Banished Hero Volume 2 Chapter 19

Guild's Betrayal ---Raust--- I couldn't understand what was written on the poster for a moment.Prohibiting adventurers from entering the labyrinth was the highest penalty in this labyrinth city.But, if my memory was correct, I didn't remember committing something that warranted such punishment.In the first place, I had never committed unjust violence against other adventurers. 「Hahaha, … Continue reading Banished Hero Volume 2 Chapter 19

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 125

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Making a chance for the attackAntgar was blown awayStopped by Sota 「Now, I absolutely need to make a katana, huh……」Murmured Souta while thinking about Izayoi that had turned into dust. After storing the Dragon Executioner into the dimensional storage, Souta moved toward Dina.「Dina, are you okay?」「Yeah, I'm … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 125