Re-Summoned Hero Episode 105

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Checking the archive.
Lunch break at the usual store.
Chef’s recommendation!!

Souta and Dina smack their lip to Sylvan’s dishes that certainly don’t betray their expectation. Rudredd is in the state of shock that the food he eats the first time in this not-so-popular store is as good as a top-class chef.
Responded Souta toward Rudredd’s mutter.

「Why… Why is a store that offers such delicious foods doesn’t thrive? This is a serious problem!! This store should be more widely known!!」
Rudredd spontaneously stands up and become heated up.
Zofi feels glad to Rudredd’s reaction, but she’s also worried if this store becoming too popular. As such, she has a complicated expression.
「Rudredd, I understand your feeling, but calm down.」
Souta pulls Rudredd’s clothes to make him sit again.

「I understand completely why you said that, but isn’t it depend on the feeling of the two? At least that’s what I thought.」
In addition to being pointed out by Souta, seeing Zofi’s embarrassed look chilled Rudredd’s head instantly.

「I’m sorry, I said that in the heat of the moment…」
「Ufufu, it’s fine. I’m happy that you speak well about our store.」
「Ahh, I’m glad that you like my cooking too.」
Wondering about Rudredd’s loud voice, Sylvan comes out from the kitchen.

「A-Are you the one who make this dish? I’m deeply moved after eating this dish!」
Rudredd takes Sylvan’s right hand to have a handshake.
「Y-Yes. Certainly, I’m glad that you say that, but it’s fine if this store is not particularly famous. All I want is people like you guys who come here one day, and come back again if you like our food.」
I think so from the bottom of my heart. Such expression is shown to Rudredd as Sylvan says that. Rudredd hits his head lightly.
「I’m sorry, I was going ahead of myself with my own idea. I also like this place, so I will come back here again.」
「Please do. Well, that’s if you can get here again.」

Rudredd starts to think with his arms folded.
「You’re right. I can’t remember how I come here. It was like a maze.」
「If opportunity arises, I will bring you back here again. I need to come to the castle for a while, such opportunity surely will come.」
「I’d love to!」
This time, Rudredd takes Souta’s hand for a handshake.

「Hooo~ you even work at the castle?」
Sylvan inquisitively asked Souta.
「No, I have a little business there. I suppose to go there for a while.」
After shaking hand with Rudredd, Souta turns to answer Sylvan.
「We will have a lunch break, so we will come here then.」
「I see, we should be open all the time as we have no plan for a break.」
「I’m glad!」
Dina’s eyes are sparkling listening to Sylvan’s answers.

「Now then, we have been here for too long. If we don’t return to work soon, there would be no end…」
Remembering the state of the archive, Souta shows a dejected look.
Dina also remembers and shows the same look as Souta.
「Ahhh, I’m sorry about that.」
Rudredd involuntarily lowers his head to Souta and Dina.

「… I don’t know what happens, but if you’re tired then just come here. I will make you a meal that will blow away your fatigue!」
Thanks to Sylvan’s words, Souta’s and Dina’s motivation come back.
「Well then, Should we do our best in anticipation of tomorrow’s Sylvan’s food?」
The two stand up, finish the payment, and then head back to the castle.
「P-Please wait. I’m going too!」
Rudredd also finishes paying up and then chase after Souta and Dina.

Back in the castle, Souta and Dina go to work in the archive right away. After cheering the two of them, Rudredd goes back to do his own job.
「Well then Dina, we will follow the same flow as in the morning, so let’s just go ahead and pick up what we need.」
「Yes, let’s do our best!」
Just like in the morning, they split up and then do their job. Even as the sun goes down, there is still no sign of Grevin’s books.

When they hear the evening bell, they stop their hand and raise their head.
「…… Do you want to round this up here today?」
「I…… agree.」
The first space they cleared is already filled with the books they already checked, the newly created space is also already filled with books. The two who have been checking the books all day are exhausted.
「For now, I make this list about the books we need, let’s show this to Rudredd.」
When they leave the room, Rudredd is waiting there.

「I thought that you’re almost finished for today. I will also organize the books here tomorrow, please do tell me if there is anything I can help.」
「I appreciate it, but will your daily works okay?」
「Don’t worry, I have finished all the work I need to do for a while this afternoon. For the rest, I have made some instruction so it would be manageable without me.」
Just like Souta and Dina, the look on Rudredd’s face is the same. Exhaustion can be seen on it.
「I feel bad, for you to do this far.」
「No, everything I do is for myself…… It’s in order to be taken to that store again!」
Rudredd’s words contain a mysterious passion behind them.

「You even go that far for that…… You really understand don’t you…」
「Right, as expected from a person who becomes a minister.」
The two nods to Rudredd’s remarks over and over.
「Both of you too, how admirable to be able to find that store. What a keen insight.」
There is no difference in position when it comes to eating. They shared those passionate feeling within them.

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