Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 29

Goddess-sama, Be a Little Gentle

After her VR presentation failed, Amaletta seemed a bit stuck.

Of course, as a daily routine, we saw different world reincarnation stuffs together, but the result didn’t improve and she didn’t urge me to reincarnate.

Well, for me who was never have any intention to be reincarnated in the first place, this peace was good, however, Amaletta who had her mission as a goddess of reincarnation wouldn’t think this way.

It looked like she was searching for a new method now, I was sure that she would come back with something again later. Until that time, I would like to rest my mind.

It was one day of those days.

I always worked overtime nowadays, so it was rare for me to returned home on time like today. Late summer had just begun, but I felt nice and cool evening wind on my way back to my apartment.

「I’m home.」

I said that as I opened the front door, but it was quiet today. The light wasn’t turned on either, I could feel the strong setting sunlight from the curtain.

Usually, this should be the time Amaletta preparing dinner, is she still not finished shopping today?

With that question in mind, I looked at the dimly lit room once my eyes were accustomed to it. With her head on the low table, Amaletta dozed off.

Looking at the open book near her, she looked to have finished housework and in the middle of killing time when she dozed off. A smell that tickled my nose made me turned my head to the kitchen, there I saw a pot containing curry ready to be eaten.

Although I felt a little lonely my greeting was not answered, having such kind of days might be good sometimes.

I closed the front door without making any noise to not wake her up. After taking off my suits and properly put it together with the briefcase on the tatami, I took out the beer from the refrigerator and then sat next to Amaletta.

I usually get scolded if I was drinking before dinner, but just for today, let’s say she averted her eyes today.

Using Amaletta’s breathing sound as a BGM, while enjoying the cold beer, I tried to take the book in Amaletta’s hand.


I choked once I saw the cover.

That was because it was a manga adaptation of 『Everyday Sex』. While I had heard the popularity of the series from Amaletta, I never thought it would have a manga version. At this point, it was just an ero book.

Amaletta didn’t wake up even with me choking next to her.

I was relieved I didn’t wake her up and put down the book back on the table. After that, I took a look at the room.

It had been a while since Amaletta came and took over the housework, so it had been a while since I took a look closely at the room. I was a little surprised by the change in the room.

My room was a six tatami mat room that spells simple is the best. Not only it was a minimalist room, there was also a bleak atmosphere in it. But now, it was full of things.

There were Amaletta’s clothes hanging on the wall, Amaletta’s bookcase attached on the wall, there was also her BS4 that she won before.

Seasoning and utensils were lined up in the kitchen and in the stainless steel rack, there was various tableware.

Men’s and women’s shoes were sitting on the entrance.

Looking at them, I suddenly noticed.

This room is no longer mine and only mine alone.

Thinking about it, it was a terrible encounter, and after that, I was almost killed, act like a perverted father-daughter, and the latest, almost made to double suicide. However, even with all that, I feel that this life isn’t so bad.

It’s not that I’m dissatisfied living alone, but if I’m asked which one is better now, my answer is having two people is better.

I abruptly reached for Amaletta’s hair. When I combed her beautiful platinum blonde hair, probably because it tickled her, she shifted her body a little.

Embracing the feeling that could only felt in this time, I went ahead and touched her pure white wings. It was stiffer than I thought, that was a bit surprising. At the same time, knowing that the wings were obviously not fake made me realize once again that Amaletta wasn’t human.

——— Goddess of reincarnation huh.

Letting go of her wings, I thought with beer in my mouth.

I don’t know how long this daily life will continue, but hopefully, it will continue for as long as possible.

Well, Amaletta wouldn’t like that.

While feeling embarrassed, I opened another can of beer.

—— Knock-knock

I turned around as I was startled at the knocking sound from the door. It didn’t seem to be just wind, and I could certainly felt someone behind the door.

I stood up slowly as to not woke Amaletta up. With silenced footsteps, I went to answer the door.


He tried to scare me.

「Yoo~♪ It’s been a while♪ It’s Listy the Flag merchant♪」

The one who came visit without regard to anyone’s circumstance was the beautiful boy clown, the Flag merchant from the realm of causality, Listy.

I can’t anymore, I give up finishing entire thing today, I will put the leftover for the next month batch, but this time without the doubling penalty like I did last month, not because it will be too much I can’t handle it, but because I’m thinking about adding new project, if I put the penalty, I won’t be able to finish what I need to do, nevermind adding extra thing on top of that

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