Re-Summoned Hero Episode 103

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Get the prize and certificate.
Grey is the topic in the city.
Today as well, at the restaurant.

A few days later

There is no problem on the other two division, and the winners for them are no different than the winning candidate prediction.
Although the result of the tournament already out, with how the winner of the fighting king division — which is a mysterious masked man— surprised everyone, everyone is getting excited on whether there are other people that can beat the winning candidate of the others division.

「It will be exciting whatever the outcome is.」
「Well, it’s good that you can enjoy anything.」
Those kinds of words are thrown around, the residents are only looking for hot topics. However, it’s also a fact that the hustle and bustle are driving the economy without anyone aware of it.
「It seems small tournaments are regularly held on the arena, a large part of it might be because everyone here loves fighting.」
「Because that sort of thing is in the root of many, this country also benefit from it too.」
Making fighting into business. Originally Souta thinks it would be difficult as it’s out of fashion, but remembering that the tradition had been ongoing for more than a thousand years, he changes his mind and just thinks it’s part of everyone’s life.

Souta and Dina go through the lingering excitement from the tournament in the city to go to the royal castle.
A messenger from the castle came to the inn for the second time yesterday night to give a message saying 「The tournament is over, I will hand over the promised reward.」

Now then, I hope they will just give the books honestly.」
「Are you implying there will be something else, Souta-san?」
Dina questions what Souta means, but he just shakes his head.
「There is no problem if it’s only that, I have produced the result they want, if they refuse, then I can easily correct them with just sound argument.」
Once he reaches this point, wrinkles start to gather between his eyebrows.
「The problem is if the related books are removed from the archive. I don’t think they would, but that civil servant guy was against the betting. When I won, they all had a difficult face. I can’t shake off the feeling the books are going to be removed.」

「At that time, you could see that far?」
Knowing the distance between the stage and the VIP seats, Dina is surprised that Souta grasped their expression.
「Ahhh, well, I have good eyes. Also, at the award ceremony, I did a little talking to them in a low voice together with the loud cheers, it agitated them. Their face stiffen.」
「That’s not on the good eyes level anymore…… Wait, so that’s the reason the king act strangely in the end.」
Dina stares at Souta with a reproachful gaze.

「Well, they give us that kind of condition. A little talking down is fine isn’t it?」
Dina isn’t dissatisfied with the king who has granted her wish that Souta participate in the tournament, so she just shrugs.

When they reach the gate, they tell their name and ask the guard to contact the minister. As the guard remember their face, and also already informed of their arrival, he conveys the message without any question. When the guiding knight comes, they’re not lead to the waiting room, but instead directly to the audience chamber.
At the opposite end of the room, the same faces as before are lined up. When Souta and Dina close enough to the king, he starts talking.
「Yo~ Sorry to have you come here in short notice. Good job on the tournament, I never thought you’re that strong.」
「You’re welcome.」
Compared to the king’s praising word, there is a difference in degrees of enthusiasm within Souta’s answer because of the earlier reward talk.

「So, how is the reward going? It seems that your minister opposed to it.」
Souta moves his gaze toward Rudredd, but there is no sign of panic in Rudredd.
「Well, he was…… But after watching your match, it seems he’s fine with it now. There is no one who opposed to the betting now.」
「If it’s like that then fine, but I thought someone might move the books from the archive. I’m relieved if this is not the case, after all, if I found out, then I’m gonna get angry for real.」
Souta says so with almost no change in his expression.

「There is no way we will do such a thing. It’s a promise after all.」
The king answers with a smile, but deep inside he gets a cold sweat. In the discussion last night, an idea about moving the book was actually proposed. However, the plan was dismissed after thinking about the disadvantage of making their relationship with Souta become hostile.
Currently, the general, the strongest person in this room, after seeing Souta’s fight, even he doesn’t think he can win against Souta. This is one of the reasons why the plan was scrapped.
Therefore, they concluded that being in a friendly relationship with Souta is the best option for the country.

「Let’s guide you to the archive already, Rudredd, I leave it to you.」
Rudredd nods after the king’s order.
「Now then Souta-dono, it will be my task to guide you. Let’s go.」
Rudredd bows to the king and then lead Souta and Dina to the archive. Souta and Dina also bow to the king before they follow Rudredd.

When they reach the archive which is the room that was confirmed by Souta before, Rudredd unlocks the room.
「Please come in. Confirming the promise again, Souta-dono will look for the books he needs, which we will give them to him after.」
「Ahh, that’s right, thank you. But…… as there are many books in this place, I will need several days to go through them, is it okay?」
Compared to the scale of the entrance, the library is larger than expected, there is also a staircase that leads underground. Taking account the underground, the number of books in this archive might be on par with the library in the city, furthermore, because there is a large number of valuable books that can’t be stored in the library, Souta thinks that he wants to get any books he needs beside Grevin’s one.

「It’s fine. Just say my name to the guards to let you pass. If it’s daytime, there will be someone here, so I will keep the door unlocked. The books also need to be organized a bit, so this is a good time to do so.」
Rudredd seems to be convinced with Souta taking the books, there is no barb in words.
「Well then, I will read the books right away.」
「Yes, please tell someone once you’re finished. Once you know which books you’re taking, please send me a message with a list of those books. Well then, please excuse me.」
After bowing, Rudredd leaves the room.

「Then, let’s go see the books, Dina.」
Souta and Dina, who by nature, like to read books, are excited by the sight of all the books in front of them.

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