Re-Summoned Hero Episode 162

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Take me
Let’s make a contract
Tiny and cute

Ed was no longer wary of Atla, who had changed to puppy size.
As for Atla, she was being rocked by the carriage while being held in Dina’s arms.
「It’s good that you can change your size, but I still need to register you as my familiar later.」
In this world, it was not that uncommon for adventurers to put monsters under their control and made a familiar contract. However, due to various problems that could arise in the city, it was obligatory to register your familiar in the adventurer guild.

『Well, there was no particular problem in the settlement, but if you enter a city, it would be better to avoid unnecessary friction.』
「So cute! But you speak in a very difficult way, don’t you, Atla-chan?」
Perhaps forgetting that she was originally a big emperor wolf, Dina treated Atla as a cute cub Atla-chan.
『Mm, hmm? I never thought the day when I would be called in a cutesy way would come.』
「Well, that’s natural when you become that small. You should just give up and consider we’re able to open up to each other as comrades quickly.」
Souta gave a follow-up to the confused Atla that couldn’t be counted as a follow-up at all.

It wasn’t like Atla disliked it, it just seemed she was confused by the unfamiliar way of calling her.
「For the time being, let’s go back to Tuula and go to the adventurer guild to do familiar registration along with reporting this request.」
「That’s right. Then people will recognize Atla-chan as one of our comrades!」
Said Dina as she hugged Atla a little tighter.
『I-I’m happy that you recognize me as a comrade, but…… it would be great if you ease up a little.』
Atla said so while enduring the pain, while Souta was impressed that Atla didn’t just change her size.

「Well, it will take a while until we get back to the city, so calm yourself, Dina. Otherwise…… Atla might hate you.」
Dina was surprised by Souta’s last words and loosened her grip on Atla.
「Umm, I’m sorry.」
『Uh, umu. It’s not like I dislike it, but I appreciate that you loosened up.』
Released from the pain, Atla was exhausted.

After that, Dina showed her affection with moderation.
While taking a break, Atla agreed with Souta’s advice that it would be better to be slightly bigger, but Dina who was listening to their conversation had a sad expression on her face, so Atla sighed and maintained her size.

After about a week, they returned to the city.

Returning to Tuula several times had given Souta the feeling of returning to his hometown.
「Welcome back Souta-dono, Dina-dono. I’m glad you made it back safely.」
The young guard who was at the gate when we left remembered our names and welcomed us warmly.
「Ahh, here is our ID.」
Souta and Dina got off the carriage and presented their adventurer cards.

「Thank you very much…… Umm, Dina-dono, is that a wolf you have in your hand?」
Even after getting off the carriage, Dina was still hugging Atla, so the guard’s doubts were only natural.
「Ahh, just in case, this is my familiar. I’m going to register her in the guild after this. Is it alright if I go through?」
「Please wait a moment. I’ll go check.」
The guard went to the guards’ hut to check how to deal with the situation from his senior.

「Hmm, is this your familiar? Hahaha, isn’t it cute? There’s a problem if it’s a ferocious familiar, but this one is fine. I don’t mind if you go through.」
In practice, permission was granted based on the degree of danger. Atla was judged fine because she was hugged by Dina as a wolf. On a side note, a truly dangerous monster may not be allowed to enter the city even if it’s registered as familiar.
In such cases, the familiar will be managed in a hut for familiar set up a short distance away from the city.

「Then, we’re going through.」
After Souta and Dina finished checking with the crystal, they boarded their carriage and entered the city. The guards saluted and saw Souta and Dina off.
「That’s good, Atla-chan. If you’re in your true form, you might not be allowed to enter the city.」
『Umu, I guess it was the right thing to keep myself in this form. Just as I expected.』
Atla just happened to be this size, but she puffed out her chest as if it was her own achievement.
「Geez, this part of you is cute too!」
As the puppy seemed to be trying to make itself look bigger, Dina hugged Atla tightly again. However, thanks to her experience from the previous day, she had adjusted the intensity of her hug.

「Hey, we’re about to arrive. Get ready to get off, both of you.」
『Understood. I’ll go down too.』
Souta parked the carriage near the guild and went inside. Atla got off Dina’s hands and walked on her own feet so that the other adventurers wouldn’t make light of her, not realizing that her size alone would make others make light of her.

「Ah, Souta-san, Dina-san.」
When they entered the guild, Airi noticed them and called them out.
「Hey Airi. Sorry, there is something I need to report to the guild master, can you pass it on?」
「To the guild master?…… I understand, please wait for a moment.」
Since Souta had been called by the guild master many times before, Airi decided that it was part of that and trotted to report.

After a while, Airi returned with Milfa.
「Thank you, Airi. Thank you for waiting, Souta-san and Dina-san. Please go upstairs.」
Even the adventurers in the hall had lost interest in the spectacle, as if it were a usual occurrence. Some of the adventurers had never seen Souta and Dina, but they were convinced by listening to the other adventurers.

When they entered the guild master room, Gran was waiting impatiently.

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