Re-Summoned Hero Episode 164

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

That’s a pet, isn’t it?
The happening in the forest
Atla’s familiar registration

Souta, Dina, Atla, and Ed decided to return to the mansion.
After returning to the mansion, they removed the carriage from Ed.
「Ed, hold on a bit. I’m going to do something I’ve been procrastinating on. Dina, Atla, you can go in first.」
After handing over the key to Dina, Souta left Ed and went to the place Ed used for sleeping.
「I said I will make it, but I never got around to it at all……」
Using earth magic, he created the foundation, and then he assembled the horse stall using the lumber he took out from Dimensional Storage.

Dina and Atla, who were told to go in first, stared blankly as the horse stall was being assembled at a considerable speed.
「Lastly, lay straw inside……」
As the finishing touch, Souta laid straw inside. The horse stall was created in less than 30 minutes from the start to finish.
Muttered Dina involuntarily due to the speed and splendid workmanship.

「Hmm? You guys still here?」
Souta was putting away the leftover lumber and other items into Dimensional Storage, but noticing Dina’s mutter, he turned around.
「Y-Yes, umm, that’s… it’s amazing.」
Dina’s vocabulary seemed to take a bit of a vacation, she returned only such impressions.
『I see that you’re not only good at fighting but also carpentry work, Souta-dono.』
Atla was also impressed by Souta’s craftmanship and gave him a sincere compliment.

「Ahh, well, they made me make all kinds of things with me being trained in blacksmithing and alchemy as reasoning.」
A thousand years ago, Souta was apprenticed to each of the heroes, and at that time he was also trained in carpentry work as part of creative training.
「How do I say it, it’s a rather unusual training, isn’t it?」
Because there was no connection between carpentry, blacksmithing, and alchemy in Dina’s mind, all she could do was respond like that.
「Well, they gave me various reasons for that…… But for now, I’m glad it doesn’t go to waste.」
After Souta finished tidying up while talking, Ed went into the horse stall himself.

「Looks like you like it, that’s a relief. Well, shall we go inside then, Dina, Atla?」
Ed was delighted with the horse stall and gave a neigh as if to thank Souta. His expression seemed to be happy as he checked every nook and cranny of the stall. Satisfied with Ed’s reaction, Souta went inside the mansion accompanied by Dina and Atla.

After returning to the living room, Dina prepared tea for the two people and milk for Atla. Seeing that, the figure of the emperor wolf flashed in Souta’s mind. He wondered if he should give a retort about how Atla was not a puppy.
But, Atla didn’t seem to care and happily licked the milk.

「So, about the minihuman settlement…… is it close to the beastkin’s country?」
『Ah, we won’t be entering the territory, but it’s just a stone’s throw away. That’s with the condition that they haven’t moved their settlement since the last time I was there.』
Atla stopped licking the milk and answered Souta’s question.
Souta recalled the journey to and from the beastkin’s country, but he couldn’t think of anything that seemed like it.
『……Just for the record, there are no settlements along the road.』

Souta was a little shaken because Atla saw through what he was thinking.
「I-I know that much at least. But, then where is it?」
『Hmm, it’s a little bit hard to explain verbally. If you deviate from the road leading to the beastkin’s country, you’ll find a large forest, the settlement is in the center of that forest.』
Atla said out loud what she remembered, But it was too rough of an explanation for Souta and Dina to understand.
『I did say it’s hard to explain. But don’t worry, if I go there, I will remember the way, so there won’t be any problem.』
Atla said so confidently, though Souta felt uneasy as it didn’t seem she took account of the environmental change due to time. But he decided to trust Atla who said that with a triumphant look.

「Let’s take a rest today and leave tomorrow. Or maybe we can take it easy once in a while…」
He got the idea when thinking about how he had little time to relax even though he had obtained the house.
「Ah, that’s right. I might want to take my time enjoying this city too because I left for the beastkin’s country immediately when I came here before.」
Dina also agreed with Souta’s idea. Of course, she was looking forward to going to a new place, but she also wanted to know more about the city where Souta’s base was.
『I don’t mind either way. I just arrived in this city after all, but, well, we’ve come all this way, so it’s not a bad idea to take a look around..』
Atla was also somewhat interested in this city.

「Then the three of us should go around the city tomorrow. The food stall we stopped at before was serving something similar to my country’s cuisine, so if they’re open, we’ll stop by.」
Both of them nodded at Souta’s words.
Afterward, Souta was alone while Dina finished bathing with Atla. They went to the bed with the same pairing too.

The next morning, after having a leisurely meal, the two people and one animal went out into the city.
「Well then, where should we go?」
「Hmm, where indeed…… Though I guess I don’t know much about this city.」
Dina thought deeply at Souta’s words.
『I think it would be best for Souta-dono to be the guide here.』
After Atla made the suggestion, Souta was lost in thought. Atla confirmed that there were no people around and spoke at a volume that only the two could hear.

「That’s true, let’s go around the stalls for the time being…… Right, how about we go to the library? It would be interesting to see those two after so long.」
Dina clapped her hands at Souta’s suggestion.
「I like that. It would be great if those two are getting along.」
Dina was looking forward to meeting Lena and Guy.
Atla didn’t know who Souta and Dina talked about, but seeing them talking happily made her also happy.

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