Re-Summoned Hero Episode 165

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Souta’s skillful carpentry work
What should we do next?
Let’s take a walk around the city!

The group strolled through the city while doing some window shopping. If they found something they fancied, they bought them and stored them in their magic bag. Although they didn’t buy anything remarkable, Dina enjoyed this routine, and Atla also enjoyed eating the food she bought at the food stall.
Atla ate so much food it was a wonder where all of them go.
「That’s a big appetite you have there. I don’t mind you eating that much, but… isn’t it painful?」
Atla was still eating the food she bought from the stall even now, she swallowed the food before she answered Souta.
『Have you forgotten what I originally look like? This form is just a disguise, my stomach capacity is unchanged from my original form. That’s why this amount of food will not make me suffer.』
Lately, she had always been in puppy form, so Souta tended to forget, but remembering that she was an Emperor Wolf, Souta was convinced.

「So, where can I find the food that resembles the food from Souta-san’s hometown?」
Unlike Atla, Dina didn’t eat until she went to the food stall Souta mentioned.
「If it’s still in the same place, I’m sure it’s around the next corner…」
Around the corner were several food stalls, one of which was the pseudo-okonomiyaki stand.

「Hmmm? Oh? Ooooooo, isn’t it the lad from the other day!?」
The old man from the stall remembered Souta and called him out with a voice loud enough that everyone around could clearly hear him.
「……That’s so loud. Tone it down a bit, won’t you.」
「Ohh, my bad. It’s been so long after all…… in fact, you’re so late! It’s true you never said when you will come again, but still, how long has it been since then!」
The old man once again yelled loudly at Souta.

「Like I said, you’re too loud. My companions are with me today, please don’t scare them too much.」
Dina was surprised by the loud voice, but Atla didn’t react other than yawning.
「Oh, sorry.」
As Souta replied calmly, the old man also cooled down.

「So, have you come up with anything new since then?」
「Indeedy! First, eat! I’m gonna cook ’em first, three pieces it is, right?」
The old man had already started to cook the first one without waiting for Souta to answer.
「Ahh, Atla has a cat tongue…… or maybe not, she is a wolf, after all.」
Atla nodded at Souta’s words without saying a word.

「Awright, I’m cooking it right now, please wait.」
The old man fried two more pseudo-okonomiyaki at the same time, but unlike the last time, he added various ingredients to it. When one side was fried, he flipped it.
「Looks delicious……」
Dina’s muttering made the old man grin.
「It’s a bit too early to say that, lass.」
Once the other side was also fried, the old man flipped it again and poured the sauce over it. The sauce dripped down to the iron plate and the fragrant smell of the sauce spread around.

「Wow, that’s amazing! It looks really delicious!!」
Unlike earlier, Dina expressed her excitement loudly. The old man smiled at her who reacted just like the old man wanted her to.
「It’s certainly a good improvement that there are various ingredients, is there anything else?」
The old man didn’t yield to Souta’s calm prodding.
「Fufufufu, I thought you’d say that. That’s right, even if you can say it’s an improvement, it’s just more ingredients. And the finishing touch…… there you go.」
The old man put something on top of the sauce. It wasn’t dried seaweed, bonito flakes, or mayonnaise, which were common toppings for okonomiyaki.

「Come, eat them!」
The three of them put their chopsticks on the pseudo-okonomiyaki when they received it.
「Th-This is,」
From the words that came out from their mouth and their expression, the old man was convinced of his victory.

「Delicious indeed!」
『It’s delicious!』
The old man smiled broadly at the reaction of the three.
「I see it’s something like furikake that’s being sprinkled on top.」
While Souta savored the dish, he analyzed what was sprinkled on top.

「Furikake? Dunno what’s that but I sprinkled various vegetables and dried meat chopped into small pieces to give it depth. This way, you won’t think it’s just a monotonous taste of the sauce, right?」
「Hmm, to have achieved this much in just a few months…that’s amazing.」
Souta was impressed by the old man. Due to the distance to the sea, it was probably impossible to go with the bonito flakes and dried seaweed approach, but thanks to his ingenuity, he made a substitute from what was available from the immediate area and create a better product from it.

「Being praised directly like that sure is embarrassing.」
The old man was uncharacteristically blushing.
「No, I didn’t think you would reach this far. I figured you would have come up with something, but not to this extent.」
Souta was so impressed that he told the old man his honest opinion.
「Um, yeah. Thank you, lad. Thanks to you, my shop prospered. It’s my treat today, you can eat as much as you like.」
The old man’s stand was thriving, contrasting to how barren it was before. Since it was just before noon, there weren’t many customers yet, but there were enough for people to set up food stalls around to take advantage of the gathering of customers.

「Then I will help myself. Maybe I should get another one. What about you two?」
「Ahh, I’d like one more too, please.」
Atla raised her front paw and deftly raised three fingers.
「Sorry, can you cook three more servings for this one?」
「Leave it to me!」
The old man cooked the pseudo-okonomiyaki one after another and prepared them in front of Souta, Dina, and Atla.

Later, after eating more pseudo-okonomiyaki, the three of them had to rest in the back of the stall because of overeating.

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3 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 165

  1. Error?
    The three of them put their chopsticks on the pseudo-okonomiyaki when they received it. -> The two of them put their chopsticks on the pseudo-okonomiyaki when they received it. (Since Alta is a wolf and currently in puppy form, I don’t think she could use chopsticks)
    Atla raised her front leg -> Atla raised her front paw

    Thanks for the treat.


    1. no, the first one is not actually an error, well, I mean, it’s an error, just not on my part, I also thought about that but decided to just keep it in


  2. Amazing work! Thank you very much for the translation. Looking at the date you have been working on this for quite a few years so i´m impressed how much you have improved over time. I´m glad i came across this site.
    Once again, thank you very much.


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