Re-Summoned Hero Episode 159

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

High-rank monsters
Dina about to be attacked by monsters
Reinforcement: Emperor Wolf Atla

『After I parted with you, human, this forest was peaceful. Animals other than monsters were also returning, albeit gradually. After all, food grew quickly due to the influence of magic essence. This would be a comfortable place to live in if the threat disappeared.』
Even after Atla parted with Souta, she continued to live in this forest.
『Using your unit of measurement, it was about two months. Until that time, that had continued, the magic essence was still thick, but not as much as it is now, and I don’t think it had a big impact.』
After saying that, Atla’s expression turned grim.

「It only took one or two months until it got this bad, huh…… I don’t think it’s naturally caused then.」
Souta looked around the forest and came to this conclusion from the current anomaly.
『Indeed… In the first place, there was no change in the density of the magic essence covering this forest in that two months.』
「Huh? What do you mean…」
Dina uttered her doubt.

『The magic essence suddenly increased one day. There didn’t seem to be any warning signs…… I fell asleep and when I woke up, the forest was already in this state.』
Souta and Dina couldn’t hide their surprise at those words.
「You didn’t notice anything off or something like that? If someone in your class didn’t notice anything, it must be the work of someone very skilled.」
Instead of the fact it happened in an instant, Souta was more concerned about what caused the phenomenon.

『I suppose the possibility of this being a spontaneous phenomenon is not zero…… In any case, I didn’t perceive any change in advance.』
「Something like that….. in just one night……」
Dina, unlike Souta, was fearful of the scale of the phenomenon that had occurred.

「For the time being, we can’t just leave it as is. If we leave it alone, the monsters will just appear over and over again. Atla, can you guide me to the place where the magic essence is the thickest?」
Souta intended to postpone the problem even by a little by clearing the mass of magic essence.
『Sure, I don’t mind, it’s not that far from here. It’s just straight in that direction.』
The direction Atla pointed with her muzzle was the direction Dina and Souta were headed to exterminate the swarm of monsters.

「Dina, are you good? Drink this for now.」
Seeing her showing the sign of fatigue, Souta asked and then handed her magic power recovery potion and stamina recovery potion.
「Thank you very much. As expected, I used plenty of my magic power, so it’s a big help.」
Upon receiving the potions, she drank them all at once. The potions were also crafted by Souta, he made them to be more palatable and easier to drink.
『Can I start showing you the way now?』
Atla, who had been waiting for Souta and Dina’s exchange, opened her mouth.

「Sure. Oh, it would be a problem if you’re running at full speed, but I don’t mind if you do run.」
Hearing Souta’s reply, Atla started running.
The monsters they defeated earlier seemed to be all the monsters that were swarming around here, they only saw some monsters here and there on the way to their destination.
After running for a few minutes, they arrived at their destination.

『We’ve arrived, I think you can understand what happened after seeing it yourself.』
「Yeah, the magic essence is concentrated really densely here. It’s spreading at an incredible rate from here…」
The magic essence here was thicker than anything they’d seen in the forest, and instead of calling it a pool of magic essence, it was more apt to say it was gushing from here instead.
「Both of you step back, I’ll see where it’s gushing from.」
Dina and Atla nodded and decided to stay here. During that time, Dina didn’t disarm herself and Atla was paying attention to the surrounding.

When Souta got close to the epicenter of the magic essence, something jumped out from it and attacked Souta.
「What the!?」
Souta, who had not been able to sense any presence until then, exclaimed at the sudden attack.
The one that attacked Souta had the appearance of a goblin. But it was unlike any goblin he had ever seen. The goblin’s expression showed some rational and it held a one-handed sword in its hand.
If it was just a one-handed sword, then Souta wouldn’t have questioned it, but what the goblin held was a magic sword, one that emitted sinister magic power.

Souta blocked its attack with Yazuki and didn’t reach him, but the goblin repositioned its magic sword and launched another attack toward Souta. Its attacks were well thought out with feints included, it also aimed at vital points accurately.
「Who the hell are you!」
The goblin seemed to understand Souta’s words and smirked, it didn’t give any answer, however.

「If you’re not going to answer, then, I will defeat you quickly. It’s not you I have business with, but that source of magic essence.」
Hearing that, the goblin’s smile faded and it glared at Souta.
「You seem to be more than just an adventurer. I’m not letting you go past this point. Die!」
The goblin who opened its mouth for the first time spoke fluent human language.
「So you can talk, but this is the end.」
The goblin raised its magic sword and swooped down on Souta while Souta returned Yazuki to its sheathe.

The moment they intersected, Souta pulled Yazuki from its sheathe and cut the goblin along with the magic sword in half.
「N-No way-」
That voice came not from the goblin, but from the magic sword that left its hand.
「So you’re the main body? I don’t think a goblin could be that intelligent, so I was wondering… were you manipulating it?」
「Ngh, guh, so you knew that much. B-But, even if you defeat me…」
After saying that, the magic sword turned into dust and was blown away by the wind. The magic sword seemed unable to maintain its body after the blade, which is its main body, got split in two.

Since Souta and the goblin were still covered in the gushing magic essence, Dina and Atla couldn’t see the battle from outside. Also, due to excessively thick magic essence, the presence detection couldn’t give an accurate reading.

「There are still many troublesome things happening in this world…」
Souta put Yazuki back to its sheathe and muttered so in annoyance.

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