Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 18

Raust's True Feeling ---Raust--- 「............What?」 Hearing my answer, Zieg-san was dumbstruck. After that, he stuck like that for a while. Seeing his reaction, I wondered if the feeling failed to get across, I got such a worry in my mind. 「Ah, no, I'm sorry. I just didn't think that you're this prepared...」 But after a … Continue reading Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 18

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 122

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Battle start.Overwhelming victory!!Let's go to the mine. Once reaching the entrance to the mine, they could feel unusual heat. Unlike ordinary mines, this one seemed to reside inside a volcano with flowing magma inside. It was natural the mountain was restricted considering the severe environment and increased … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 122