Banished Healer Chapter 7

Around That Time, Sword of Lightning II 「Found it!」 Several hours after they left the guild, finished their self-introduction already, together with the newly joined healer Laila, Margulus and his party found the hydra they failed to kill yesterday. Hydra had an unmatched regenerative ability compared to a human, so after a day, their injury … Continue reading Banished Healer Chapter 7


Banished Healer Chapter 3

The Battle in the Lower-Layer ---Raust--- After seeing the figure of me defeating the worm, Narsena finally agreed to head to the lower-layer under the condition that we would turn back immediately if the situation became dangerous. Thanks to that, we were currently in the lower-layer, except... 「Ruaaaaaaaa!」 「GAAAAAAA!」 「GAAAAAAA!」 「GYAAAAA!」 ...... Immediately after we … Continue reading Banished Healer Chapter 3