Re-Summoned Hero Episode 166

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Hang out in the city
Pseudo-okonomiyaki shop
Ate too much

The three went back to their stroll again.
「Seriously, I never thought it would have risen to that level.」
「It was delicious, wasn’t it? Was it the same as the one in Souta-san’s hometown?」
Souta pondered for a while at Dina’s question.
「Hmm, it’s pretty close. If that’s served as okonomiyaki in a store, I would probably accept it while thinking “so there is okonomiyaki like this too, huh.” Rather, compared to okonomiyaki sold in low-reputation restaurants, the one that the Old man made is better.」
Souta rated the shopkeeper’s pseudo-okonomiyaki that high.

「Sigh~, that’s amazing. It was indeed delicious, but to be that close to the real thing?」
Souta nodded deeply and gave an affirmative reply to Dina.
「I guess everyone in the town thinks it’s delicious too, considering the long queue.」
While the three were resting in the back, customers were constantly coming to the food stall, leaving the Old man busy dealing with them. Since they hesitated to call him out, they only bowed to the Old man before they left the stall.
「It was amazing. They kept coming, and the customers were diverse.」
There might be a little bit of a novelty factor, but among the food stalls’ food, the Old man’s had the highest quality and seemed to be liked by men and women of all ages.

「Then, shall we go to the inn next?」
Since they spent lunchtime behind the food stall, the lunchtime was about to end and it was about time for the inn’s diner to settle down.
「Ah, come to think of it, that’s right.」
Dina knew why they were going to the inn, but as that happened before she joined, Atla tilted her head, puzzled.
『Souta-dono, weren’t you going to the library? Why do we go to the inn instead?』
Atla’s biggest reason for her question was that they didn’t have any reason to go to the inn’s diner at all, they already ate and had a home as a place to stay.

「I promised to talk with the chef of that inn’s diner before meeting you, Atla. It’s a bit late, but it should be fine.」
「A bit… is it a bit…」
Dina had also forgotten about it as well, she looked awkward.
『Fumu, if it’s before meeting me, considering the distance and travel time, does that mean two weeks have passed?』
Atla made a calm retort, but Souta didn’t seem to care while Dina was sweating on her forehead from being caught off guard by Atla’s retort.
「That’s what it is. Well, I didn’t make a promise to him, so it’s okay.」
Sota said so optimistically, but Dina was feeling uneasy.

Despite her concern, the three arrived at the inn.
「Let’s enter.」
Souta led the way into the inn. Dina showed some hesitation but reluctantly entered the inn after being urged by Atla.
「Ah! Souta-san and Dina-san, and also…… a doggie? Welcome!」
The three were greeted by Miri’s cheerful voice.

「It’s been a while.」
「Long time no see.」
Miri’s smile shone even brighter when Souta and Dina greeted her.
「It’s been a really, reaaaaaally long time! Geez, where have you been all this time?! Wait, you said you went to the beastkin country, right?!」
Miri’s tension was high. There were no other guests and Milfana, the one who usually restrained her was not around, so there was nobody stopping her.
「No, after going to the beastkin country, I went to the dwarven country as well.」
「D-Dwarven country?」
Miri’s eyes widened and she was surprised that the trip was longer than she thought.

「Ahh, it was a little over two weeks ago that I came back. I stopped by here on the day I came back, but you seemed to be not around, Miri.」
Miri seemed to have an idea of what Souta was talking about.
「Ah, maybe that was when I went shopping. I wish Mom would have told me.」
Miri was seriously peeved with that, but for Souta, he was feeling relieved.
「Is Milfana not here? She asked me to talk with Gordon, but…」
Souta looked around and couldn’t see Milfana, so he asked Miri.

「If it’s Mom, she’s going shopping. Not for the store like I did, but for daily necessity.」
「I see, is Gordon here?」
Souta confirmed Milfana’s whereabouts because she was the originator, but as she requested Souta to talk with Gordon, he changed his mind and sought Gordon instead.
「As for Dad, he’s taking a break. I will call him!」
Without waiting for Souta’s reply, Miri ran to the kitchen. Souta watched her go, but with nothing to do, instead of standing around, he decided to wait at one of the empty tables.

After a while, Miri returned with Gordon.
「Oh, nice to see you back.」
It had been a while, but Gordon greeted them in his own way with his usual sour face.
「Ohh, Dad… Show a better expression, will you? You’re looking as if something bad happened!」
After being told by Miri, Gordon tried to change his expression in various ways, but it was far from the lively face that Miri wanted.
「Hahh~ I was stupid from expecting anything from you, Dad…」
Miri slumped her shoulders and sighed.

「So, I heard you’re looking for me, what is it?」
Deciding he wouldn’t be able to bring his daughter’s mood back, he asked Souta why he called him.
「Ahh, Milfana asked me to tell you about Sylvan.」
Gordon’s eyes widened as he rushed toward Souta.
「T-That’s right. He helped me in beastkin country and prepared a lot of meals for me, but…… how about you back off a little so we can talk properly?」
After hearing Souta’s words, he realized the state he was in and calmed himself.
「I-I’m sorry. When I heard Aniki’s name, blood rushed to my head…」
After saying that, Gordon stumbled and sat down in an empty seat.

「Can you tell me more?」
Gordon calmed down and once again bowed to Souta.
「That’s what I’m here for.」
Souta nodded and started talking about their first encounter.

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