Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 21

Goddess-sama, Showing Off Swimsuit

And so, an annoying event had just taken place.

While in the middle of hustle and bustle of many people and the artificially made wave, I let out a quiet sigh.

「Wahhh~ there really is a sea indoor.」

While listening to the Amaletta who sighed her admiration while pitter-pattering ahead of me, I looked at my surroundings again.

Spread inside this dome-shaped building; mainly on the fan-shaped artificial beach were flowing pool, water attraction like the water slide, and the beach huts that sold soft serve ice cream and yakisoba. Near them, men and women of all ages clad in swimsuit gathered and made merry.

That’s right, we were in the prefecture’s largest indoor resort pool 『Inenoi Aquarium.』
——— The story went back a little.
While I and Amaletta were looked like a boiled octopus, exhausted because of the power outage; the good old Katsuragi Sunaho, this apartment substitute manager visited as the apartment representative.

Anyway, the cause of this power outage seemed to be a disconnection of the power cable that led to this apartment, from the talk the restoration would take until evening.

As we were thrust into a death sentence kind of truth where we fell prostate like melting ice cream, Sunaho timidly gave us something.

「That’s why, ummm, as an apology for the power outage, I’m giving this to the residents of the apartment, please use it as you like.」

On Sunaho’s hand was the free ticket to the indoor resort pool 『Inenoi Aquarium.』

「Eh? Is it fine to just giving this away?」

「Yeah, perfectly. It’s just a gift from the newspaper shop anyway, so please don’t hesitate to use it.」

I was surprised that that kind of newspaper shop still exists, I was also impressed by Sunaho who deal with this power outage problem diligently. Unnoticed, Amaletta, already on my side, peered to the object in my hand.

「What is that?」

「It’s a resort pool ticket.」

At the moment I answered, I immediately regretted it. It was because her face instantly recovered its vitality, she looked up at me with eyes that shone with sparkle.

「Hear this, we won’t-」

「Pool!? Moreover, resort pool!? I want to go! I want to gooooo!」

I was slow at taking the first move. Amaletta came charging with remark full of her desire.

「Eh——? I don’t really want to……」

Going to the 『Inenoi Aquarium』 is honestly bothersome, it takes one hour with the car from here. While I thought such thing, I raised the ticket overhead to enjoy myself looking at Amaletta bouncing around to take the ticket, until finally, she threw a tantrum.

「I want to! Come together with me, comecomecomecomecome~~~!」

「Ahh alright! We will go, so stop saying that repeatedly!」


I gave in reluctantly to make her stop. She might look innocent with her begging, but if you asked me, people who only listen would misunderstand.

Maybe because I was only looking at pink colored works lately and the heat that my thought is going that way? Actually me, isn’t this because you spoil her too hard lately?

「I-It’s good that you accept it with pleasure.」

While I made my bitter decision, Sunaho who looked at Amaletta as a bondage-loving pervert made a bitter smile as her cheeks drooped.

Not good. Thinking about the future, I need to make a better impression of myself…… Ahh, I get a great idea.

「Well then, please enjoy yourself.」

After she said that, I called her in haste before she could leave.

「Ahh, please wait. In that case, why don’t you come too Sunaho? It’s as an apology for the trouble I caused.」

Let’s make an ordinary parent-child appeal to soften her impression…… is half the reason I ask her to come too.

「With that, I hope you can keep my daughter company, how is it?」

Right, the other half is to make her take care of Amaletta.

I mean, it’s a resort pool you know? It’s big you know? I can only see a vision of this clumsy useless goddess making trouble there.

Listening to my request, after looking between my tired face and Amaletta who was jumping around the room in rejoice, Sunaho nodded while smiling.

「If you say it like that, then I will leave myself in your care.」

She’s such a fine child.
——— Back to the present.

By the way, I thought to borrow Sunaho’s grandmother’s car so the only expense I needed to pay was gasoline, but Amaletta aside, when I heard that Sunaho didn’t have any swimsuit beside her school-issued one and that I needed to buy ridiculously expensive swimsuit for two people at the actual spot, I felt like becoming an ash.

「Incidentally Tana…… Papa, is there not anything you want to say?」

I was indulging myself in my own recollection when Amaletta’s voice called my mind back. Clad in a swimsuit, she stood in front of me with a smug face as she puffed out her slender chest. Is this that? Please praise me or something?

「Ah yes yes, cute cute.」

「What is that blunt reaction!? Hmmph, you must be thinking that I’m just a shorty anyway.」

I’m sorry for Amaletta who is in a huff, angry; unfortunately, I’m not a pedophile.

Certainly, Amaletta is a beautiful girl like a goddess she is. Although her limbs are thin and she is flat when looked at from the side, her body line is beautiful and the silver hair combined with her pair of blue eyes makes her look exotic. The pink dress-type swimsuit with open back she wears also suit her greatly.

Well, in this world, that wings on her back ruin everything else.

「What is that? Cosplay? So cutee~♪」
「But for the parent to make her wear that is… you know~」

While calmly thanking the two older sisters who happened to pass by, my heart, in a single stroke, was on the verge of breaking because I was regarded as a perverted parent.

「Umm, thank you for waiting…」

While I hung my head from the unexpected damage from the sudden bad gossip, I heard Sunaho shy voice from behind.

「Ohh, that suits you.」

I revealed my honest answer when I turned around.

「I-Is that so? I choose this based on Letta’s recommendation, but I don’t really know myself……」

Sunaho moved her arms as if to hide her body, but I thought it was better for her to have more confidence. Unlike Amaletta, Sunaho developed properly when compared to her age. She wore a plain tankini with some frills, coupled with her short bob hair and unyielding expression she looked like the sporty cute type.

When I looked forward to Sunaho’s future, Amaletta came with puffed cheeks.

「I admit that it suits her, but isn’t your reaction to me is different? Are you Lolicon?」

「For a child who makes a remark that invites misunderstanding, I won’t buy you shaved ice or hotdog.」

「Sunaho-san is really cute, isn’t she! It’s not unreasonable that Papa compliments her! That’s why, please buy me shaved ice and hotdog!」

Just like usual, she was as easy as turning one’s palm.


Looking at Sunaho who smile bitterly at our heart-warming conversation, I came back to my sense. Not good, I have to act like we’re a cozy family.

「For now, what should we do? We could have an early meal, or we could go swimming for now, but…」

When I consulted to the girls’ opinion to also gather my mind, Amaletta as if to say 「I’ve waited for you to ask」 pointed her finger vigorously.

「I want to do that!」

Moving my line of sight to follow Amaletta’s finger, there stood a water slide that was a popular attraction in this 『Inenoi Aquarium.』

——— Umu, I had nothing but premonitions of trouble already.

  • I want to! Come together with me, comecomecomecomecome~~~! : here is the original phrase 「行くといったら行くのです! いくいくいくぅ〜〜〜〜!」 which if it’s a hentai doujin, would be the part where the girl come, hence the next line

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