Re-Summoned Hero Episode 160

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Forest’s change
Dina recover
Mysterious goblin and magic sword

When Souta reached the center of the magic essence pool, there was something like a magic tool that spewed out magic essence. He reached out for it, but the moment he touched it, the magic tool disappeared.
It seemed to warp instantly from before his eyes, rather than saying it broke and crumbling away, disappear was the more apt description.
The moment it disappeared, the magic essence that was drifting around gradually dissipated.

Dina and Atla, who were able to confirm Souta’s appearance after the magic essence dissipated, rushed over.
「Dina, Atla, is there nothing happened on your side?」
The two nodded at Souta’s question.
『It’s quiet over here, rather, something happened to you, right, human?』
It was easy to predict that something had happened since Souta headed to the center of the magic essence pool and the result was the current situation.

「Ahh, let’s see… I got into a fight with a weird goblin and the sword that controlled it. After that, I found the source of the magic essence, it’s like a magic tool, but when I touched it, it disappeared. I think that’s it?」
「Um, I don’t, understand?」
Souta’s explanation was a straightforward account of all the events that had occurred, but Dina was tilting her head.
『Your explanation is too difficult to understand for anyone other than the people concerned, human, I demand a clearer explanation.』
Demanded Atla, Dina also thought the same in her heart.

「It can’t be helped…… After parting with both of you and going into the magic essence pool, a goblin suddenly attacked from its epicenter. It seemed like a new variety of goblin. It got a magic sword in its hand and seemed to understand what I was saying… Well, that part is because of the magic sword that controlled it, but still, that goblin is a rare type.」
Since both of them had never seen nor heard a goblin using a magic sword before, they listened intently to Souta’s story.
「I felt a strong presence in the magic sword, so I cut the goblin and the magic sword in two. After that, I tried to touch the magic tool that spewed the magic essence that’s been floating in the air all this time, but…… just like what I said earlier, it disappeared right in front of my eyes. It’s like it’s warped.」
Souta’s explanation ended there, but Dina and Atla remained deep in thought and didn’t say a word.

「We probably managed to eliminate the cause of the anomaly that happens in this forest, but in the end, we still don’t know why that thing was there, nor what the goblin and the magic sword were protecting.」
Souta spread his hands out and made a giving-up pose.
『I have lived for several hundred years, but it’s the first time I heard something like that.』
「Hee~, Atla-san has lived for a long time.」
Dina widened her eyes and exclaimed in amazement.

「Putting aside what we don’t understand yet, it’s about you, Atla.」
『What’s wrong with me?』
Suddenly being pointed at, Atla tilted her head.
Dina muttered softly. Apparently, the gesture hit the mark for Dina.

「Dina…… well, never mind. Atla, is your previous master, by any chance, a minihuman? In one of the books I read, there is stuff about a minihuman and a wolf written there, I thought, it might be probable.」
『How, how do you know, human? There must be many other wolves, aren’t there?』
Atla was somewhat dismayed, unable to hide her surprise.
「Didn’t you say that when we met before? In the name of my former master, or something like that. A monster like you seems to live for a long time, so I thought that might be the case. Well, more than half of it is just a hunch.」
Atla’s mouth kept open and close after so much of her circumstances were guessed just from a hunch.

「So, there is something I need to ask you… Hey, are you listening?」
『R-Right, what is it? I will answer depending on your question.』
Atla somehow regained her composure after hearing Souta’s question.
「If you have some connection with the minihuman, I would like you to guide us to the settlement where their central figure is likely to be.」
Atla, who had been friendly up until now, raised her eyebrow and showed some cautiousness toward Souta.

『May I ask what business is it for, human?』
Even her words were prickly.
「There is nothing to hide, so I will be honest, but before that, do you know about the story of how the heroes from various races fought the demon king a thousand years ago?」
『If it’s that, then yes, I know.』
Atla nodded, but she still didn’t let her guard down.
「I was one of the heroes that fought the demon king at that time, I’m the hero summoned from another world.」
「I’m the twin sister of the hero of the elf.」

Atla was once again surprised by Souta and Dina’s reveal.
『T-That can’t be. It was something from a thousand years ago. No matter how I look at both of you, you don’t look like a thousand years old at all, human, even for an elf, a thousand years would be an exaggeration.』
「Don’t you know how that battle is known? I was sent back to my original world in the middle of the battle with the demon king, and when I was summoned again, a thousand years had passed here. That’s why I’m 18 years old.」
Atla’s jaw dropped from Souta’s explanation.
「After that battle with the demon king was over, I was charged with treason or something like that and sealed in a magic crystal. Since the seal was broken a few months ago, I think I’m physically 16 years old.」
In terms of elapsed age, Dina was over a thousand years old, but she deliberately said physical age instead.

「I-I see. In that case, what you said might be true, but……」
Atla couldn’t make a judgment because it hinged entirely on if the two’s explanations were correct.
「Hmm, then, does the name Gregor Marvin sound familiar to you? He was a companion I traveled with.」
The name of the minihuman elder should not have been handed down to future generations. Souta thought that knowing about it would serve as proof.
『I see… so you know about that name, huh?』
「Also, I received this from him a long time ago.」
For good measure, Souta showed Atla a minihuman amulet he received from Elder.
『I see, then I have no choice but to admit it. It’s something only families that have been chieftains for generations are allowed to make. If you have that, then it’s what it is.』
Atla let her guard down and acknowledged Souta and Dina.

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