Re-Summoned Hero Episode 34

Souta bows for the last time and leaves the room quietly. When he tries to leave the store, he almost hits Elmia. 「Oops, sorry.」 「Ah, Souta-san, I am sorry about this! 」 Elmia quickly lower her head. 「Did you come here for Grandmother? 」 「Hm? Yeah, I've something to ask about the country of Elves.」 … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 34


Re-Summoned Hero Episode 31

「Kyaaaa!」 Airi who’s watching cries out, and the surrounding adventurers who are also watching exclaim "Ohhh!" seeing the punch. Souta who receives the punch doesn't move an inch. The man who punched him is rubbing his fist. 「B-Bastard, what did you do!」 「I didn't do anything, isn't your punch just weak?」 「S-Shit! Once more, take … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 31

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 28

After separating with Milfa, Souta heads to the furniture store he’d seen before. It’s a little small for a furniture shop, but because various pieces of furniture are placed here and there, Souta can easily find what he wants. Souta purchases several large beds, sofas, chairs, large tables, desks for work, bookshelves, cupboards and the … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 28