Re-Summoned Hero Episode 82

Summary of the last chapter in three lines White tigerkin appeared. Red Blow's clan leader appeared. Honorable death of someone's confession. The sudden confession quieted the room entirely for a moment, though Dina's immediate reply refreshes the hustle and bustle back to the dining room. 「Hey man, cheer up! Here, just drink your feeling away!!」 … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 82


Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 13

Goddess-sama, Finally Get an Understanding Looking at the beautiful angel wrapped in the white light declaring something that I felt like have heard before, suddenly a pale flame appears in front of her. Like a will-o-wisp, it slowly took the shape of a person. It then extending something, responding to the beautiful woman stretched hand, … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 13

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 10

Goddess-sama, Doing Housework A week passed since then. At present, I spent day after day being a corporate warrior in a good health, this time, I whipped my tired body to return to my apartment. Living with Amaletta, a self-proclaimed Goddess of Reincarnation, which was started in an unexpected manner, was surprisingly peaceful. Excluding being … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 10