.

「Still, there is no end to this.」
Souta complained out loud. It wasn’t irritation that caused the complaint, but amazement at the number of monsters that filled his line of sight. Even though Dina was conserving her strength, she fought using her magic power too, so unlike Souta, she was gradually developing a sense of impatience.
「Dina, fall back. Change your weapon to the silver bow.」
With just those words, Dina understood Souta’s intentions and after defeating the nearby enemies, she moved away from the fight.

Compared to using Undine and short-range magic, the power of the silver bow was inferior, it was unable to inflict fatal damage on monsters with high defense. But that problem could be solved by cooperating with Souta.
Souta, who was in the middle of the swarm of monsters, confirmed Dina had left and defeated the monsters in order, starting with the one that seemed to have high defensive power. Dina shot down the remaining enemies with her silver bow. Even though its power was inferior, Dina was an archer with high magic power, her attack was accurately heading toward the monster’s heads.

The monsters concentrated their attack on the nearby Souta. However, those who were close were immediately cut down in a single stroke, while the ones who tried to approach were felled by attacks released out of nowhere.
As the surrounding monsters fell one after another, the swarm of monsters gradually became dominated by fear. That fear was hampering the monsters’ movement. Not missing that chance, they increased the ferocity of their attack even more.

The monsters that filled the area either died or fled, and their numbers had dwindled considerably, and, excluding the remaining monsters around Souta, there were only high-class monsters left.
「With this, are they the only ones left?」
Souta and Dina defeated the remaining small fry monsters and turned their gazes to the remaining strong ones.

Town of Adventurers, Tuula – Sleeping Bird Pavilion

「Come to think of it, Souta-san and Dina-san hadn’t come.」
More than a week had passed since the appointment with Souta and Dina was made when Milfana muttered that.
「Huh? Is Souta-san back?」
Miri rushed at her mother who muttered something she couldn’t ignore.
「Oh my, didn’t I tell you? Hmm, I think it was about a week ago. That was the last time they ate here.」

Miri’s shoulders drooped at her mother’s words.
「If it’s that long ago, he might have already gone on another journey…」
If he’s in the town, then he would come to eat, that he didn’t, mean…… She thought, which was the correct read of the situation.
「But he did promise to come again after three hours, you know?」
Milfana tilted her head at her daughter’s mention of journey and mentioned Souta’s promise to come again.
「What? What do you mean? Three hours? But it was a week ago they came here, right?」

「You see, he seemed to meet your father’s brother in the beastkin country, and he said he would tell us about it, but…… it seems he’s a little late.」
Miri was holding her head from how her mother considered a week to be just a little late.
「Umm, sorry for interrupting you.」
It was Milfa who spoke hesitantly to the two. Just like Souta and Dina, she also liked the food at this restaurant, so she came frequently. Even now, she was just coming as a guest, but when she heard their conversation, she decided to talk to them because it also involved her.
「Oh, Milfa-san. Could it be that today’s dish… wasn’t delicious?」

To a regular guest like Milfa, Milfana answered her with a slightly more informal tone. One of the reasons for this attitude was their mutual closeness due to their similar names.
「No, no, it was delicious too today! No, that’s not it!」
「Then, was it not delicious after all?」
This time Miri responded to Milfa’s that’s not it comment.
「No, no, Miri-chan, that’s not right. The food was delicious, but it’s about Souta-san.」
Milfa, who decided the talk wouldn’t progress, quickly brought out Souta’s name.

「Do you know anything? Guehh-」
Miri drew closer to Milfa, but her collar was pulled by Milfana, choking her neck for a bit.
「Miri-chan, she is going out of her way to talk with us, so I’m not impressed with that kind of attitude, okay?」
Miri was about to complain, but she swallowed her words when she saw her mother’s smile.
「So, Milfa-san. What are you talking about?」
Milfa, who was watching the exchange between parent and child, felt something frightening behind Milfana’s smile and decided to talk about how Souta left to do a quest.

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