Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 25

Goddess-sama, Advent To The Virtual Reality

「——— Hm?」

When I noticed, I was already in an unknown place.

The place I stood in was in the middle of a circle drawn in a square. The multi-level conical fountain at the center of the square seemed to imply this was a place for relaxation.

Looking around, cobbled streets extended in all direction with buildings built by stacking honey colored stones lined up along them.

Also, a rich variation of people made the hustle and bustle in the square. The giant equipped with rugged armor, the old man dressed in a robe with many flashy accessories; from dancer girl with the alluring veil to bizarrely short beastkin that looked to be a blacksmith.

Yes, it was as if I was looking at the landscape of the world of 『.Hacking』. Holding my head, a thought flashed in my mind.

It would be nice if I can react with 「The VR technology nowadays sure looks great,」 but the problem is that I feel the current situation with all my five sense.

——— Isn’t it strange? Even though I should have started playing VR game with Amaletta after dinner, it seems like I’m currently inside the world of the game.

「Fufun~ How is it Tanaka-san? Do you enjoy the feeling of different world reincarnation?」


When I turned to the source of the voice, Amaletta in her Goddess of Reincarnation outfit stood there, looking up at me.

「You, what on earth is this? What did you do?」

I demanded an explanation while iron clawed her head with a practiced motion. Uwahh~ like always, her hair is so smooth.

「Ouch, ow ow ow ow! Ple-Please calm down for a bit! I will explain!」

It seemed that Amaletta also had her five sense, she hit my arm while letting out a cry of anguish. Looking at her condition, I let her go as my mind felt cleared already. She then explained with teary eyes.

「Err~ Right, like I said before, in order to familiarize Tanaka-san more with the different world, I make you come here, then with your own eyes, see it yourself, also I make you able to touch it yourself.」

「You did say that.」

「And so, you see~ using a little bit of magic, I made it possible to pseudo-experiencing a tour to the different world with your own body using this VR game.」

「What a thing to do!」

I gave her another serving of iron claw thanks to the bonus that I didn’t want. Damn it! I hate how I get used to this feeling on my hand when I do this.

「It hurts it hurts! You’re hurting me! I-It’s not an actual reincarnation, so you don’t need to worry! So please let me go!」

「Then there’s no problem. You should’ve told me in advance.」

Amazed by Amaletta’s sudden shift to giving excuses, I felt my anger diminished as I sighed and relaxed my shoulder. Amaletta stroke her head to appease the pain, and in the verge of crying, she said her excuse.

「Uuuu…… I mean, even if I told you in advance, Tanaka-san will just reject the idea right?」

「Yes, obviously.」

「Right? That’s why I make this a surprise♪」

「You know even if you say that cutely, I won’t forgive you right? Are you prepared to be spanked after we return?」

Sign of remorse could be seen from her when I threatened her real body, she turned pale and cowered in fright while holding her butt.

「Tha-That’s cruel……」

Well, you know, I’m in fact a brute.

However, it can’t be helped in this situation, nevermind unable to log out like in the original work, I can’t even see the status screen. I’m now right in this world.

For the sake of returning to the original world, it seems I need to play along with Amaletta for a while.

「So, what should I do now?」

When I urged Amaletta to tell me the way to continue, she tilted her head with a strange expression on her face.

「Ehh? You’re fine with this? If Tanaka-san truly hates this, it’s fine to stop here, you know?」

Surprised by the unexpected answer from her, I put my hand on her forehead instinctively.

「Umm, what are you doing?」

「Nothing, I just thinking that you might come down with fever.」

「Wha-What do you mean by that!?」

Amaletta puckered her lips, acting as if what I said was wholly unexpected. How about you remember everything you have said until now?

However, since I knew it was unlikely she did this only for the sake of harassing me, I decided to follow along. Also, walking around the VR space with all five sense was not an experience that I would have often.

「Nevermind that. I’ll play along for the time being, so be the navigator and guide me…… You want to show me the charm of cheat harem different world reincarnation right?」

「——— Ye~s!」

After I asked her, she showed a smile like a cherry blossom in full bloom. Ahhh~ In the end, if it’s for this smile, I will pamper her all the time.

While I was looking at her with a frame of mind of a grandfather that wanted to see their grandchildren happy face, she seemed to recover completely, she declared with a fist raised high.

「Now then, let’s raid the place of event boss subjugation!」


——— Event boss?

「Don’t worry, for the sake of this tour to experience different world reincarnation, your stats are all at max, even if your opponent is the event boss or the guild in the first rank, you will be fine! Please go on a rampage as you like!」


After telling me that with a bright smile, she activated a map movement magic while her halo expanded around, I was forced to regret my decision immediately.

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