Re-Summoned Hero Episode 158

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

A big sign and signs of a large number of monsters
Dina uses the silver bow after being told to keep her distance
Meanwhile, in Tuula……

Inside the forest

Souta and Dina were facing the high-class monsters. Both sides were ready for battle, but they were waiting to see what the others would do.
「One hitting them with the silver bow,」
「Is difficult, indeed.」
Dina finished Souta’s remark.

「I will rush in, Dina, you attack using the silver bow like before. In addition to that, how about aiming for damage with your magic?」
Neither party showed any movement, to the extent that the two could afford to have a strategy meeting.
「Let’s see, I think it’s possible to have close-range combat with Undine, but…」
It was certain that by doing so, Dina’s firepower would rise and she would be able to inflict fatal wounds on monsters.
「But your main role is a healer, Dina. It would be a problem if something happens.」
「Isn’t it?」
Since there were only the two of them, both of them had been prioritizing firepower, but considering the strength of the monsters ahead, the two were wondering whether or not they wanted to take the risk of Dina getting injured.

No words were exchanged after that, but they both knew that they would go with the first plan and moved accordingly.
「Spirit, please clad my arrow in your magic.」
Dina wrapped the magic arrow she created with her own magic with the magic from the water spirit.
Souta plunged into the midst of enemies and cut down one monster after another, just like what he had done against the monsters from earlier with his attack. The difference was that the monsters had high vitality, but, seeing as they still died before he could hit them with a follow-up strike, Souta grinned.
Dina decided that even with a strengthened arrow, it would be difficult to inflict a fatal wound, so she attacked the monster that Souta couldn’t defeat, and it worked.

Since the time it took to slay each monster was longer than before, it was difficult to reduce the number of monsters.
Because Yazuki was sharper than he thought, Souta was enjoying testing his new katana and his attacks were a little sloppy. Dina, who was doing the follow-up attacks, had overlooked the threat approaching her.
「Dina! Behind you!!」
When he was beginning to be satisfied with testing his katana, he grasped the situation and shouted to Dina.

Dina turned around, but as she was already nocking the silver bow, she had no time to switch to attacking with her sword. The one attacking Dina was an Orc King, the axe it swung approaching fast.
Dina let out a scream as she stared at the axe. The water spirit also tried to counterattack to protect Dina, but it was not effective enough to stop the Orc King’s attack.

Souta also shouted while continuing to slash the monsters around him. The moment the Orc King’s Axe touched Dina, it was blown away. In that instant, its head was bitten off and it was dead.
Dina and Souta were surprised at the sight.
『I hope you don’t mind me stealing the limelight.』
It was Emperor Wolf that accomplished that.

『It’s a promise, let me lend you a hand.』
Emperor Wolf remembered the promise it made to Souta and took a position to protect Dina, who seemed to be Souta’s companion.
『I will protect your body, so feel free to continue attacking.』
「Y-Yes. It’s fine to consider you as an ally, right Wolf-san?」
Dina was losing her composure, but judging from the wolf conversation with Souta, she decided it was an ally and posed the question to Emperor Wolf.
When asked, Emperor Wolf nodded silently and attacked the approaching monsters.

Dina nodded back and decided to return to assisting Souta.
「Should be doable with this,」
With the unexpected reinforcements, Souta braced himself up and focused on defeating the monsters instead of just slashing them. As a result, the efficiency of his attack was significantly higher than before. Souta’s attacks shifted from just slashing to taking the opponent’s life.
『I see that was the right decision to not be hostile, after all.』
Muttered Emperor Wolf after seeing Souta’s fighting style. Dina could guess the relationship between the two just from that.

In front of Souta’s offensive power, which made the best use of Yazuki’s sharpness, the swarm of high-rank monsters was annihilated just like the low-ranked one was.

「Let’s see, are we done?」
Souta sheathed Yazuki and looked around.
「I, think so. Pro-Probably.」
Unlike Souta who was calm and not even out of breath, Dina on the other hand, was out of breath and struggling to reply.
『It doesn’t seem like there are any signs of monsters around.』
Unlike Souta’s skills, Emperor Wolf’s senses, which it perceived through his own experience, were more reliable than anything else.

「Seems so, thanks for coming to help by the way. You came at the right time.」
『I sensed your presence when you entered the forest, human. But you went the opposite direction from where I was, so I tried coming here. Seems like that was the correct choice.』
「Ahh, so that big sign was you after all. I was thinking about going there after annihilating the monsters.」
Souta looked remorseful, wondering if he had made a mistake.

「But, really, thank you for coming to help, err… Wolf-san? May I ask your name? I think it would be rude to just call you Wolf-san.」
『Name…… call me whatever you want, is not something I wish you doing, human. In that case, use the name he used to call me in the old days, I believe he used to call me Atla.』
Atla said that name while looking nostalgic for the past.
「Atla-san, once again, thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was able to defeat the monsters without getting injured.」
『Don’t worry, I just fulfilled my promise to that human.』
Atla, with its head bowed, shook its head and only said that fact.

「So, what exactly is this disastrous scene in this forest? Isn’t it worse than when I met you?」
『Indeed, you assume correctly.』
Atla started to talk about the changes in this forest.

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