Re-Summoned Hero Episode 130

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Waiting knightsOnly if you can defeat meBorrow a room at the checkpoint In the room, they could only hear the clanking sound and Antgar's sleeping breath.As they wait for Antgar to wake up, Souta and Dina sat on top of the fur they laid down on the … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 130

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 128

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Let's kept goingMonsters were swarming the oresSouta annihilated the monsters 「Souta-san, thank you for your hard work.」Dina approached Souta who was still covered in the blood of monsters without fear or disgust. Antgar flinched for a moment before followed Dina along a bit later. Before the two … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 128

Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 24

The Worst Kind of Abnormalities ---Marnell--- 「Those fucker! What the fuck is the guild thinking!」 I spat out in frustration after I heard about the general outline of Raust-san's labyrinth ban from Salams.I knew there was a feud between the guild, who wanted to increase the number of exclusive adventurers, and Raust-san, who turned the … Continue reading Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 24