Banished Healer Chapter 29

Fine ---Laila--- 「Gh!」 No longer a first-class adventurer, hearing those words, confusion crept into Sarveria's face. 「What are you saying! Don't be silly!」 Immediately, Sarveria yelled at the masked warrior. It seemed her anger had surpassed her fear of the masked warrior. And Margulus, with Sarveria's angry yell as a signal, also yelled at the … Continue reading Banished Healer Chapter 29


Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31

Goddess-sama, Get a Helper Now, explaining the situation in my apartment objectively, surrounding the low table at the center of the room is a gathering of mismatched people. There is me, an ordinary office worker, then two Goddesses of Reincarnation with wings on their back, lastly, a pretty boy dressed like a clown. --------- What's … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31