Re-Summoned Hero Episode 163

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Atla-chan is cute!
With the guard at the gate
Arrive at the Guild

After entering the room, Souta and Dina sat on the sofa. As if waiting for that, Milfa opened her mouth.
「Umm, err, that dog? Err, wolf? that’s been following you all this time, what is it?」
Since Atla was Souta’s familiar, she naturally followed into the room.
As Milfa guided them to the room, she kept glancing back, but she didn’t know if it was alright to ask. However, since they were in the room now, she couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to ask Souta and Dina the question.

「Right, she’s my familiar, Atla. I was thinking of registering her, but I forgot. I should’ve done it when we were downstairs…」
「Eh! It’s Souta-san’s familiar? I thought it was a pet…」
She expressed her surprise. Due to Atla’s cute appearance, Milfa expected her to be a pet.
「Despite her appearance, she is pretty strong. Maybe.」
Atla glared at Souta over him adding the maybe at the end, but even that action seemed to look cute for Dina and Milfa, their expression slackened.

Cough I’ll have Milfa register the wolf later. More importantly, the report.」
After clearing his throat, Gran returned to the main topic.
「E-Excuse me. Understood, I’ll register it downstairs once the talk is over.」
Dina also bowed her head in agreement.

「So, the report. First of all, the state of the forest, the whole forest was covered in magic essence. There was a lot of it, and it was really thick.」
「T-The entire forest!?」
Gran was so surprised he unconsciously raised his hips.
「For now, you should sit back down. It’s not over yet.」
Souta gestured with his hands to calm Gran down.
Gran was still confused, but he managed to calm down and sat back down.

「Dina and I entered the forest. Just like what we saw from the outside, the inside was filled with thick magic essence. I searched for any presence and headed to the place where there seemed to be many monsters, but there were far more monsters than there were when I fought them before.」
Gran was about to stand up again with a clatter upon hearing this and Souta calmed Gran down again with his hand.
「Dina and I already took care of those monsters up, so don’t panic.」
「You took care of them!?」
Gran was surprised again, but this time he didn’t try to stand up, instead, he went limp and leaned his weight against the backrest.

「Hahh~, who the hell are you guys? And you say you’re a D and F rank adventurer? What a bad joke.」
Gran looked up at the sky and said so.
「After annihilating them, I went toward where the magic essence was at its thickest. I don’t quite understand it myself, but I found something like a magic tool that spews out a large amount of magic essence.」
With reluctance, Grand straightened his back and asked Souta,
「W-What happened to that magic tool?」
「It disappeared the moment I tried to touch it. Literally. It was as if it had been teleported somewhere.」
Gran wondered how to take that information.

「In any case, that magic tool seemed to be the origin of the magic essence, by the time we left the forest, the magic essence that covered the forest had largely dissipated.」
「Hmm, who put that magic tool there…… Guess we will never know.」
Souta nodded at Gran’s words.
「In addition, a goblin-type monster I had never seen before attacked me with a magic sword as if to protect that magic tool.」
「Hmm? A magic sword-wielding goblin you never see? Moreover, if it was protecting the magic tool, then there is a high possibility that someone set it up……」
Gran pondered for a while after hearing what Souta said.

Now that he found a link to minihuman, Souta was in no rush. He was waiting for Gran to settle his thought. Dina was holding Atla on her lap and patted her head while Milfa looked at her with envy.
Gran was mulling it over but then looked up as if he had come to terms with it inside his mind.
「Hmm, sorry to keep you waiting. Anyway, thank you for your efforts, I’ll consider the request completed. If you can think of something else, please drop by. Milfa, would you please take care of their reward and the familiar registration?」
「Understood. Souta-san, Dina-san, could you please go downstairs first and wait for me? I will prepare the magic tool as the reward and bring them.」
At her prompting, they left the room. Atla ended up going downstairs while being held by Dina, but since she had become accustomed to it, she decided to let it be.

They returned to the first floor and waited where they wouldn’t get in the way and, after a short wait, Milfa came.
「Sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we start with the familiar registration first? Can I have a drop of Souta-san’s blood like when you made the guild card? Also, can I have Atla-san’s hair or blood?」
Souta whispered to Atla, who was in Dina’s arms and pulled out a hair from her.
「Is that it?」
Souta put the hair on the saucer Dina had prepared beforehand.

「Thank you. First, one half for the card.」
Milfa cut Atla’s hair with scissors into two and put one part on the card, which then promptly sucked into the card.
「Next, put your blood here, Souta-san.」
Souta pricked his finger with a pin and dripped his blood on the card.
「And that’s it with the registration. With Souta-san as the master, Atla-san’s familiar registration has been completed.」
「Here’s the half from earlier.」
After saying that, Atla’s hair was sucked into something like a necklace.

「Yes, please wear this necklace when you enter the city. It’s proof that your familiar is a registered familiar.」
It was necessary to register individual identification information like this so that it couldn’t be attached to other unregistered monsters.
「Alright, thank you.」
After receiving the familiar registration card and the necklace, Souta put the card in his bag and handed the necklace to Dina. Just like that, Dina put the necklace she had received on Atla, who was acting quietly.

「Also, regarding the reward, I have put everything in this bag, so please check it later.」
Unlike when Gran had the three siblings attack Souta, this time, the reward was handed over in a way that nobody else could see the content.
「Right, thank you for everything.」
「Thank you very much.」
The two thanked Milfa and left the guild.

At the end, Atla also bowed to Milfa, and she broke into a grin.

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