Re-Summoned Hero Episode 161

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Explaining what happened
Is Atla related to minihuman?
Do you know Gregor Marvin?

「So, I want you to guide me to the minihuman settlement where their central figure is likely to be… is that possible?」
Souta asked Atla again.
『Hmm, if it’s possible, then it is, but……. under one condition.』
Atla said so with a mysterious expression like she made up her mind about something.
「What? I can’t say I’ll do anything, but I’m still going to do most of it. Just say it.」
After hearing Souta’s answer, Atla nodded and said the condition.

『That’s……. I want to make a familiar contract with you.』
「What? That means you will become my familiar, is that okay?」
Souta was surprised by the condition and double-checked with Atla.
『Umu, if you’re an associate of Grevin-dono, then I don’t have any complaints. I have seen your ability, human, and if you become my master, there will be no problem if I guide you to minihuman’s settlement. I have been told to guide anyone I recognize as my master.』
Atla remembered the promise she made to her former master and said so.

「I don’t mind, but…… for the time being, can you just stop addressing me like that?」
『Fumu, I will call you Souta-dono then, is that alright with you?』
Atla wasn’t particular about how she addressed him, so she immediately accepted the correction.
「Well then, let’s make a contract right away… If I remember correctly if there is that…… there.」
There were several ways to make a familiar contract in this world. The first was a contract made with skill. The second was to ask someone in the Familiar Guild, a guild that acted as a contract agency. And the third was to use a familiar contract written in a special way on a special paper with special ink.
To use the third method, Souta pulled a familiar contract from his dimensional storage.

「I’ll use this for the contract.」
『Umu, then there should be no problem.』
Atla had used the same kind of contract when she made the previous contract and judged that the contract Souta used was similar.
「Then, first, write my name here…」
Souta wrote his real name, Konoe Souta, in kanji in the name field on the contract.
「After that, stamp your seal here.」
Souta said seal, but it was just the monster’s hand or footprint. By pressing it somewhere in the contract, the contract was completed. Just from this alone, one might think a one-sided contract was possible, but it had become a problem more than a thousand years ago, and now there was a function that confirmed each other’s intentions.

『Umu, then,』
Atla put her front leg on the contract that Souta put on the ground. The contract disappeared while emitting a strong light.
「I-Is the contract done now?」
Dina was surprised because the contract itself had disappeared.
『Umu, now Souta-dono is my master.』
「Yeah, the contract is complete. You wouldn’t be able to tell it from the outside, but I can definitely feel a connection with Atla.」

『You learned Tamer skill』

「Ohh, can I use familiar summoning with this?」
Souta had some knowledge of Tamer skill, and among them, he mentioned one that he thought was particularly useful.

「Familiar summoning?」
Dina parroted Souta’s remark as a question.
「Ah, it’s a skill that allows you to summon familiar from a remote location. Though careless use of it in the middle of a city can get you arrested.」
The book Souta read actually had an actual example of this happening and told the reader to be careful about it.
『It seems that there are some other skills as well.』
As the skills were mainly used by the master, Atla didn’t know the details either.

「With this, will you guide me to the minihuman settlement?」
『Of course. Now that we make a contract, I need to obey my master’s orders.』
This time, she nodded obediently to Souta’s request.
「Ah, umm, can I have a moment?」
Dina timidly asked Souta and Atla as their talk proceeded.

They replied at almost the same time.
「Um, you can guide Souta-san because you’re contracted to him, right? But I, who don’t have a contract……」
Dina seemed uneasy about that, so she asked the two, mainly Atla, the question.

『What are you talking about? Isn’t it natural for wife-dono to accompany Souta-dono? There is nothing to worry about.』
Dina’s face turned bright red so fast you could hear a faint sound of the change when Atla called her Souta’s wife.
「W-What are you talking about, th-that, wife!?」
『Hm? Is that wrong? In that case, I’m sorry.』
Atla responded calmly to the panicked Dina.

「She’s not my wife, no, but she is an important companion. So, it’s natural that you accompany me wherever I go, Dina.」
She felt a little dissatisfied by Souta’s explanation, but even so, that Souta called her important made her break into a grin.
『Umu, then there is no problem. I’d like to show you around right away, but it’s a little far from here… if anything, the settlement is in a place close to the beastkin’s territory.』
The two, who had just returned from the beastkin territory, looked at each other.

「……For now, we need to report the request, so let’s go back.」
The two left the forest while showing mental fatigue. Atla tilted her head at the appearance of the two, but decided to not say anything and follow along quietly.
After leaving the forest, Ed noticed the two and rushed over, but upon seeing Atla, he became wary.

「It’s fine, Ed. She is my familiar, so she is our companion.」
Ed snorted at Souta’s words, but gradually let his guard down.
『I’m sorry to surprise you, it’s natural to be cautious considering my appearance. Which……」
As Atla said so, her body gradually shrunk until she was the size of a normal wolf.
「So you can do that, huh…」
「I’m surprised. But it’s cute…」
They were amazed at the transformation.

『My previous appearance was the real me, but I would stand out like that. If you like, I can become even smaller.』
After saying that, Atla shrunk even further until she was the size of a puppy.
「S-So cuteee!」
Dina couldn’t hold back and hugged Atla.

The contract literally translate to beast magic contract, changed it to familiar contract for easier to understand term, but I don’t know if there will be a problem with the change in the future chapter or not, I will deal with it if that happens, but I figured I should at least mention it

Also, I think Atla might be genderless, same deal, use “she” for better clarity instead of going it it everytime, will change if there is a problem in the future, the change with atla also means I stop using “it” for Ed and use he instead

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