Re-Summoned Hero Episode 101

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Gargis: 「I know the truth.」
Semifinal; another match settled in an instant?
Just a little more before the final start.

Due to the opening performance, the atmosphere of the venue starts to warm up.
The voice of the announcer reverberates in the venue.
「We have kept you waiting. The final of the fighting king division will soon start! First, let’s introduce the participant.」
Throwing his right hand open, the announcer says so.

「First, entering from the west gate. In the final round of the tournament, he defeated the two prominent participants: the captain of the first corps of the kingdom’s knight order, Santana; and Tobine, the son of the general Inggard; in a single blow. Doesn’t the sight of the two who were believed to claim the title of champion lose without able to do anything back still burned strongly in everyone’s mind? White tiger beastkin, Gargis!」
After that call, Gargis enters. Big cheers and applauses shower him as his figure appears.

「Continuing, what kind of face he hid under his mask? This is also a dark horse. In the final round, he beats S-rank adventurer, Carlos who was also one of the winning candidates; and Reyshaw, an adventurer that masters the usage of multiple magic equipments which gives his enemy hard time, proving that his skill doesn’t lose to an S-ranked adventurer. The masked knight, Grey!!」

Just like Gargis’s entrance, Grey is showered by big cheers and applause.

When the referee confirms both of them reach the center, he faces the VIP stand and gives a signal.
「Continuing, I would like to ask for a word or two from the king before the match starts.」
「Both Gargis and Grey had done well to win in the fierce fight so far. This tournament is a traditional tournament that has been going since more than a thousand years ago, I hope both of you can show everyone a fight that’s worthy of the champion title. That’s all, I pray for a good fight!」
The king who doesn’t like a long speech ends his greeting after a short speech.

The audience who already know it’s just like the usual, start to applause.
「Thank you very much. Both of you, are you ready?」
Answering the referee’s question, Gargis and Grey nod their head.
「Well then, the final match of the fighting king division, begin!」

Grey’s weapon isn’t Undine, he’s holding a flame magic sword in his right hand and a wind magic sword in his left. Gargis opens the match with a powerful charging blow. It’s not an exaggeration to call this blow the strongest blow that concentrated all his power, even when compared to the one in the two previous matches.
Grey avoids it by twisting his feet and his upper body, then he releases a strike using the flame magic sword. Although it seems that the strike would hit Gargis, a metallic sound resounded in the venue.

「While doing that charging blow, so you can still use your hand for defense.」
The strike that was thought to hit the gap of Gargis’s defense is blocked with the back of his left hand.
「You too, I never thought you would be able to avoid that.」
Before Gargis’s reply comes, another strike by the Grey’s wind magic sword launched and also blocked, this time by the back of Gargis’s right hand.

They launch each other to take a distance.
「You, so you never serious since the qualifier until now?」
Taking a fighting stance, Gargis asks Grey a question.
「Well, is it really? The only thing I can say is that the blow from before is your last chance to defeat me.」
Grey returns that question and then starts running toward Gargis. However, flame bullets are floating around him. Those flame are conjured with the flame magic sword and contain the concentration of magic power higher than the magic power Grey normally used.

As Grey runs toward Gargis, he creates a passage of wind using magic and runs through it.
「Here I go!」
All of the flame bullets are released toward Gargis at the same time, then Grey stabs pass the explosion caused by the flame bullets. Grey is also caught up in the explosion, but using his magic power, he’s unharmed.
And then he feels a reaction from the thrust he does with his magic sword: the attack hits.

「Guhh! I see that your attack is faster than my blow. But!!」
Magic sword still stuck in his left shoulder, he grabs the sword to stop Grey’s movement and launch a punch toward Grey’s wide open torso. It can’t compare to his best blow, but it’s still one that he puts his whole body to do.
「Too bad, I already predict that.」
The wind magic sword is already waiting there. Gargis’s right hand is flicked by the wind generated from the blade of that sword.

「You still want to keep going?」
Grey pulled the sword that pierces Gargis’s left shoulder. A lot of blood spurted out from his shoulder, his right hand is injured from the wind magic too. In addition, there are burns here and there on his body caused by the explosion of the flame bullets attack.
「If you say that you still want to continue in this state, then you’re either an idiot without a match or a pervert.」
「Right… No, aren’t you the stupid one?」
Grey presses him for an answer after he tries to dodge the question.

The two’s exchange could be heard by the audience in this quiet venue. The audience are waiting for Gargis’s answer with bated breath.
「…… Hahhh~ I would like to say I still want to continue, but it’s really hard. Referee, I admit defeat. Can I have an early treatment?」
Gargis turns only his face toward the referee and then admits his defeat.

In terms of time, only a few minutes passed since the start of their fight. However, the fight of the overwhelmingly strong people and the overwhelming conclusion make the audience losing their sense of time.
「Th-The winner is participant Grey!! The title of champion of the fighting king division of this year battle tournament is claimed by participant Grey!!」
When the referee manages to lets his voice out to announce the result, shouts of cheers are raised in the venue. At the same time, the medical team are currently treating Gargis with recovery magic. Once the first aid is over and the wounds are confirmed to be closed to a certain extent, he’s carried to the medical office on the stretcher. The medical team are also on standby in the medical office, along with a magic circle that increases the efficiency of the recovery magic.

Gargis who is sent to the medical office in tatters and Grey who completely blocked all and every of Gargis’s attack. From this result, the difference between their skills is clear. So far, Grey was fighting while adapting to his opponent to enjoy the fight itself. However, because he felt that if he fights Gargis with that way, he’s bound to lose, he changed his weapon and his equipment which end up in this one-sided victory.

「…… As expected, there is no fun in fighting seriously.」
Murmured Grey from under his mask.

Dina in the audience seat clapping with a beaming smile seeing that Souta reveals his true strength. On the contrary, everyone in the VIP stand have a difficult face. Even the king who proposed his participation in this tournament is the same.

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