Re-Summoned Hero Episode 79

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Started with the discussion about the dragonkins. Followed by the discussion of the gnomes. Ended with the discussion about beastkin? 「Grevin...... There is no way right?」 Dina holds her breath. 「There is.」 Souta nods. 「I would expect there is no one other than Elder that had no … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 79



Started Goddess's Suffering translation, expect a new chapter soon Going to start Resummoned Hero once I finish with that Expect a little quality decrease because it's been awhile since I do this

Re-summoned Hero Episode 77

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Lunch, troubled choosing their orders. Ask both cakes. Delicious! Returning to the library, greeting them from the receptionist desk are piles of books, the result of the two librarians competing with each other to find information. 「Err, this is.......」 With Dina's voice as a sign, the two librarians … Continue reading Re-summoned Hero Episode 77