Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 29

Goddess-sama, Be a Little Gentle After her VR presentation failed, Amaletta seemed a bit stuck. Of course, as a daily routine, we saw different world reincarnation stuffs together, but the result didn't improve and she didn't urge me to reincarnate. Well, for me who was never have any intention to be reincarnated in the first … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 29

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 28

Goddess-sama, Become a Legend in Virtual Reality Amaletta's pseudo cheat harem different world reincarnation tour using a VR game ended with a forced logout from the system administrator. The system administrator who was present as an NPC at the event site noticed something was wrong and immediately did a shutdown. The event was terminated because … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 28

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 27

Goddess-sama, Dance in the Virtual Reality 「Now, Tanaka-san, in the middle of these crowds, show your power, it's now time to taste the feeling of cheat harem different world reincarnation!!」 Amaletta made guts pose after she threw me from the air far above the golem. 「Ba-...... Bakaletta! I will seriously make you cry later~~~~~~!!」 I … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 27

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 26

Goddess-sama, Become the Guide of Virtual Reality --------- Is this... what dead feels? That was my frank impression immediately after the map movement magic. Amaletta pseudo different world reincarnation tour via virtual reality started with moving from the starting point to the last place on the map. Ohh I don't need the tutorialtheory, it was … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 26

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 24

Goddess-sama, Winning a Prize Several days had passed since Amaletta's double suicide attempt. Both Amaletta and I nearly drowned, but our body appeared to be healthy, and we continued our peaceful life. I was working, Amaletta did the homework, and in the evening, both of us would enjoy the different world reincarnation stuff together. And … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 24