Re-Summoned Hero Episode 104

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The excitement of the city from the tournament result.
Going to the royal castle to claim the reward.
Now then, let’s look for the books.

There is no librarian in the archive, even if someone comes, it’s only to bring the new collection. Therefore the books in the archive aren’t sorted, they’re just lined up on the bookshelves. Also, the books that can’t be stored in the bookshelves left in the box, there are even some that awfully piled up.
「He said the archive needs to be organized A BIT, right…」
「That’s what he said…」
The two who go further to the back are shocked by the mess that’s more than they thought.

After seeing the awful mess, Souta thought about rearranging them by using the dimensional storage. However since it’s impossible to separate them by genre, he needs to confirm them all one by one. Considering the time and effort to store the books from the bookshelves and then rearrange them back, this method is put on hold.
「Dina, for the time being, let’s clear out this area a bit and then put the books we finished confirming here.」
「Ahh that’s right. We won’t know which is which if we don’t divide them.」
As Souta lifts the books to make space, Dina receives them and then move them to another place. After the books are cleared out, Souta put a big empty box there.

「This is good enough I think? Dina, put the books you finished confirming in this box. If it’s something you would like to read or think we would need, even if they’re not the books by Grevin, give it to me, I will store them in the dimensional storage.」
「I understand. But is it alright if we take books that are not written by Elder-san?」
Asked Dina with a slightly worried face.
「It’s fine, the condition I gave was 『Give me the books I need』. I never specify the books I need to be only Grevin’s books.」
「I see. Certainly, it seems that was also what’s written in the document you signed at that time…」
「That’s why, pass me whatever books pique your interest. But, let’s not going too far and takes books we might not read okay?」
「Ye~s, then, I will check from the inner part first.」
「Alright, I will check from the front first then.」
They split up and then go check their respective shelves.

There is no uniformed way of organizing with how the books lined up at all, a picture book for children can be next to a difficult technical book.
「What the heck is the criterion of this collection…」
After flipping the book for a bit, they decide what isn’t necessary to be put on the space they made earlier. There are novels too among them, Souta stores those series in the dimensional storage.
After Dina checks several books, she carries them to the empty space and hands over books that interest her to Souta. None of them are written by Grevin, those are the books that simply takes her interest.

After continuing for a while, they decide to stop for now because the bell that indicates the noon is ringing.

When they leave the archive, they can see Rudredd on the other side of the corridor.
「Ahh, you two to come out already. The noon bell is ringing, I was about to ask about taking a break.」
Souta and Dina approach Rudredd, they ask in their mind whether Rudredd the leisure to do so.
「…… I will say this beforehand, it’s not because I have some spare time, I’m the one who keeps the key, so I’m currently fulfilling that responsibility, and I also have some break time. If you don’t mind, want to join me together to eat in the castle cafeteria?」
Souta and Dina look at each other, they confirm their intention only by eye contact.

「I’m grateful for the offer, but I would like to refuse. I have a favorite store in this town.」
Dina nods deeply, agreeing with Souta.
「Houu~ I’m intrigued by this store that you even refuse to eat at the castle cafeteria.」
Twinkles can be seen in Rudredd eyes.
「Then, why not come with us? It’s a bit far from the castle, so it might be inconvenient for you but…」
「Let’s go!」
His appetite can be felt from his response to Souta’s words.
「Please wait at the gate, I need to report about going out from the castle before I can come.」
Having said that, Rudredd quickly leaves without waiting for Souta to respond.

「H-He’s really into the idea huh…」
「I never thought he would be that eager…」
The two look at Rudredd’s back astonished.
Not long after waiting at the gate, Rudredd come. Instead of his usual civil servant clothes, he changes his clothes into plain easy-to-move clothes and hides his face by wearing a hat.
「Sorry to keep you waiting, I’m late because I need to issue various instruction.」
「I don’t mind, the store is always empty anyway.」
「…… Is that store doing okay?」
Rudredd whose expectation seems to be excessive, feels uneasy from Souta’s words.

「It’s alright! The foods are so delicious, people don’t come because it’s in a confusing location!」
Dina fervently says so while making a fist.
「U-Understand, I believe you.」
Rudredd is pressured by Dina’s zeal.
「You will understand once you eat their foods, for now, let’s go to the said stores.」

Although he doesn’t mind walking around the city, once they reach the intricate back alley, Rudredd’s expression seems to be alert.
「I’ll check just in case, but you’re not lost right?」
「Should be fine.」
Souta answers curtly while keeps advancing.

After turning on the alley a couple of times, Souta stops.
「We’re here.」
For Rudredd, it’s the first time he arrives at this store that’s Souta and Dina already familiar to.
「Here is…」
Souta opens the door and goes in, the two follow behind him.

「Welcome… Oh? You come with the minister today?」
Seeing Rudredd’s face below the hat, Zofi shows a slightly surprised look.
「Yeah, he said he’s interested with the store we always went to, so I take him along.」
「Heee~ To be acquainted with one of the top persons in this country, both of you surely well connected. Ahh, feel free to sit at your favorite seat.」
however, she also comes back to the usual Zofi in a heartbeat.

Rudredd opens the menu once he’s seated, but wondered why Souta and Dina don’t look at the menu.
「Do you not look at the menu?」
「It’s because we have always ordered the same thing.」
「Houu~ Then I will also order the same thing both of you order. So, what kind of food is it.」
In response to that question, despite they never arranged the answer beforehand, they answer in sync.
「「Chef’s recommendation!」」

  • The store is always empty anyway: Souta doesn’t actually say always empty, he says it’s always open, as in there are always seat for them, but it’s kinda ambiguous and doesn’t flow well into next sentences

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7 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 104

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The palace archive need to be introduced to some kind of indexing system. How do they find anything there?


    1. nah, you just go hardcore and remember where the books are placed

      “I need this book about the importance of liquid lubrication on device used on genitals part 3, let me go to the shelf 3 from the back, the book is right in the center of the pile of books in front of the near the end of the shelf”

      seriously though, they don’t even have a librarian to actually take care the place, hence I translate it as archive (it can be translated as library too)


  2. And in the next chapter, Rudredd become the victim of chef’s food just like the two of them….Lol


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