Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 19

Goddess-sama, Mistaking The Cause For The End

Now, after enjoying my bath and eating Amaletta’s home cooking, finally, the time to open the door to another world had come.

However, I couldn’t believe that the first thing the BD drive on my notebook PC played would be something about another world reincarnation filled with nothing but pinkero.

I stacked pillows a little bit away from the low table in place of the display stand, and then I set up my notebook PC there. Meanwhile, Amaletta, in the spirit of moviegoer, was making popcorn. Say, why popcorn when it was now past dinner?

「You don’t know? That inside a quiet movie theater, popcorn is prepared because it’s difficult to make a sound with it?」

「In other words, you want to say that I must take this appreciation seriously?」

Of course!」

To my irony, Amaletta answered with such enthusiasm akin to Sharapova, but I’m sorry, I don’t want to watch it so seriously.

While I sighed as I launched the video player app; popcorn, cola, and orange juice were prepared on the low table, finally the movie appreciation started.

「Now then, quickly, let’s start it, quickly.」

「Yes yes.」

——— You, aren’t you just want to watch anime now?

Amaletta sat on her knees beside me, her eyes glittered as she merrily stared at the display with an occasional glance toward me. I moved the Bluetooth mouse and click the playback button.

And so, the curtain to the adventure raised.

——— The story began in another world called Rugisroe as the setting.

This world was ruled by the demon king Kiss-blow, mankind’s resistance was in vain and now they were on the verge of extinction.

Prior to the looming end, the king of that time, Mubikuchi the 69th devised a plan. It was the hero summoning ceremony by the Goddess.

However, hero summoning ceremony needed a large number of maidens to be sacrificed, it was a double-edged sword that would hasten mankind destruction if failed. But there was no time.

Mubikuchi the 69th, who was on the last stand of the mankind made a decision, he decided to do the hero summoning ceremony.

And so, the main character, Saito who was just killed by a convoy trailer when he was trying to save a kitten, by the Goddess of Reincarnation, Inatashiha who appeared there; he was reincarnated as a hero in the world of Rugisroe. In addition, he was given all kind of cheats and skills for the suppression of the demon king.

With the success of the hero summoning ceremony, the operation to subjugate the demon king was started at last————— By this time around, my headache was surpassing the limit.

The heck is this? Where the hell should I start to retort?

「I see. So in short, with how the soul is, there is no need to make it start from zero. This protagonist is the hero who is reincarnated in the teenage body from the start.」

And now, why is this person beside me impressed while it’s your main job to begin with. In the first place, what? Do I get the feeling that the figure after reincarnation is decided by you guys?

I had enough already while it was still on the prologue, while Amaletta was absorbed by the scene as she was eating the popcorn like a squirrel.

——— This is, she already forget her original purpose.

Compared to the anime, Amaletta who was swinging from joy to sorrow because of the anime was more amusing, so I spent time passing as I ate the snacks and drank the cola.

By the way, everything that happened after the adventure began was just parade of pink scenes.

Even under normal circumstance, Saito’s party members were all female, moreover the armors and the robes which acted as a protective gear expose a lot of skin, also, the combo of clothes that broke apart once receiving damage and lucky pervert moment always happened.

When I asked why they didn’t have their protective gear actually protect them to our pro here, the answer I got was 「Isn’t magic barrier is common knowledge nowadays? Their armor is light because of that. To be armed to the teeth is now already obsolete.」 What the hell another world.

In the end, after Saito did many kinds of thing to all of the easy heroines, when they were fighting the demonkind on their journey to the demon castle, I decided we stopped watching as the date almost changed.

— That’s amazing in many ways.

I who was already tired from work shut down the notebook PC with a suspicious looking eyes, while Amaletta who watched the entire thing from the start to the end brought her face closer, I felt like I could see stars in her sparkling eyes.

「How was it? Living in the other world with such wonderful harem? From a childhood friend, to princess, to even the daughter of the demon king, all goes zukyuuun to you. Every day having intercourse exchanging partner one after another.
Moreover, the difficulty of the problem is just like taking candy from the children with all the cheats. You can freely choose your lifestyle, from retirement to even world domination. Well, you want to be reincarnated in another world now right? Right?」

「I don’t.」

「Ehhhh~!? Why!?」

No reason really, there is no way anyone would want to reincarnate in another world after seeing this. Or rather, you know that male is not a creature that lives by its lower body alone aren’t you?

Amaletta who I had denied once again for I didn’t know how many times now was taken aback in shock, but then she changed her expression to one that was mysteriously thinking about something to her utmost limit.

「I-Is that so? That is, in other words, it means that my presentation is still incomplete.」

No, the problem is before that seriously.

「I understand, next time I will look for a work that will suits Tanaka-san more!」

After that, Amaletta showed me books and anime BDs of different world reincarnation all the time. My PC and my tablet bookmarks, and even the history of Shosa Game Prize were all colored into one color that is different world reincarnation.

As expected, she couldn’t use them when I was in work because of the lock. I laughed when our Useless Goddess-sama who had been completely hooked into different world reincarnation stuff asked me to completely remove the lock from the device.

Occasionally, there were also normal but interesting works, in that case, I enjoyed them together with her.

Well, there is nothing to be afraid.

Important note:
– When Amaletta says of course! it’s in english
– Sharapova is a tennis player that’s popular for her loud grunting
– Demon king Kiss-blow is just a pun I make by my own decision it was キスイパッオー which can means many thing, it’s just a pun either to kisu (kiss) ippatsu (shot, blow, or even attempt) or kisui (accomplished, finished) patsuo (dunno)
– Mubikuchi the 69th: the mubi is movie, the kuchi is either mouth or word, so basically movie about 69
– Inatashiha: Ina might be negative of iru which one of the meaning means to live, which means to not live, shi is die, but it could also be shihai which means control or guidance, so basically one who guide the non living

Basically, fuck this chapter and all its pun and reference.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    No one is going to say “HELL YEAH!” if offered to reincarnate into another world with a huge harem of scantly dressed women. Well… only idiotic otakus would. And that, MC is not.


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